Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Justice system under Mohammad Sadegh Larijani head of judiciary is tyranny,oppression,cruelty& crime against humanity !

Break your silence ! Call for their freedom !
Biography of Mahsa Amrabadi Mahsa Amr-Abadi was born on July 3 1984 in Tehran. Mahsa completed her studies from elementary through high school in the city of Rasht and began her higher education in 2003 in journalism at the faculty of social studies at Arak University. She obtained her certificate in 2006, the same year she got married to Masoud Bastani, a journalist who was imprisoned for his Human Rights reports and activities. Ms Amr-Abadi started working as a journalist at the weekly magazine “Neday-e Eslahat” (Voice of Reform) in Arak, where she met Masoud Bastani, the Editor-in-chief of the magazine. Bastani was later imprisoned for six months and the magazine was shut down. Ms Amr-Abadi then went to work for another local magazine, “Atr-e Yas” and upon completing her studies moved back to Tehran. In 2005, she worked on Movements News Section in “Aftab News” and in 2006 she continued working with reformist publication such as “Aftab-e Yazd”. She also worked in the foreign policies section of “Ilna” for a year then joined the national “Etemad” newspaper, which belonged to the opposition candidate Mehdi Karoubi. Meanwhile Ms Amr-Abadi contributed to “Hafteh” publication of Montreal, “Shahrgan” publication of Vancouver and the Radio program Chacavac which was broadcasted its programs through Montreal’s Radio CFMB from 2006 through 2009. Her contribution was mainly reports and interviews on Human Rights. After the presidential elections on June 2009, the security forces raided her home, arrested and took her to “Evin “ prison where she spent two and half months in solitary confinement until eventually she was released on $2,000 bail. However her husband remained in Jail. After her release, Mahsa wrote several letters to the judicial authorities complaining about the pressures, limitations and the unsuitable conditions of the prisons. Standing out among these is her letter to the head of judiciary power, where she objects to the persecution of journalists. Shortly after her release from prison she started working for “Bahar” newspaper. After this newspaper was shut down she worked for the “Shargh” newspaper then the monthly “Sobh-e Azadi”. In October 2010, Ms Amr-Abadi was accused of activities against regime establishment and was sentenced to another year in jail by branch 28th of the revolution court, a sentence which is presently under review. Ms Amr-Abadi was arrested on March 1st, 2011 while driving in Tehran and was taken to a ward in Evin prison which is well know for its horrific conditions. She spent 16 days in solitary confinement there. She was released on March 16th on bail and is awaiting a trial while her other charges are still under review. Her husband Masoud Bastani has spent two of the six-year sentence imposed on him in prison. He has been denied all visitation rights. Ms Amr-Abadi is prohibited from sharing news on her husband’s condition and imprisonment.


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