Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Focus on political prisoners in Iran! Why judiciary power arrest,detaines, intimidate and threats impartial lawyers and their families in Iran!

IRAN WATCH CANADA:The judiciary power system in Iran headed by Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is not impartial or independent and thats why it won't tolerate the impartial/independent lawyers, particularly the lawyers who are on the forefront of defending human rights in Iran. These impartial lawyers are the true son and daughters of "doctor Mosadegh"the prime Minister of the National Government in Iran on 1953.

Why the judiciary power system dosen't tolerate these lawyers and instead make life hard for them and their families? I'ts because, who else could open the eyes of Iranian on corruption or violation of constitutional law and discrimination in the justice system than these very brave son and daughters of " Doctor Mossadegh ". Its been more than a century the Iranian people fought and are fighting for "Edalat khaneh" meaning" justice house " . An independent /impartial justice house which could deliver justice to "all Iranian people" apart from discrimination was and is the want of all Iranian. The Islamic Republic Judiciary power under Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is manipulated by political will power and Mr. Larijani is aware of all these injustices, but ignores the violation of the rights of Iranian citizens and closing his eyes to them.

Let's not to forget The brave Iranian lawyer and human rights defender Nasrin Sotoudeh who was sentenced to 11 years in prison and she is now serving that sentence in Evin prison. And as a result of these injustices many impartial lawyers like Naser Zarafshan and ...spent time in prison and many others left the country because of persecution including Shirin Ebadi , Mohammad mostafaei, Shadi Sadr and.....

And now regime has arrested another lawyer who is a human rights defender and that is Mr. Mohammad Seifzadeh.Two weeks after the news about the disappearance of Mohammad Seifzadeh, his lawyer has told reporters that her client is in Orumieh city prison.

Marzieh Nikara lawyer of Mohammad Seifzadeh told to reporter that on Thursaday her client contacted his home and informed them about his arrest and currently is in Ministry of Information detention center in Orumieh prison.She said: her client is charged with " Action against national security by leaving the country illegally".

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