Friday, April 22, 2011

Excerpt from an interview with Faezeh Hashemi the daughter of Hashemi Rafsanjani!The situation in Iran in all front is a police & security state now!

Faezeh Hashemi: The country is in the hands of Rascals / villains and lackeys !

Faezeh Hashemi:
The situation in Iran at present is a police & security state , In all places including universities, offices,media ......
Faezeh Hashemi in an interview with a website known as "Roshangari " spoke on the current issues and situation facing Iranian people. It is needed to say that; Faezeh in the past 12 years showed some liberal ideas and took initiative herself to implement these ideals for instance publishing reformist women newspaper ("Zan")or heading women sport activities and for these activities was under pressure by radical islamist. In recent years particularly after the election coup by Ahmadinejad, she participated actively in opposition movement known as green movement inside Iran and few times were arrested in the streets of Tehran and detained or she has been attacked by vicious radical militias ( the case in recent weeks -The militia's in the city of "Rey" headed by Said Tajik attacked her. the video is available in IRAN WATCH CANADA or Youtube).

Here is an excerpt from this interview:
She is telling to the website that; Her attacker ( Said Tajik) action was condemened by khamenei but at the same time Khamenei is praising them and nothing is happening when these plain cloth militia arbiterarily do things that are antagonistic with islam, but they do it, because they are being told to do it inside the classes the "Sepah"( Revolutionary Guard) organize's for them and they are being prepared to do these thing against enemies. About election she says: Regime has no credibility when it comes to election and people are not satisfied /content about the last election.The last election was not the healthy one and it is beleived that; the rest of the election will be the same.On the government and economical situation, she says: The political , freedom and human rights situation in Iran is deplorable.The whole situation is bad, including the foreign policy which day after day is becoming bad, there is no positive point for me to say.
On the question about who are these plain clothe militia who arbiterarily attacked her , she said:
These are not arbiterary forces, they are organized .These forces are told to do, it doesn't make any different who ?They do it to keep people silent.
She added: Those who ordered to suppress the people protest , they are the one who organizes these forces,
At present in Iran, these forces are running the country .
On the issue of attacking her in the city of "Rey" she said:
There were police forces, agents from ministry of information and forces from "Herasat" ( another security forces stationed in offices and places....) around us on that day but they didn't and couldn't do or say anything to these forces, i have said earlier;they have created a situation ,now they can't control it. Most of these forces do these stuff because of their interest to gaine promotion to higher ranking , money ,education and..and some are brainwashed.
On a question about ......In your opinion with all the circumstances can the government and Guardian council hold a healthy election? she replied:
"Based on the past event and experience , i can't believe This will happen."
On another question about green movement ; she said: " I'm hopeful for green movement .In my opinion the green movement is alive and actively going forward and changing its strategy in different circumstances.....The current oppressive situation won't be continued for long and and i only hope that the people will achieve their goals with less cost."

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