Sunday, April 17, 2011

Focus on political prisoners in Iran .........Nasrin Sotoudeh's letter from prison to her young daughter......

IRAN WATCH CANADA work voluntarily and tirelessly to bring the voices of voiceless Iranian political prisoners to you and your voices to them. This is what IRAN WATCH CANADA can do and won't stop doing because IRAN WATCH CANADA won't forget the Iranian people particularly the Iranian political prisoners who are the true voices of freedom and democracy in Iran.

Here is the letter:

More than everything I'm resisting becuse of you and your father ! Letter from prison by Nasrin Sotoudeh to her young daughter. Jaras website: One day after Nasrin Sotoudeh the imprisoned defence lawyer , demanded her appeal to be stopped and at the same time she received the international award for " defending the rights for Freedom of Expression" ,she wrote a letter to her young daughter "Mehraveh" and spoke about her months of ordeal in the prison. She wrote: My dear to heart Mehraveh! I'm proud of you! From the ward number 209 in Evin prison ,I'm expression hello and wishing best of health to you. I'm removing from the basket of my greeting ,the worries,the nostalgie and the tears, so that in my basket there be left more greetings and best health for you and your dear brother. I have been away from you for six months. During this time i had the opportunity of meeting you with the presence of security agents.During these time i was not allowed to send you letter or receive picture from you or even meet you freely without security condition and you dont know what an agony i felt in my heart whenever i had to meet you under this condition. Every time after the visitation and day after day in clash with my own sole ,i had to asked myself ,did i respect the rights of my childeren?And you dont know how much i was in need to make sure that you my dear child ,whome i believe in her wisdom , won't condemn me for violating the rights of my childeren. You my dear Mehraveh, from the very first day of my detention, i was thinking about you and your brother's rights and i was more worried about you, because of your age . Worried about your patience and judgement , worries about your state of mind and more than everything the worries from accepting this issue by your friends and classmates.But it didn't take long that the clouds of hesitation went away and i knew none of those worries were real and me ,no ,us could stand firm on our place ...... You resisted like me, in responce to my answer which i said:" My daughter , dont ever think that i have done something and i should receive punishment and i wasn't thinking about all of you" but then surely ,i told you :" All i have done were legal" and with kindness and with your child like hands you touched my face gently and assured me that: " I know mom .....I know " and that day i was relieved from the nightmare of the judgement of my childeren. My daughter, my worries about your relation with your classmates were also wrong, because always the new generation, come faster than their parents to their wisdom and thinking...... And thats why i was releaved from all my worries and stood firm and strong on my first point.... And more than everything i'm indebted to you and your father. Dear to my heart Mehraveh , Let me tell you a bit about our sweet memories. Many times at night,on bed time in prison,i did remember how i helped you sleep with different lullaby and variety of poetry. You liked "Paria " very much. Nights at bed time ,you wanted Paria and i would begin: Once upon a time/Under an azure dome /Nude and Naked at dusk /three fairy -face were seated/ My daughter! The most important motive for me to defend childeren's rights was you. To be continued... Link to this letter in Farsi:


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