Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Focus on Iranian political prisoners. In this post about Hashem Khastar the imprisoned Iranian teacher .....

Hashem Khastar the 57 years old Iranian Agricultural Engineer and a retired teacher and leader of the Association of Teachers Union in the city of Mashhad ,was arrested on September 2009 while walking in "Melat " Park in the city of Mashhad and was transfered to "Vakil Abad " prison and in judicial trial he was first sentenced to six years imprisonment and later it was reduced to two years and currently serving the sentence in Vakil Abad prison .

while undergone surgery in "Imam Reza" Hospital in the city of Mashhad on Monday and was promised to have leave of absence from prison to rest for treatment but instead after operation was transfered by eight soldier to Vakil Abad prison again.

Sedigheh Maleki wife of Mr. Hashem Khastar told to International Campaign for Huamn Rights that: Doctor who operated him told: he needed medical treatment but 24 hours after operation the judiciary and prison authorities transfered him to prison.She added, while my husband was in the hospital, the judiciary and prison officials didn't let us to visit him or talk to him by phone.

With my persistant calling and beging for permision to visit him , the authorities let me to see him for 15 minuites and last night he was able to use the phone of another patient to speak to me but was cut off by guards.

While in the hospital ,i saw him chained with the bed and he was also chained while undergone surgery.


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