Monday, April 11, 2011

Focus on political prisoners in Iran.........

Continuation from past post ...

Dear Friends!

"Doesn't democracy and living in a world w/ less violent motivate you to support the student movement in Iran? won't it be also called as assisting the coup Government by Ignoring the clear violence on Iranian students ? Iranian who want western society style democracy and human rights won't believ this is happening . Is human rights important for you?Is Freedom of Expression important for you?Do you want the severity of vilolence be reduced?Do you want in another part of this wast world the torch of freedom be still kept on light? Then , dont stay silent on these crimes , violence and oppression?" ( Video conference speech of Bahareh Hedayat in solidarity with student movement in Iran on the anniversary commemoration of "Shanzdah Azar " the Student Day -December 5,2009 in one of Netherland University).

Bahareh was arrested exactly three Weeks after this message and was sentenced to nine and half years in prison.The court dealing w/ the charges against this student activist was held on 26 of April at division number 28 of the court of revolution.In this court judge Moghisehei sentenced her to 7 years imprisonment for the following charges: "Gathering and colaboration against the regime " , "Insulting the president" , "Insulting the leader " and "proagating against the regime" and together w/ two years suspended sentences in total become nine and half years imprisonment.

Bahareh Hedayat is born on 27 April 1981,is a women movement and student activist ( Tehran Science university ).She is also central council member of " Daftare Tahkime Vahdat" a student organization ( she acted as spoksperson for this organization) . She was also active among the activists in " Campaign for one Million Signature". Up to now she has been arrested and detained four times for these activities.

To be continued......


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