Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Iraqi regime attacked on Camp Ashraf and killed or wounded so many members of Iranian Mojahedin Khalgh who have lived there for decades !??

Why now? What was different from the past? what went wrong? Mojahedin members were living in Camp Ashraf for so many decades and what happened which made the Iraqi regime to attack Camp Ashraf and kill so many innocent unarmed Iranian who have already suffered so much in their life. Why the Iraqi regime should deal with the issue in this way and not diplomatically or politically with Mojahedin leaders.Why the innocent members of Mojahedin should face an armed forces . These last few days almost all Iranian were shocked to see their countrymen and women were treated this way and as a result some of them lost their lives. Iraqi regime showed to the world that; it did not learn nothing from Saddam and history. It showed to the world that ; it has very little tolerance and uses violence to settle problem. Beside ,the situation of middle East and timing of attack by Iraqi forces is questionable ?! The UNHCR and UN human rights council as well as Red Cross or Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch must send professional impartial investigators to gather informations about this criminal acts and report to the public.It seems that, the government of Maleki under the influence of Khamenei regime attacked at Camp Ashraf. As a result of this barbaric act and based on report, many members of Mojahedin lost their lives . And finally , Why the Iraqi regime and Mojahedin leaders dont seat on table and find a way to settle this problem for once and all. This problem is going on and off for several years. See these video clips and judge yourself: What is going on here?

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