Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is democracy achievable in the Middle East?

Despite of months of unrest and martyrdom ( For democracy) in the Middle East, is democracy achievable? When? Where it is going to begin and how it should proceed? Is there enough knowledge about democracy and democratic institution among intellectuals? Does society have common knowledge how to proceed?
Democratic institution relatively are established in the western society from French revolution to American revolution and civil rights movement and also the socialist revolution in the eastern countries. How much knowledge and actual /practical knowledge Middle Eastern society have from the transformation of these societies to a relatively democratic society.
Since almost all the institutions in the Middle Eastern society is based on undemocratic structure, reformation of these structure is the first and foremost step toward democracy and at the same time reformation of the governing institution is the other side of the coin which must take place in parallel to the public understanding of democracy.
Western societies from the lowest institution upward is based on democratic understanding . When we look at the families in the western society and comparing it to the Middle Eastern , it shows the huge differences, for example the unfair relationship of families and childeren and public interaction with eachother or the government structure is totally undemocratic..

What i'm trying to say is , the first and foremost step as i said above is to bring general democratic knowledge to the public in these societies and that can only be brought by workshop of wast variety of NGO's working on different issues. Now, does the current governing regimes allow this to happen or do they want to help their society to achieve this understandin? No , not the current governing bodies. Their institutions are based on intolerance.

Western domocracies therefore, must put aside the double standard of talking and supporting democracies but at the same time supporting these most tyranical/ Barbaric and undemocratic governing bodies ( Like the support of US for Saudi Arabia and... ) and defend materialy /morally the true democratic process via working on public awarness through genuine NGO's in the Middle East.
The young generation of Middle East must creatively bring these changes from bottom up and as well from top to bottom. I may not see this, but it will come by patience and hard working and of course street protest for human /individual rights , independent justice system away from political influence and equality between women and men......


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