Saturday, April 23, 2011

Letter by 23 Iranian polititical prisoner to clergies and ayatollah's on their condition and Irans' situation!

23 Iranian political prisoners from different Islamic Republic regime prisons wrote letter to religious authorities and requested them to look into all the cruelties they face inside the prisons and asked them to break their silence on all these cruelties.
Link in Farsi:

The political prisoners reason for writing was because these religious authorities were talking about all the injustices and the people's rights in the region but not about the people and political prisoners inside the Iran!?

They wrote : When looking into the cruelties against the moslem people of the region , at least based on your religious credibilities and Qoran you must end all the oppression and cruelties that is going on here too and raise your voice against the military,security and intelligent oppression.

In their letter the political prisoners said : Although several religious authoritis including Ayatollah Biat Zanjani, Ayatollah Saneei, Ayatollah Musavi Ardabili, Ayatollah Dastgheib , Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani , Ayatollah Amjad and sometimes Ayatollah Javadi Amoli become the voice of the people and protested on lies of the current regime and about the arrest or killing of innocent young peoplebut , all other religious authorities must end their silence and protest against these situation.

This letter was signed by 23 Iranian political prisoners from the following Islamic Republic regime prisons :
Prisoners from ward 350 in Evin prison.
prisoners from Ward 2-alef in Evin under suppervision of revolutionary guards (Sepah).
Prisoners from ward 209 in Evin under suppervision of Ministry of Information.
Detention centre under suppervision of " Hefazat Etelaat Zendane Evin " (Information protection of Evin Prison).
Prisoners from prison in "Rejaei Shahre Karaj " .
Prisoners from prisons in Khuzestan province - South of Iran.

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