Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hands off hard working Iranian teachers! FREE Iranian teacher Rasoul Badaghi from the Islamic Republic prison NOW !

Picture-Rasoul Badaghi's Wife and her twin daughters.

IRAN WATCH CANADA : Let The Nation Be Free !

Rasoul Badaghi is a teacher and board member of the Teachers Union. He was arrested on September 20 ,2009 and was sentenced by the Islamic court to six years imprisonment and five years bann on practicing social activities . Since his imprisonment he wasn't allowed to visit his family members.
He has three daughters; one is 14 years old and the other two are twins and are close to four years old.Rasoul Badaghi was also on hunger strike together with many other political prisoners.

His 14 years old daughter in a telephone interview told to Fatemeh Shojaei from "Jaras" Website that, They have missed their father specially the twin sisters and they haven't seen their father for more than three months.When the repoter asked her what message you want to send to your father; she said, I just want to say that i love my father very much and i missed him and the teachers Day is coming and i hope the prison official will allow him to come home for a day on the teachers Day.

People of Iran will hold Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of Judiciary power and Mr. Javad Larijani as the head of Islamic Republic Human Rights commision and Mr. Ali Larijani the head of Islamic Republic Parliament accountable for keeping silence to all these injustices.


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