Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mohammad Nourizad the Iranian Film maker, Writer and a strong supporter of Green Movement on his 40th Day of Hunger Strike in prison !

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Help release Iranian political prisoners !

Mohammad Nourizad: "I disagree w/all the sentences against me and therefore i start hunger strike!
According to Mohammad Nourizad's wife, her husband is on his 40th day of hunger strike and he wants to continue the hunger strike until his demands are fulfilled.
Based on a report posted on Mohammad Nourizad's personal journal ,Mrs. Fatemeh Malaki the wife of this imprisoned artist said : Further to hunger strike and not eating food, he is also not willing to have any visitation until his demands are fulfilled.She added : "I agree with you and i won't request from the authorities for any visitation or phone call. "
Mr. Nourizad has spent 16 months in prison already for supporting the green movement and four months of this 16 months in ward number 350 without any visitation.


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