Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shirko Maarefi the Iranian- Kurdish political prisoners who was sentenced to death went on hunger strike !

Let The Nation be Free , before they storm the prisons all over Iran!

According to report coming from Iran, Shirko Maarefi the Iranian-Kurdish political prisoner who was sentenced to death went on hunger strike in "Saghez" city prison.Shirko is from the city of Baneh and he started his hunger strike from today Thursday April 28 ,2011. He told to "Mokrian News Agency "reporter that; in protest to his unclear situation in the prison ,he is going to have hunger strike.He said : I have already told the prosecutor and prison authorities by a letter about this."

Link in Farsi:

Background: Shirko Maarefi resident of "Baneh" city was arrested and detained three years ago and was sentenced to death by the " court of Revolution" in "Saghez" city .The sentence was appealed in the court of appeal but it was reinstated.


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