Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fars News Agency: 100 members of parliament signed a petition calling Ahmadinejad for questioning?

As a coup president of the Islamic Regime, Ahmadinejad never bends to anyone except Khamenei ( May be not now).
He showed he is strong and tough and defends his cabinet ministers from all conservative and non conservative or parliamentary members criticism and pressures.He is known for his big lies and toughness unlike Khatami the reformist president who is known as Mr. Smiley and softness who lost many precious opportunities while as prsident.Yet he sometimes treats his own cabinet members so harsh which surprise everyone, like in the case of Mr. Motaki the Foreign Minister who was removed from his post while on assignment in a small African nation. Mr. Motaki himself didn't know that he was removed from his post until the African host told him.
He is creator of enemies for himself from left and the right.
On that note, last week Ahmadinejad put Mr. Moslehi his Minister of Information under pressure to resigne and Mr. Moslehi then resigned and Ahmadinejad accepted the resigne, but Khamenei came to Moslehi's rescue and reinstated him , whcih became a week more dispute between him and Khamenei and the talk of the media and people.
At the same time Mr. Motahari an MP has collected 100 signature from members of the parliaments to call Ahmadinejad to the parliament for questioning for not complying w/ the parliament orders and ignoring the decisions made by members of the parliament.

As a result of all these, Ahmadinejad is not showing in Government cabinet and other important meetings, while Mr. Moslehi the Foreign Minister proudly attending because of support by Khamenei. Iranian People jokingly say that; Ahmadinejad "Ghahr Kardeh" meaning; he is not in good term with Moslehi or in fury.

Tension is very high among Islamic Republic regime officials.


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