Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Arash Sigarchi : They themselves too , did not believe to the accusations against me!

Gooya News ( Persian ) - An interview by " Azadi Bayan" with Arash Sigarchi : They themselves too , did not believe to the accusations against me!"Azadi Bayan" - Arash Sigarchi have been detained around 2 months ago, and after a while in detention , a sentencing of 14 years imprisonment based on the accusation of " Interview with Radio Farda " and conspiracy against Islamic Republic was delivered to him.imprisonment and jail sentencing of this young journalist who is also the editor in chief of the " Gilan Emrooz " newspaper became center of some differences among the people who were in a way in contact with him and also 7 journalists and human rights advocate criticized " Radio Farda " for not following the principle of journalism and as well the spoke person from the RSF was also been blamed for not paying more attention to their responsibility . But most of all in question ; was the publication of the private letter of Arash Sigarchi .Its a few days now that Arash Sigarchi has been released from detention on a bail of 100 million " Tuman " . and still is reviwing the news about the time of his detention and gaining strength. with the situation he is in right now ; we have made an interview with him which is coming in the following :

Azadi Bayan: Q- Well first of all tell us about your court file situation and the accusation....?

A- Arash Sigarchi: After the court session , the main accusation against me was included to the collaboration with an enemy country- America- through interview with Radio Farda, insulting the leader and " Emam Khomeini" , gathering and conspiracy against Islamic Republic regime and provoking public anxiety to confront the regime, which in total resulted to 14 years imprisonment which was issued by the judge of the 3rd division of the Gilan revolution court , while my lawyers and myself pointed more than 100 legal and important mistakes to this ruling which I will try to express on those in my next court review.At present after reduction of the bail from 200 million Tuman to 100 Million Tuman , my family members and family friends have come with 4 property certificate as for bail and i will be free until the finalization of my file. based on the judicial process in Iran after the court decission , I protested to the ruling and the review court will review the my court file with the presence of the 3 judges and if I and my lawyers have any protest to their ruling , We then can ask the superior court of the country for the review.

Q- On what ground the court put it’s assumption to this accusation?

A- Look ! there was not at all discussion on ground , Because the judge and the information officer were telling me that you have done this and therefore you are accused !

Q- Well, what was their documents? for example did they recorded your interviews with Radio Farda?

A- In fact if I will explain the process of my court file ; It was a few selected writings from my blog , parts of my interviews with the reporters from Radio Farda and one or two articles from the newspaper was all the grounds that they claimed against me .

Q- Did they bring your interviews with Radio Farda on cassettes?

A- Well, yes, they made it on text themselves....perhaps they did have all of them but they were selecting part of it and using against me…..

Q- Did you have the right to a lawyer from the beginning?

A- On the process of the court I didn’t have this right. Because the judge and the officer in charge of the file was telling me that ; you don’t need the lawyer because it will make your case more complex , according to their opinion without lawyer my problem will be solved faster ! But after the ruling through my brother I asked for a lawyer.

Q- And then what happened?

A- Then Mr. Seifzadeh, Parviz Jahangir –Rad and Mrs. Shireen Ebadi ( Noble Prize Winner ) accepted to become my lawyer.

Q- During the interrogation and questioning on what issues they did emphasize?

A- More on collaboration with Radio Farda , and that I received money from them. Also they were emphasizing, that you have been trained by them. Fortunately it become clear that such a claim is not true. In addition since I have written article about the massacre of the year 1988, they were repeatedly emphasizing that; what kind of organizational connection I have with People’s Mojahedin. Interesting that my family find me a liberal democratic person or in fact they know that I have sympathy with liberal democrat, but they; the judge and the interrogator were trying to force me to accept that I am a socialist!

Q- Based on their assumption at last you were having sympathy to Mojahedin or you were a socialist? Now what was their opinion about the gathering and collaborating against Islamic Republic?

A- Look , according to a legal article from so many Islamic penal code , if 2 or more people get together to revolt against the regime or provoke people to arm struggle …… they will be condemned to 3-5 months imprisonment, while I wasn’t at all armed , perhaps the gentlemen were talking about our pen!

To be continued………….


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Roya Toluie , Has been summoned to the court!

Gooya News ( Persian ) - "He luiest" site : Roya Toluie , Has been summoned to the court!
After a complaint was sent to the court by " Hefazat Etelaat Niroye Entezami " from the city of Sanandaj , Dr. Roya Toluie a Kurdish socio - cultural and women's rights advocate , She has been summoned to the 4th prosecution division which is under the jurisdiction of court of revolution.
The reason for her summon was an interview she had with foreign radio after the rejection to issue license for the “ Centre for Kurdish Women Defending Peace and human Rights “ , and blackmailing the national security ,defaming the regime and “ Hefazat Etelaat” . Dr. Toluie must attend the court on Tuesday April 5/05. She has been also accused of that her writing and pictures were un-Islamic .
Her summoning to the court is in continuation to the summon of “ Kurdistan “ social and press activists . Its aim is to suppress the protest movements of intellectuals and mass movement of the people of Kurdistan.

He Luiest site is asking everyone to help the Kurdish activists .


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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

NO to dictators ! YES to freedom &human rights ! Persian

11 pictures from the gathering of Iranian against the violation of human rights in front of the UN headquarter in Geneva .


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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Horrendous crime commited by the regime on 1988 executing thousands of opposition in prison.........

Gooya News in Persian : "Khavaran" The martyr's place, A report about the presence of the families of 1988 victims in Khavaran Cemetery.On friday 18th of 2005 , The last friday of the year ( Iranian calendar) , from the very early in the morning many people attended to the tombs of the executed victims of the year 1981 and 1988.the graves of these martyrs are located close to the cemetery of the Bahai's in Khavaran road.most of these graves are without names or indications, and according to the families; these are the mass graves and only a few have name on their graves.
The many people attended to Khavaran by laying flowers and pictures of the victim's started the ceremony. Around 10:00 am the mother of one of the victim by reading a poem greeted their memories and dreams and spoke for a short time. Then the people present in the ceremony applauded and cheered her and sang the song " Sar Umad Zemestoon" , and the daughter of one of the martyr victim red a poem which impressed the people , by reading , she added to the existing sentiment amongest the people. The people then sang the song of " Baharan khojasteh bad " from Keramatollah Daneshian . and later a young man red a poem from Saeed Soltanpoor. And .................. Mrs. Zarafshan red the message of Dr. Naser Zarafshan which was sent from prison to the gathering.

See the pictures.


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Friday, March 18, 2005

Iran Emrooz site- Persian : A child awaits for execution !

Iran Emrooz site- Persian : A child awaits for execution !"Mohammad " In a letter to Amnesty International requested for help.
Iran Feminists Tribune :June 2003, " Seyed Mohammad Mim. " a 16 years old , grade second technical high school student , homed in Shiraz , a night before the exam quarrelled with another boy, 21years old who lived as neighbours , both of them armed with knife, both wounded but the 21 years old died as a result of the stab wound and Mohammad instead of school went to " Adel Abad " prison. Mohammad 's family is trying to speak to the victimes family to forgive their boy . Islamic judiciary law " Ghesas ( eye for an eye ) " is going to apply on this case too. The boys mother says: " It's almost 2 years that I see the victim's family to ask them to forgive my boy , I was beaten, I was insulted , I told them instead of my son you kill me.....they didn't accept." Now Mohammad is 18 years old and is in "Adel Abad prison" in the city of Shiraz They have been told that the sentence will be carried out after the new years holidays ( New years holiday starts on March 20 and ends 13 days later) .He is now being kept with adult prisoners.
According to the article 37 of the convention on child's rights which Iran also is a signatories , Execution of individuals with less than 18 years is banned but the regime by ignoring this article still executing childeren under 18 years of age. We have to help this boy otherwise the regime as usual will carry the " Ghesas" .


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Thursday, March 17, 2005

UN session on human rights, Iranian regime, The release of Arash Sigarchi....Trick or treat

Gooya News - "ISNA" : Arash Sigarchi has been released !

Arash Sigarchi , The editor of the " Gilan Emrooz " newspaper and one of the accused known as the" file of blog writers " who was in prison has been released.
With the support and liaison of the " Association of the Syndicate Journalists of Iran " , the large bail ( 200 million Tuman ) was reduced to 100 million Tuman and he was released.
Arash told to the ISNA reporter that: " the head of the judiciary in the province of Gilan , reduced the bail to 100 million Tuman " .
He said that: His file is on the process of review and hoped that with the support of the Association of the Syndicate Journalists of Iran his file in the court will come to closure.


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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"The Association of Weblog Writers of Iran " Protests for the arrest of Najmeh Omidparvar.

Gooya News in Persian : "The Association of Weblog Writers of Iran " Protests for the arrest of Najmeh Omidparvar.
"Najmeh Omidparvar" the writer of the " Tolue Azadi " weblog and the wife of the Mohammad Reza Nasab Abdollahi the imprisoned weblog writer , has been arrested on Monday February 28th / 2005 by the agents of the Ministry of Information and was transfered to prison.
based on the prior arrests and tortures of the former weblog writers, the harm and injuries to Najmeh Omidparvar who is pregnant is very serious.Penlog is worried and protests about the arrest of this married couple who are weblog writer and also the fate of all imprisoned weblog writers and demands for the immidiate and unconditional release of the said writers.
It is needed to say that : Arash Sigarchi , Mojtaba Samienezhad , Mojtaba Lotfi are the weblog writers who are still in the prison. We demand from all freedom lovers and human rights advocates to continue to support and follow the situation of the imprisoned weblog writers.


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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Me & you are the chain of hundred beads .... If I'm died you resist!

Solidarity message of Evin political prisoners to 15th of March gathering. From every cold breez, we became warmer
From every death , we gained life
Even if a struggle was defeated
The ground got full of other people for struggle
Me and you are the chain of hundred beads
The night guards of this country
If i am died, you resist
Guard this live fire

Friends, Please accept our warm greeting, from behind this walls. We are aware of your enthusiastic strife. And although long distance are separating us, but we feel that we are among you. Your struggle and efforts in this sensitive days for a fresh and serious changes that Iran and Middle East are facing , gives us energy and hope,and we are happy that if we are far from reaching to international freedom, democracy and social justice organizations, our cry and our oppressed people's rightful claim , will reach through you to the people's of the world. during the past years in the UN Commission on Human Rights there were colussion among some of the member governments , and usual political "give and take" was the cause of keeping deplorable human rights situation in Iran secret . We believe that the need for reflecting the real situation of Iran in the field of human rights is the the appointment of special envoy for Iran by this commission and to dispatch him to Iran for investigation and truth findings. And our request from you is; to insist on this necessity . In solidarity with you and to emphasize to this demand , On 15th of march simultaneousely with you, we too will gather in the prison's yard .

with all the best- Political prisoners of Evin prison- March 2005


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Naser Zarafshan, The voice of justice in prison !

Honourable members of the United Nations commission on Human Rights!

It is close to Three years since I am in prison because of my legal duties as a lawyer for the families of the murdered victims, which in due course of events the agents and official institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran , by planning one of the high class state policy , assassinated and murdered its opponents. The secrets about this murderings came out in due time of intensive power struggle among themselves and public pressure, which brought a split in the system's information agencies , and therefore the public was informed, but as soon as the state came out of it's first shock and was able relatively to overcome on differences among internal groups and became capable to garb the situation, the regime banned any continues discussion and follow up of this events.then by tainting the subject, with a scenario like a few normal street murder the file which was opened in this regard came to its closure.

In this situation , since I was the lawyer of the victims families of this event, I pushed for the disclosure of truth of the event and legal investigation of the subject, at first I was arrested on the pretext of " propaganda against the state" , and then while with all the pressure on me and negotiation they did not achiev any result, and in a situation that I was in prison , they put gun and amunition in my office and planned a new accusation , they made a file and based on that they sentenced me to five years imprisonment and 50 lashes( the summary of the events and main problems to this file has been explained and is attached ).

Now ,That the file of the political murdering which is known as " Chain murdering " and the file against myself which is a clear violation of human rights in Iran, by bringing this issue ; I would like to ask from the commission if obstacles based on political interest affair will let , these both files resume its serious investigation and be reviewed.

It needs to mention that the violation of human rights in Iran in the last two and a half decades is much horrible than the problems such as " Arbiterary arrest " or " violation of free expression " which resulted to the dispatch of the especial reporter to Iran,which is more like a joke. But reporters for the subject matters and the dispached delegates of the commission or other human rights defending organizations in much of their travel to Iran, are confronted to elements of differrent factions of the state who are playing the role of critics or some of the intimidated and captivated journalists and lawyers or groups who have been prepared by the regime itself and their testimonies in any way is not showing the reality of the current human rights situation in Iran.and in addition because of the time limitation and feasibility of the situation by these subject reporters, the real situation of Iran has been always hiden to the commission.Therefore assigning a permanent special repoter for Iran is an urgent necessity .Together with other prisoners some of whom are more than a decades in this prison are waiting for the action by the commission on this regards.

Naser Zarafshan
Evin prison, March 2005

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Monday, March 07, 2005

National Union of Student and Graduate of Iran: " Ali Esmaeeli " the medical student of the " Mashhad Medical Science University" Has been expelled.

Gooya News-Persian:

National Union of Student and Graduate of Iran: " Ali Esmaeeli " the medical student of the " Mashhad Medical Science University" Has been expelled from university.
A letter has been sent by an unknown personnel of security organization ( Herasat) from University of Tehran to Mashhad Medical University and ordered to expell and ban Mr. Esmaeeli a student , political activist and member of central council of the "NUSGI " from continuing his medical education.
The NUSGI asked UN human rights organizations to protest against all kind of violation on human rights .
The statement was signed by the NUSGI .


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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cry for me my country

Site of Iran-emrooz- Persian:

2 days after that" Mrs. Najmeh Omidparvar " the wife of Mohammad Reza Nasab Abdollahi , spoke with the german radio , She was also arrested at her work place in the city of Rafsanjan and after confiscation of her computer , and personal belonging she was detained.Now the relatives of Mrs. Omidparvar are worried about her, Because she is 3 months pregnant and is going to have a baby.
German Radio in an interview with ms. Saeedeh Nasab Abdollahi the sister of mr. Mohammad Reza Nasab Abdollahi :

I was not at home , They came 10 am at the store where she was working, and took all her computer belongings. and then they brought her home and took all she had at home . Once again at 2:30 pm the agents brought her back and said that she was interrogated for 2 hours. then again she collected her personal belongings and they said that she is going to be detained up to 10 days. and after 10 days bring a property document we will release her.

............... Cry for me my country.


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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

6 months imprisonment and 2 years banning of all journalistic activities for Mohammad Hassan Alipour.

Gooya news - Persian: The prison term and baning of journalistic activity of "Mohammad Hasan Alipour" has been confirmed.The branch # 26 of the countrys high court has confirmed the 6 months imprisonment and 2 years banning of all journalistic activities for Mohammad Hasan Alipour.He has been accused of encouraging people and groups against the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran by writing an article in the " ABAN publication " with a title " People will pass " .
The ruling was given to "Mohammad Sharif " the lawyer of Mr. Alipour by the high court.


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RSF: Iran with 12 journalists in prison is the biggest prison of journalists in Middle East.

Site of Iran-emrooz: A journalist has been detained.
RSF: Iran with 12 journalists in prison is the biggest prison of journalists in Middle East."Mohammad Reza Nasab-Abdolahi" , Is one of the student who worked hard for the developement of democracy and human rights in Iran.He is as well a blog writer and journalist. Today Monday Feb. 28/2005 he has been arrested and was transfered to the central prison in the city of Rafsanjan.He has been charged with " publishing lies and insulting the leader " . He is been sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and payment of one million "Rials" cash as penalty.

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