Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pakistani lawyer and UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran Asma Jahangir has stated that Irani opposition leaders and social activists do not talk against Iran openly.
Asma Jahangir presented 40 pages report, presented in 34th session of Human Rights Council held in Geneva, Switzerland, consisting on details of human rights violations in Iran, stating that opposition leaders living abroad feared that if they talked against the Tehran’s government then as a result their families living in Iran would be targeted.
Asma Jehangir expressed regret in her report over the worst situation of human rights in Iran. Report stated that judiciary of Iran, lawyers’ fraternity, freedom of speech and brutal arrests were cause for concern for UN.

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Three Telegram Using Activists Are Sentenced To 36 Years Imprisonment In Total .....

According to news , three Iranian Telegram user activists are sentenced to a total of 36 years imprisonment.

Those activist namely are:
Mohammad Mohajer
Alireza Tavakoli
Mohammad Mehdi Zamanzadeh

These young Telegram users were sentenced in the court of revolution each to 12 years imprisonment by infamous judge Salavati .

These young telegram users were managing social groups and all of them were 23 years old and are in prison since August and September last year.

They are are accused of " creating social group to commit conspiracy against the regime" .


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Presidential Election In Iran Under Islamic Regime.....

We Must Count The Chicks After The Election - Political Cartoon by Seyed Meysam Agha Seyed Hosseini .....

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Corruption............Corruption ..........

Abbas Palizdar : Those whom We would stay behind them and Praying Are the Main Seditious / Mischievous  Economic Corrupt .....
Abbas Palizdar who spent prison term in the past because of his support for Green Movement , speaking with Dor TV said: We were praying behind people who were themselves mischievous economic corrupt .......
Abbas Palizdar together with Khazali are two presidential candidate from Freedom Front .

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Atena Daemi The Children Rights Activist And A political Prisoner is On Her 10th Days Of Hunger Strike ...

Atena Daemi is a childeren rights activist . She is on her 10th days of hunger strike . She went on hunger strike as a protest, because the judiciary have detained her sisters.

She suffers from stomach and kidney infections.


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Monday, April 17, 2017

New Application For Voice Communication Services Via Telegram Is Disconnected/ Filtered in Iran by An Order From Judiciary

According to news , in less than 4 days after Telegram announced its add on new application voice communication service for its Iranian clients , but the this service for Iranian cellphone users was banned / filtered by an order from judiciary .

Earlier Mahmoud Vaezi have told to the news that ,there won't be any problem for Telegram voice communication services.
More than 25 million Iranian are member of the Russian Telegram networking .
20 companies received the judiciaries order about filtering.

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Onslaught On Trans Sexual's Party In Iran ....

Based on news coming from Iran , last Thursday night the Basiji forces and Intelligence agents have made an assault on a trans sexual party in Baghe Bahadoran the suburbs of the city of Isfahan  . According to this news,  the assault took place  at 8:00 pm on Thursday night. The party was taking place at " Baghe Bahadoran " when the assault happen the agents  fired shot on the air and used baton to arrest people . Several guests and visitors to this party were arrested and were transferred to Dastgered prison in the city of Isfahan .
The Basji forces kept these people until Saturday and then the judge demanded for heavy bail and they made call to each family to let them know on the situation .

Now these victims are facing both the regime heavy bail and imprisonment and their parents knowing about them being trans sexual , which has heavy consequences for them in the future.


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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Nasrin Sotoudeh: Human Rights Activists Believe That, Legally And Morally The Candidacy Of Mr. Ebrahim Raeisi For Presidency Is Unacceptable and Mr. Raeisi For What He Has Done On The Summer Of 1987-88 Must Face The Court .....

The candidacy of Ebrahim Raeisi for presidency in the Islamic republic is unacceptable ,because of his participation as the " four death members " who have ordered for the killing of thousands of the Iranian political prisoners under Islamic regime ,said Nasrin Sotoudeh a human rights defender and a lawyer. She said , for human rights activists in Iran the candidacy of Ebrahim Raeisi for presidency is morally and legally unacceptable and he should face the trial in the court.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Clergy Ibrahim Raeisi A Murderer Who Have Ordered The Killing Of Thousands Of Political Prisoners Has Registered His Name As Candidate For The Presidency in Iran .....

Report from Radio farda .

Report indicate that Ebrahim Raeisi one of the killing judge of thousands of political prisoners in Iran during 1987-88 in Evin and other prisons has registered his name as candidate for the presidency in Iran which will take place in next June .
Ebrahim Raeisi is the candidate for the "  Jamna " Front . Jamna ( The People Front For the Islamic Revolution ) is in fact the most fundamentalist and right wing front of the Islamic regime . Most of the people gathered in this front were either involved in the killing of political activists , prisoners , religious minorities including Bahai's and Christians or are corrupt and continue to speak and act against the will of the majority of the Iranian people who wants political development toward Freedom and democracy .
This JAMNA front was formed last winter to unite the " Osulgarayan " ( Principalists / Conservatives ) of the Islamic regime to stand against president Hassan Rohani .
Ebrahim Raeisi has received the majority of the vote of this front to compete with Hassan Rohani .


Note: After the announcement of Ebrahim Raeisi for the presidential  candidacy , Ahmad Montazeri the son of Ayatollah Montazeri reacted by saying : The candidacy of Ebrahim Raeisi for presidency is an insult to Iranian people .

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Amnesty International On Execution in 2016....

China:                1000+
Iran:                   567+
Saudi Arabia:    154+
Iraq:                   88+
Pakistan:            87+

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Corruption Under Islamic Regime Has Reached To Its Highest Level.......

According to news from Radio Farda .....

Young theology students to become clergy in the city of Broujerd ( Lorestan province) have protested against their Friday prayer Imam Clergy Hassan Torabi because what they call corruption by him and his city Islamic council . They have symbolically shown their protest by walking from the city of Broujerd to Tehran. They believe that all Friday prayers Imams are influenced by economic and political corruptions .

In their statement , the theology students wrote : The Friday prayers of other city's have become the source of support for those who have wealth and power and they said : they can't tolerate this situation anymore .


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