Monday, April 17, 2017

Onslaught On Trans Sexual's Party In Iran ....

Based on news coming from Iran , last Thursday night the Basiji forces and Intelligence agents have made an assault on a trans sexual party in Baghe Bahadoran the suburbs of the city of Isfahan  . According to this news,  the assault took place  at 8:00 pm on Thursday night. The party was taking place at " Baghe Bahadoran " when the assault happen the agents  fired shot on the air and used baton to arrest people . Several guests and visitors to this party were arrested and were transferred to Dastgered prison in the city of Isfahan .
The Basji forces kept these people until Saturday and then the judge demanded for heavy bail and they made call to each family to let them know on the situation .

Now these victims are facing both the regime heavy bail and imprisonment and their parents knowing about them being trans sexual , which has heavy consequences for them in the future.


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