Friday, March 17, 2017

President Hassan Rohani Warned For Recent Arrests Of Journalists , human rights and political activists by Sepah Agents and Judiciary Forces ...........

Gooya News-

In todays cabinet meeting , president Hassan Rohani warned the arrests of the journalists and human rights activists in recent months with the pretext of them having  relation with  " Amad News " . Hassan Rohani dissatisfied with these arrests and said , this will cause insecurity before the presidential election in the country . In the cabinet meeting at the end of the year, the cabinet ministers reported about these arrests and mentioned these arrests was executed by Sepah intelligent and the judiciary power .Sepah intelligent forces also arrested reformists social networking admins and Government supporters .
President Rohani said , which red line " Amad News" have breached or what they have done that , all these journalists , human rights and political activists who have contacted the " Amad News " should be targeted or arrested by Sepah agents and judiciary forces .


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