Friday, February 24, 2017

Maedeh Soltani ,Daughter of Imprisoned lawyer And Human Rights Defender : My father's Health In Prison Is Deteriorating ........

According to a report from " Kalameh " Website , Maedeh Soltani the daughter of imprisoned Lawyer ,  human rights defender and member of Iran Bar Association in a letter to minister of information complained about her fathers health situation , she wrote :
" Prison deteriorated my father's health condition and he suffers from  irregular blood pressure , low blood level and severe digestion problem. She warned the officials about her fathers health condition. She wrote : Mr. Alavi , ( minister of information ) may be you can hear our voice.Its been six years since the imprisonment of my father . The least  rights of a prisoner is  justice to be served , but on my father's case , his case file is closed without even reading his file.  during this harsh six years , my mother  sent several letter to the judiciary officials without even receiving  an answer , its not clear were all these letter have gone ?!!
She added : In this six years imprisonment , he is given only one chance to leave the prison and spent time with family .
At the end of her letter , she demanded from minister of  information to prevent any unpleasant events .


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