Saturday, January 28, 2017

Nazanin Zachary's Letter From Evin Prison To Her Baby : No Cruelty Will Go Unpunished ........

According to news coming from Iran,  Nazanin Zaghary the Iranian -British political prisoner in the women ward of Evin prison ,spoke with her little child about the patience and hope against cruelty and injustices.

Nazanin Zachary who is sentenced to five years imprisonment ,in her letter wrote: " Believe me, i didn't know that , in a country where your mom has borne and grew , you will face such a horrendous  and painful destiny , and if i knew , i would have thought twice in closing my travelling suitcase for a two weeks travel to Iran ."

" A day will come and we will get together again . If time has taken away these days  and your childhood from your father and me , no worries , they can't take our memories and our future dreams from us . No cruelty will go unpunished ."


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