Sunday, February 05, 2017

Kianoosh Sanjari The Iranian- American Blogger, Journalist And Human Rights Activist Is Arrested.....

According to news by Radio Zamaneh , Kianoosh Sanjari the Iranian - American journalist , blogger and human rights activist arrested in Iran .
On October he returned to Iran and on December the security forces have arrested him and he is currently in prison.

His parents kept the news secret , knowing that publicizing the news may endanger his life and it may also prolong his detention.

Kianoosh sanjari was a student activist while he was in Iran and was arrested in two occasion in the past , one was during the student uprising and the other time when he protested with a group against the arrest of Ayatollah Brojerdi. He left Iran for America and become a refugee there and the he started working for the Voice of America as reporter . later he lost his job at Voice of America .

Kianoosh Sanjari was also active in " Human Rights Reporters Committee " .

Iran Watch Canada: 
Returning to the home country is everyone's rights  .  Everyone must be able to return to his home country without fear of arrest and detention . Islamic regime must end these kinds of arrests and allow all Iranian who have fear of arrest to visit their parents without prejudice .

But I don't understand why someone who have had a lot of activities in Iran and was in prison and then left the country and become the refugee in another country , despite of all the danger of arrest and detention return to his home country while knowing that he will be arrested...???!!!


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