Thursday, March 30, 2017

Five Human Rights Activists Are Arrested in One Week........

According to news, five Iranian human rights activists are arrested in a week in Iran.
The presidential election is coming on June and regime security forces particularly Sepah intelligence and judiciary agents have increased their activities by putting pressure on human rights activists , journalists and online social networking groups.

Those arrested are:

1- Sepideh Ghalian - 21 years old - human rights activist from the city of Ahwaz- was arrested three days ago by sepah agents and no one known on her whereabout - she was active on online social activities like Telegram Facebook !!?
Farzaneh Jalali is a human rights and women right activist - she was arrested in the city of Kermanshah and was transferred to " Maydane Naft " ( Oil field ) which runs by the provincial Ministry of Intelligence . The agents of the ministry in collaboration with officials at registration's office , called this young girl in on a pretext that there are problems on her registration documents , and then kidnapped her to an unknown location. in the past she was the managing editor of the " Sobh "  Tehran University newspaper.

Mehrnaz Haghighi is a human right activist and a doctor . She was arrested in the city of Bandar Abbas. The security agents acted as patient and attended at her house and after searching the house , arrested her and took her away .
Majid Asadi former political prisoner who have spent 4 years in prison and this time is arrested without charges and reason .

Payam Shakiba - Human rights activist and a researcher is arrested in Tehran. He also been in prison because of his protest against the immoral action of Zanjan University vice president .


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