Friday, April 14, 2017

Clergy Ibrahim Raeisi A Murderer Who Have Ordered The Killing Of Thousands Of Political Prisoners Has Registered His Name As Candidate For The Presidency in Iran .....

Report from Radio farda .

Report indicate that Ebrahim Raeisi one of the killing judge of thousands of political prisoners in Iran during 1987-88 in Evin and other prisons has registered his name as candidate for the presidency in Iran which will take place in next June .
Ebrahim Raeisi is the candidate for the "  Jamna " Front . Jamna ( The People Front For the Islamic Revolution ) is in fact the most fundamentalist and right wing front of the Islamic regime . Most of the people gathered in this front were either involved in the killing of political activists , prisoners , religious minorities including Bahai's and Christians or are corrupt and continue to speak and act against the will of the majority of the Iranian people who wants political development toward Freedom and democracy .
This JAMNA front was formed last winter to unite the " Osulgarayan " ( Principalists / Conservatives ) of the Islamic regime to stand against president Hassan Rohani .
Ebrahim Raeisi has received the majority of the vote of this front to compete with Hassan Rohani .


Note: After the announcement of Ebrahim Raeisi for the presidential  candidacy , Ahmad Montazeri the son of Ayatollah Montazeri reacted by saying : The candidacy of Ebrahim Raeisi for presidency is an insult to Iranian people .

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