Thursday, April 27, 2017

Regime's agents shut down the Centre For Defending The Street Kids and Child Labour .......

According to news coming from Iran , last Thursday The Office of the  "Centre Defending The Street kids and Child Labour" was shut down by regimes security police and intelligent agents.

The agents shut down the centre after delivering a notice on last Wednesday and handing it to an office employee and then executed the closure on the next day.

Following this incident , the child advocates attended at the security police office demanding a response for their decision to close the centre. They were told that; the Centre did not have the permit for their activities and that was the reason the agents acted for the closure of the centre.

The child advocates said ,their is no expiry date for their permit and the permit is an official permit , and they introduce their board members to the related government agencies. So their is no reason to shut down the centre .

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Regime won't tolerate these kinds of centre's and their activities . Regime have also closed the office of the Journalist Association for no reason , they have also made attempt to close the House of Cinema ........
Imagine this regime won't even tolerate Iranian advocates to work voluntarily for street kids, child labour , human rights ( Narges Mohammadi the vice president of the association of human rights defenders  - she is sentenced to 16 years imprisonment and she is currently in Evin prison) . The regime also shut down the office of the Association of Human Rights Defenders..............The list includes, Labour Unions and Teachers Union whose leaders are in prison.......

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