Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Freedom For Nasrin Sotoudeh A Human Rights Lawyer In Iran ...Take Action

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Farzaneh Jilaei Lawyer For Haft Tapeh Workers Is Summoned To The Court ....

News from Iran ...

Farzaneh Jilaei lawyer for  Ali Nejati ( member of the Haft Tapeh workers Union ) , E-mail Bakhshi ( spokesperson and representative of the Haft Tapeh workers union ) and Mohammad Khanifer ( Haft - Tapeh worker) is summoned to the court in the city of Ahwaz. Earlier she was also summoned to the court in the city of Shoosh.

IRAN WATCH CANADA: A lawyer job is to defend her clients . Defending workers who faces charges in the court by a lawyer isn't a crime . She has just defended her clients and must not be harassed by judiciary power in Iran .

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Sepideh Ghalyan On Dry Hunger Strike , Family Members Are Worried About Her Health ....

News from Iran....

Family members of Sepideh Ghanian who is on hunger strike in prison , are worried about her health condition.
On her fourth days of hunger strike , her blood pressure dropped and Ms. Manijeh Arabshahi helped carrying her to the clinic . After giving her IV's shot she was brought back to the prison by wheelchair .

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Why this beautiful should face prison sentence for just defending human rights and women's rights / labour rights .....Why ? 
She must be unconditionally and immediately  released from prison.

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Friday, July 26, 2019

Narges Mohammadi In A Letter From Prison To The Head Of Judiciary Power About Those ُAccused As Environmentalist ......

Narges Mohammadi the head of the Centre For Human Rights Defenders In Iran who is sentenced to 16 years imprisonment by the Islamic regime in Iran in a letter from prison to the head of judiciary demanded for the release of environmental activist from prison and called the solitary confinement as a kind of torture. And she asks , is it not the time to end the horrendous and illegal torture ?

She says, solitary confinement violates the article 36 and 39 of the constitution of the Islamic Republic.

she stated : Since their arrest in February and detention , the environmental activist were kept in solitary confinement ward number 2 of the Sepah controlled detention centre .

She also added that, due to long term isolation in solitary confinement , these individuals facing severe mental and physical pressures.

At the end of the letter she demanded to end these type of tortures against human right activists.


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Friday, July 19, 2019

Tehran Transit Workers Union In A Statement Demanded For The Release Of Esmail Bakhshi The Leader Of The Haft -Tapeh Sugar Company and Those Who Have Supported Haft Tapeh Workers.....

News from Iran ......

In a statement Tehran Transit Workers Union demanded for the release of Esmail Bakhshi and Sepideh Ghelyan, Sanaz Alahyari , Amir Hossein Mohammadi Fard and Amir Amir Gholi .....

Its now six month passed since their arrest ( it was supposed to be temporary detention and releasable by bail) but regime judiciary and prison officials denies them their basic human rights .

Even criminals have rights to bail .

Amir Hossein Mohammadi Fard is on his 15th days of hunger strike in protest of their detention .

Sanz Alahyari ended her hunger strike with the request by many political and human rights personalities . Sanz 's health is in great danger ( she was transferred to health clinic when she was on hunger strike).

Sepideh ghelyan , Sanaz Alahyari , Amir Hossein Mohammadi Fard and Amir Amir Gholi are members of a publication which supports the Haft Tapeh Sugar company workers .

Tehran Transit Workers Union in the statement demanded the immediate and unconditional release of all Haft Tapeh workers and their supporters . The workers union also demanded all judicial prosecution against any of these people must be stopped. In the statement the union warned  , it will bring the world workers union's attention to this matter if they are not released immediately.


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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Security Agents Transferred Nazanin Zaghary To A Mental Hospital .....

News from Iran....

According to the committee campaigning for Nazanin Zaghary , the security agents from Sepah Intelligence , has transferred Nazanin Zaghary to the psychiatric division of Imam Khomeini's Hospital and has put stop to any communication between Nazanin and her family members.

Before transferring Nazanin to psychiatric division she said; three years ago when i was taken into the prison , i was healthy , but now after three years plus i am in a psychiatric clinic.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Request to End The Hunger Strike ......

News from Iran.....

Several well known political left personalities by signing a petition requested from Sanaz Alahyari and Amir Hossein Mohammadifard to end their hunger strike on their 11th days of hunger strike.

Sanz and Amir Hossein are two editorial members of GAM publication .
They are both in hunger strike to protest against their imprisonment . Both Sanaz and Amir are in prison for the last six months. Sanz was transferred to the clinic five days after her hunger strike .

Here are the names of a few signatories :
Seed Ali Salehi
Bektash Abtin
Parviz Babaei
Mohammad Ali Amouei
Fairborz Raeisdana
And many more ........

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

FiFA's Ultimatum To Regime To Allow Women Enter Stadiums Ends Today .....

News from Iran....

Earlier FiFA warned Iran in order to stay in FIFA the sports federation in Iran should allow women to enter The stadiums to watch the games .......

The FIFA ultimatum date ended today . Despite of the warning , the sport federation Of Iran ignored the order and now Iran will face the consequences .

The ignorance and stubbornness of the regime and its sports federation officials against the universality of the world sport by excluding the women from entering the stadium will isolate Iran more from the world games and stages.

The stupidity of the regime and its middle ages religious policy into the sports will rise the temperature among the sports fan in Iran .

IRAN WATCH CANADA : Supports FIFA's decision and demands Regime in Iran to follow FIFA's order and allow women to enter the stadiums and watch their favourite games .

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Four Women Arrested On May Day Rally Are Still In Prison.

News From Iran ....
Evin Prison....

Despite of Bail preparation and the order for their release, these four women arrested on may day rally are still in prison . It was told that ,they are in temporary detention, but there are no news when they are going to be released.

According to news ,  regime accuses them with security charges . 

In the meantime , Amnesty International in a statement demanded for their release .

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Eight Newly Christians Are Arrested By The Agents Of The Ministry Of Intelligence In The City Of Bushehr .....

News from Iran....

According to the news On first day of July , eight newly christian including five members of a family are arrested in the city of Bushehr by agents of the ministry of intelligence .

The agents entered early in the morning of first day of July in to the homes of these people , searched their homes and took all their personal belonging including computer , Laptop , religious books , wooden cross , Christ's pictures , mobile Phone, ID's and etc.

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End The Violence Against Bahai Elders , Stop The Closure Of Bahai Elders Home In The City Of Karaj....

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Friday, July 05, 2019

End The Violence Against Bahai Señor In Iran .

According to news Islamic regime in Iran continues harassing the Bahai people including the Bahai señor in Iran.

News indicates that , regime agents are closing Bahai señor homes in many cities including one in Karaj city.

In this video a señor Bahai women by reading a poem calling the regime official that , they are also Iranian and human beings .

Watch the video here:

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Picture shows my writing on my Facebook wall about this and defending the Bahai Señor in Iran.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Arash Sadeghi The Political Prisoner IN Rejai - Shahr Prison Need Immediate Medical Attention And Must Be Released From Prison...

News From Iran ....

According to news Arash Sadeghi the political prisoner of Rejai-Shahr prison had bone cancer surgery and need immediate medical attention.
According to doctors , he needs a place where he can rest and go under constant medical treatment and medical monitoring.

He should be out of prison condition and need to eat well , rest without tension , and continue his chemotherapy , if not there is a 70 percent chance the cancer will return .

Because of being with other prisoner in a room without hygiene , he notices inflammation in his hands and ......


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