Friday, September 29, 2017

The Sentencing of Three Leftist Writers And Human rights Advocates In Iran ....


According to news, three leftist writers and human rights advocates in the city of Gorgan were sentenced to the following jail time and bails:

1- Roozbeh Gilasian and his wife Elaheh Soroushnia were arrested at their residential home on December 2016 . They spend 15 days in the detention at Gorgan-Neynava prison which is a holding prison run by Sepah Intelligent. But later they were transferred to Gorgan -Amirabad prison and were released by bail. Mr. Gilasian is accused of forming a club society in the city of Gorgan and for this reason he is charged for activities against national security and distribution of lies .........
Both Roozbeh and his wife Elaheh and 18 others were sentenced in Gorgan court of Revolution by judge Hojatolah Ghorbani but later their sentences were reduced by the appeal court to :

Roozbeh Gilasian - One year imprisonment
Elaheh Soroushnia- 8 Million Tuman fine .
Nima Safar -80 days imprisonment

Roozbeh Gillian is a writer and a researcher and his wife Elaheh Soroushnia is an artist and a leftist writer and human rights advocate.    

Roozbeh Gilasian is a graduate of  philosophy from Sharif university and Elaheh is graduate of Tabriz University and Tehran Technical University ....

Roozbeh has written several books including:

" Philosophy in the street" ,  " The human of the month of Bahman " , " The pamphlet of the revolution" ,  " The Erotic Fortune " , " The Little Philosopher " and so many others ........


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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Iranian Workers, Students, Teachers And Human Rights Activists in Support Of Reza Shahabi the Imprisoned Union Worker......


Reza Shahabi is an Iranian transit worker and is currently in prison and on hunger strike against the judiciary injustices for keeping him in jail while his prison term based on sentencing is finished , because of this injustices by the regime judiciary he is on dry hunger strike .

In support of him the Iranian bus drivers , workers , teachers , students , human rights activists and .....staged a protest today in front of the judiciary power in support of this union worker .

Link :

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Iranian workers from HepCo and Azarab in the city of Arak staged protest for more than three months unpaid salaries ....And faced tear gas by regime forces ...The protests and unrest against the regime is growing again in Iran .....

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Lawyer And Human Rights Advocate and Defender Abdolfatah Soltani Prisoner Of Conscience ......

More than 2000 days in prison just for defending human rights .

So much violation of human rights made this unfortunately normal for many million people around the world , but this isn't normal and we have to stand and fight back against those regime that violates the human rights and support the human rights defenders including Doctor Abdolfatah Soltani who's health is deteriorating for a long imprisonment. The place of Mr. Soltani is not in prison but in universities to teach students about their rights .

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Solidarity With Political Prisoners Who Are On Hunger Strike In Gohardasht Prison ......

According to news , with a call by  Transit Workers Union in solidarity with Reza Shahabi and other political prisoners in Gohardasht prison who continue their hunger strike, the buses in Tehran left their lights on and lowered the speed of the buses .

And also the members of the campaign in dense of political prisoners and several social and human rights activists gathered in front of Rejaei Shahr ( Gohardasht ) prison and chanted their solidarity with the prisoners. Based on news , Four people from this gathering have been arrested.


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Six Telegram Group Admin Are Arrested In The City Of Ardebil A City In Azarbayejan Of Iran ...

Mizan News -

Mr. Naser Atabati the public prosecutor of the city of Ardebil announced that, They have arrested six  admin of the Telegram group .

He added ;  in the last week , with the help of FATA police forces and the Unit for cyber crimes in the Ardebil province , have arrested six group Telegram admin who had activities on immoral issues and were propagating for the membership of homosexualities . This judiciary official said, at present this six individuals are in custody and their equipments were seized .


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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Iran: Free Unjustly Held Journalists

For Immediate Release

Iran: Free Unjustly Held Journalists
No Let-up in Authorities’ Targeting of Media 

(Beirut, September 12, 2017) – Two Iranian journalists arrested in Tehran in August 2017 remain detained without formal charges, Human Rights Watch said today. The authorities should immediately release them or charge them with recognizable criminal offenses and ensure them fair trials.

Authorities from the Judiciary Intelligence Agency arrested Sasan Aghaei, 34, deputy editor of the reformist daily Etemad, at his office in Tehran on August 13. On August 22, authorities also arrested Yaghma Fashkhami, a journalist for the Didban Iran website, at his office in Tehran. Both had been arbitrarily detained previously, in violation of their rights to freedom of speech.

“Iran’s judiciary and intelligence agencies have a longstanding pattern of prosecuting journalists on dubious national security charges,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “The latest journalists to be arrested have not been accused of doing anything beyond exercising their right to free speech, and should be freed immediately.”

Since his arrest – the fourth time since 2009 – Aghaei has been held in solitary confinement in ward 241 of Evin prison in Tehran, which is under the supervision of the Judiciary Intelligence Agency. A source close to the Aghaei family, who wished to remain anonymous, told Human Rights Watch that “authorities are pressuring Aghaei to confess to having ties with the Amad News website,” which Iranian authorities consider an opposition outlet. “They could have simply summoned him instead of showing up to arrest him as a criminal,” the source said. Indefinite solitary confinement is cruel and inhuman treatment and can amount to torture, Human Rights Watch said.

On September 11, a source close to the Fashkhami family told Human Rights Watch that the authorities who first detained Fashkhami for five days later extended the detention to one month. “The family has been going to the court every day, but still do not know what charges he is facing,” the source said.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Amnesty International Demanded The Immediate Release Of Abdolfatah Soltani From Prison In Iran

 News from Iran. Sunday September 10 , 2017

Amnesty International in a statement to the regime officials , demanded Abdolfatah Soltani the Iranian lawyer and human rights advocate immediately be released from prison .

Doctor Abdolfatah Soltani have been in prison for more than six years now .

Read more about doctor Abdolfatah Soltani from Amnesty International Website:

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Systematic Lies among Islamic Regime Official.............................

News from Iran.

Recently Mehdi Taj the president of Iran sport federation was asked about the presence of women in the stadiums . 

He replied: The physical and structural readiness for the presence of the women is not available yet.

The picture below shows that Iranian women were enjoying watching the games in the stadiums more than 40 years ago. 

the picture below shows the protest of an Iranian who hold a written message which says:

I won't attend the stadium when the women and girls of my country are deprived from entering into the stadiums.

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