Thursday, September 27, 2012

Islamic Regime ordered for the closure of "Sharq" Newspaper because of Alleged Cartoon by Hadi Heydari ,the Iranian award winning cartoonist !

After publication of  " Blidfold " Cartoon by "Sharq" Newspaper ,Islamic regime ordered for the closure of this newspaper. Blindfold cartoon was drawn by Iranian award winning cartoonist Hadi Heydari and was published by Sharq on Wednesday September 26,2012.The next day, media close to the Government and revolutionary Guards charged against Sharq for insulting the ex-combatant ( of Iran -Iraq war).As a result of this intolerance amongest Government and regime officials the paper is shut down and Mehdi Rahmanian the editor in Chief of the paper was detained for few hours and then released by bail.Hadi Heydari is also summoned to the public prosecutors office.


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part 2- How Ramin Mehmanparast Foreign Affairs Spokesperson of the Islamic Regime in Iran was attacked ,rounded up by Iranian protesters in New York -Yesterday , Iranian protesters spit on him ,insulted him and kept him running around back & forth in the Street until police came to his rescue !

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For Immediate Release

Iran: Bring Notorious Abuser to Justice
Try Mortazavi for Deaths of Election Protesters

(Beirut, September 27, 2012) – Iran’s Judiciary should move forward speedily and transparently with the criminal investigation of Saeed Mortazavi, the former Tehran Prosecutor General, for the deaths of protesters after the June 2009 elections and prosecute if there is evidence implicating him, Human Rights Watch said today. Mortazavi, now head of Iran’s Social Security Organization, is accused of involvement in the deaths, torture, and arbitrary detention of dozens of protesters following the disputed presidential poll and other rights abuses perpetrated over more than 12 years.

After years of delay, a judiciary spokesperson announced on September 17, 2012, that authorities have opened a criminal case against Mortazavi in connection with alleged post-election abuses at Kahrizak prison, but he has not yet been indicted. A 2010 parliamentary investigation implicated Mortazavi in the 2009 abuses.

“Mortazavi is accused of the worst abuses against Iranian detainees, so an investigation into the allegations is good news, if long overdue,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, director of the Middle East and North Africa division at Human Rights Watch. “But justice won’t come from making Mortazavi the regime’s fall guy: the Judiciary should pursue other high-ranking officials for abuses following the 2009 elections.”

On September 17, 2012, Gholam-Reza Mohseni Ejei, a high-ranking judiciary spokesperson and Iran’s general prosecutor, said the criminal case against Mortazavi remains open and that prosecutors have received defense pleadings from Mortazavi’s lawyers. Ejei said that he expected prosecutors to summon Mortazavi to court soon, but that he had not yet been indicted on any charges.

Ejei’s announcement comes days after media reports that authorities had freed Ali-Akbar Heidarifard, one of Mortazavi’s deputies and a main suspect in the Kahrizak case, who had been arrested earlier in 2012 on unrelated charges. In January 2010, a parliamentary inquiry investigating the deaths at Kahrizak detention facility found Mortazavi, a former judge and Tehran prosecutor, to be the main culprit in the transfer and mistreatment of detainees at Kahrizak. The inquiry also named Heidarifard and Hasan Dehnavi, another one of Mortazavi’s deputies, as suspects in the case.

As widely reported in the media, three detainees – Amir Javadifar, Mohammad Kamrani, and Mohsen Ruholamini – died at Kahrizak, operated by Iran’s Law Enforcement Forces. In 2010, the victims’ families and rights activists reported that two other detainees, Ramin Aghazadeh Ghahremani and Abbas Nejati-Kargar, died after their release from the facility, allegedly due to injuries suffered while in custody there. Authorities have so far refused to link their deaths to injuries they sustained at Kahrizak.

Other detainees have alleged that security forces subjected them to torture and abuse, including sexual assault, during their detention at Kahrizak. In addition, two doctors who treated some of the victims and who testified before the special parliamentary panel in 2009, later died in mysterious circumstances. Their reports contradicted statements by Mortazavi and others that the detainees had died of meningitis.

In July 2009, Iran’s parliament set up the Special Parliamentary Committee to Investigate the Status of Post-Election Arrestees to look into allegations of torture and abuse of detainees arrested in the post-election crackdown. The panel’s report found that Mortazavi, Tehran’s Prosecutor-General at the time, claimed his decision to send detainees to Kahrizak stemmed from a lack of space at Evin prison, in northern Tehran. But authorities at Evin told the panel that their prison had been ready to accept the prisoners. The panel concluded that Mortazavi’s decision to transfer protesters to Kahrizak was “not justifiable even if Evin did not have the capacity” to take them, and held Mortazavi responsible for the deaths of Javadifar, Kamrani, and Ruholamini.

In December 2009, a military court charged 11 police officers and a private citizen who allegedly collaborated with the police, with murder over the deaths of detainees at Kahrizak. On June 30, 2010, Iranian media reported that the military convicted and sentenced two of the defendants to death, fines, lashings, and monetary compensation to the victims’ families. Nine others received undisclosed prison sentences and monetary fines for their role in abuses perpetrated there, according to media reports. The court acquitted the highest-ranking defendant, General Azizollah Rajabzadeh, who headed Tehran’s police force at the time, of all charges.

The court hearings took place behind closed doors and did not examine high-ranking judicial and police officials such as Mortazavi, Dehnavi (Mortazavi’s deputy, also known as “Judge Haddad”), Heidarifard (another one of Mortazavi’s deputies), Esmail Ahmadi Moghadam (commander of the Law Enforcement Forces), and Ahmad-Reza Radan (deputy commander of the Law Enforcement Forces. On April 30, 2012, Tabnak News, a pro-regime website, reported that security forces had arrested Heidarifard, but authorities later said he had been summoned for a criminal matter unrelated to Kahrizak.

Soon after the military court issued the sentences, family members of the victims announced they had forgiven the two officers sentenced to death so they could “witness the punishment of the real perpetrators.” They have since pursued their case against Mortazavi, Dehnavi, and Heidarifard, whom they believe are responsible for their sons’ killings. All three lost their positions in the judiciary in 2010 following investigations into their involvement in the deaths at Kahrizak, and as a result their governmental immunity to prosecution. Despite the strong evidence linking Mortazavi to serious rights abuses, he has since taken up posts in President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s cabinet, first as head of Iran’s Task Force Against Smuggling and now as head of the Social Security Organization.

Human Rights Watch called on Iranian authorities to provide public information regarding the status of the criminal investigation or prosecution against Mortazavi and other high-ranking officials responsible for abuses perpetrated in Kahrizak and during the post-election crackdown. More than three years have passed since the deaths of anti-government protesters at Kahrizak detention facility and the judiciary has failed to provide any concrete information regarding criminal investigations or proceedings against Mortazavi and the others.

Mortazavi was also in charge of investigating detained reformist leaders and party officials in the aftermath of the disputed election according to relatives of persons detained by security forces who spoke to Human Rights Watch. They said Mortazavi led the investigations of those arrested in Tehran in his capacity as the prosecutor of the Revolutionary Court and Prosecutor-General of Tehran.

The authorities should also ensure a criminal investigation also looks at a series of rights violations that took place earlier in Mortazavi’s tenure as judge and prosecutor.

In April 2000, Mortazavi, then a judge of the Public Court Branch 1410, led a crackdown to silence growing dissent in Iran, ordering the closure of more than 100 newspapers and journals. In June 2003, Iranian-Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi died while in the custody of judiciary and security officers presided over by Mortazavi. Lawyers for her family have alleged her body showed signs of torture, including blows to the head, and that Mortazavi participated directly in her interrogation.

In 2004, Mortazavi organized the arbitrary detention of more than 20 bloggers and journalists, holding them in secret prisons. Human Rights Watch research established that Mortazavi was implicated in abuses of these detainees, including holding them in lengthy solitary confinement and coercing them to sign false confessions. The signings of the false confessions were later repeated in front of television cameras.

“This is a critical opportunity for the judiciary to show it can fairly and transparently investigate Mortazavi for the many human rights abuses he’s been accused of over the years,” said Whitson. “Iranians deserve to see justice done for abuses committed by high-ranking officials.”

For more Human Rights Watch reporting on Iran, please visit:

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Faezeh Hashemi green movements supporter end up in jail!

Faezeh Hashemi is the younger daughter of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani.She is accused of participating in green movement protest three years ago and was sentenced to 6 months incarceration and 5 years ban from political and cultural activities.Because of the execution of sentence ,she attended at Evin prison on Saturday and was arrested and detained.

In another news ,Mehdi Hashemi, Rafsanjani's son is also arrested and detained. Mehdi Hashemi was abroad when the sentence was delivered and upon his arrival yesterday from Dubai ,he was questioned by airport prosecutor and asked to return the next morning and this morning upon return was arrested and detained.

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Google, gmail and Yahoo are filtered in Iran !

Islamic regime in Iran ordered Google, gmail and Yahoo filtered in Iran.
In recent months regime also spoke about creating " National Internet" !!!???
Yet the representative of this regime in an interview with Pier Morgan of CNN tonight spoke that he believes in freedom of individuals.He spoke about freedom in other countries and kept quiet about Iran and Syria !!!????
And to our surprise Pier Morgan and CNN fails to ask him about fundamental question like freedom ,the very important question in Iran and Middle East and the imprisonment of Musavi and Karoubi the two presidential candidates and also about millions of Iranian protest which took place in the streets of Tehran against the presidential election cheating in 2009 which continued for more than a year. !!!?????
Instead, the questions were dead old repeated one.
Why No one put question about Mir Hossein Musavi the presidential candidate of 2009 and his wife ( Zahra Rahnavard) imprisonment ?

Why not asking a single question about the killing of innocent peace loving Iranians protesters by Ahmadinejad's Government ? Why not asking about political prisoners in Iran ? Simple question ,is there political prisoners in Iran or not?
The question asked by Pier Morgan and CNN was deliberate and were set for going no where ,because ,year after year Ahmadinejad was faced with same old questions and he learnt how to answer.
Unfortunately Pier Morgan went for fishing and got none!!!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ahmadinejad,president of coup d,eta ( 2009 Election in Iran) In New York !!???

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Mehrabad Airport before leaving Iran for New York to participate in UN General Assembly told reporters that; " I'm attending UN general assembly to bring the message of Iran's nation for reforming the management of the world." He added: "This year is our 8 presence in UN and ninth travel to New York.This year is my last attendance as president in UN. In UN i will present by summing up my past discussions."
Many MP,s and officials in Iran in recent weeks told reporters that ,this president can't manage even an earthquake and the financial crisis for controlling the rise of dollar and downfall of Iranian money,he can't manage the corruption in his government but yet he speak about managing the whole world, its ironic.
Vast majority of Iranian people believe he is not representing them and he is guilty of crime against Iranian people and violation of human rights in Iran.He became president by cheating the election and then killing many protesters in Iran aftermath of election protest which shock Iran and the whole world for more than a year. As a result of those protest, many Iranian lost their lives and many end up in long term imprisonment.It is unfortunate that UN will host and accommodate such a criminal in its assembly.He was the head of Government when all those crimes and killings and suppression happened before the eyes of millions of people of the world and NEDA the young girl died with her eyes open and glued to the TV screen ,she died  for the sake of Freedom and her basic human rights.

ITS up to the delegates and participants in UN General Assembly to accommodate him and be present at his speech.But the peaceful and Freedom loving Iranian people expect participant's in UN General Assembly who believe in human rights and freedom and peace to protest against his presence and leave when he is going to speak on the podium and by doing so you won't let him to tell you, how he would think you should manage or he would manage the world. Its all up to you to seat and listen to a criminal.    

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Norway announced it will close its embassy in Iran !

According to ISNA Ambassador of Norway in Israel announced it is going to cut ties with Iran and will close its embassy in Tehran-Iran !!??
In the past months when Iranian hezbullah attacked British embassy in Iran ,Britain reacted by pulling its diplomats out of Iran and closed its embassy .For some concern Norway also closed its Embassy.
It is not clear how other countries will react to the situation.

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For Immediate Release

Iran: Ensure Equal Access to Higher Education
Scrap Policies That Ban Students From Studies on Basis of Gender 

(Beirut, September 22, 2012) – The Iranian government should immediately reverse policies that place unnecessary restrictions on academic freedom for university students, in particular women, Human Rights Watch said today. Some of these “Islamicization” measures are to be introduced for the new academic year, which begins on September 22, 2012. Others have been put in place in recent years and adopted by universities across the country.

The measures include bans on female and male enrollment in specific academic fields in many universities, but with the greatest number of restrictions on women. They also include quotas that limit the percentage of women students in certain fields of study, and segregation in classrooms and facilities.

“For decades, Iranian universities have offered high quality education to male and female students,’’ said Liesl Gerntholtz, women’s rights director at Human Rights Watch. “But as university students across Iran prepare to start the new academic year, they face serious setbacks, and women students in particular will no longer be able to pursue the education and careers of their choice.”

Authorities are enacting “Islamicization” policies at universities within the context of a wider crackdown on academic freedom that has taken place since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became president in 2005. Iran’s universities have increasingly become targets of government efforts to stifle dissent and “Islamicize” higher education, Human Rights Watch said.

The new restrictions provide evidence that authorities, spearheaded by the Science Ministry, are carrying out longstanding plans to “Islamicize” universities and institute programs that restrict the role of young women in universities and their access to education, Human Rights Watch said. Since the 1990s, more than 60 percent of Iran’s university students have been women.

The most recent restrictions are outlined in an annual manual published in August by the Science and Technology Ministry, which regulates higher education. The manual lists the major fields of study available to applicants sitting for the national entrance exam for public universities, which was held in June. It reveals that 36 public universities across the country have banned female enrollment in 77 fields, according to the semi-official Mehr News Agency. The manual also indicates that universities have barred male enrollment in a number of majors.

On August 6 Mehr reported that the 2012 manual published that month by Iran’s National Education Assessment Organization (NEAO), a Science Ministry department, provided a large list of majors at various universities across the country that had been “single-gendered,” meaning that only males or females will be permitted to study that subject. The process is carried out by individual universities under Science Ministry authority. More than 60 universities across the country made the changes, with restrictions on around 600 majors according to Daneshjoo News, an opposition website that covers academic freedom issues.

An August 4 Daneshjoo article says that this academic year Iranian universities have “single-gendered” about 20 percent of mathematics and technical sciences major fields of study (including engineering), more than 30 percent in social sciences, 10 percent in traditional sciences, 34 percent in the arts/humanities, and 25 percent in foreign languages. Some universities have “single-gendered” majors for alternating semesters to enforce gender segregation but have not entirely banned access to either male or female candidates.

Banned majors for women include computer science, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and materials engineering at Arak University; natural resource engineering, forestry, and mining engineering at Tehran University; and political science, accounting, business administration, public administration, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering at Esfahan University. At Emam Khomeini University, in Qazvin, all 14 social sciences majors were restricted to males.

“Single-gendering” also restricts choices for male students. For example, at Esfahan University men are no longer allowed to major in history, linguistics, theology, applied chemistry, Arabic/Persian language and literature, sociology, and philosophy.

Some of the larger universities with substantial “single-gendering” of major fields of study, Daneshjoo reported, are Arak University (88 percent), Esfahan University (68 percent), Emam Khomeini University (82 percent), Lorestan University (100 percent), Ardebil Research University (100 percent), Golestan University (59 percent), and Alameh Tabataba’i University (43 percent). Shahid Chamran University in Ahvaz has “single-gendered” all of its 47 majors for men, even though it is officially a registered coeducational university.

Only 3 percent have been “single-gendered” at Tehran University, one of the country’s premiere public universities.

Neither the universities nor the Science Ministry have explained why they single-gendered certain majors. In an August 26 statement, NEAO criticized coverage of the universities’ decision to “single-gender” majors, and alleged that opposition media outlets and websites incorrectly reported that the government had instituted wholesale bans on selected majors for women.

The agency alleged that the total number of majors at universities throughout the country had actually increased by 14 percent, and that the vast majority were still open to both male and female students. On September 11, Hossein Tavakoli, head of the agency, announced that the results of the 2012-13 academic year national entrance exams had been released and women make up 60 percent of the entering class.
For more background on changes in recent years, please see the below text.

 more Human Rights Watch reporting on Iran, please visit:

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A group of Iranian personalities in a statement:" We want Peace and Friendship ,Not War and Violence !

Because of the situation and the danger of war ,
A group of national personalities including Mr. Ahmad Sadr Haj Seyed Javadi the first minister of judiciary after revolution ,Mr. Mohammad Maleki first president of Tehran University after revolution ,Mr. Mohammad Ali Amouei the longest political prisoner in Iran ,Mrs.Mah-lagha Ardalan university professor and Mr.Mohammad Nourizad documentary film maker in a statement to Islamic Republic and to the world said: "We want Peace and Friendship ,Not War and Violence " .
" We want to ask from Islamic Republic officials to reduce tension.We want to tell to the world we want peace ,freedom and human rights. And we want to ask Iranian to join this call to save their country from the calamity of war ."

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thousands of Iranian retired workers protested in the city of Isfahan !

Women teachers were chanting : "If our problems didn't met,The school will be closed " 
According to news ,while the women were protesting in front of the parliament ,thousands of retired Isfahan Steel Workers also protested in the city of Isfahan.Retired workers demanded their delayed benefit be paid. These workers were retired from Isfahan steel factory.Family members also joined the protesters. It is believed that,there are more than 10,000 retired workers from Isfahan Steel Factory living in the city of Isfahan.It has been reported that,the former boss of Isfahan Steel Factory put some 14 ,000,000,000 billion Tuman in Ayatollah Khamenei's account and received 300,000,000 Million Tuman bonus when retired.
Retired Workers chanted in the street : "Incapable Government " and Barati the thief ".......

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Judge of Kahrizak prison is free while Mir Hossein Musavi & his wife and Karoubi are in prison !!?/

Pictures show Heidaryfar with other co-criminals Sharifi, Baratlou and Malekzadeh.....
The judge of Kahrizak case file is free from jail. He was arrested and detained after the shooting event in the city of Isfahan with other heavy charges but released with the influence of officials over judiciary power. Ali Akbar Heidaryfar was the judge of Kahrizak prison where many green movement protesters were detained and then killed. After release from prison he made a complaint against "Baztab" website ,because this website disclosed document against him. In recent days he was seen in social services headquarter drug enforcement where Said Mortazavi (Public prosecutor of Tehran at the time of green movement uprising in 2009 who is also suspect for the killing of many in Kahrizak and other cases )is the boss . Mortazavi was installed bay Ahmadinejad in this new post.
Public prosecutor and Judge Said Mortazavi, Judge Heidaryfar, Judge Mogheyseh ,Judge Salavati , Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his cabinet Ministers,particularly the minister of interior ,Gholamhossein Elham and other Ahmadinejad's political advisors, Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi ,members of Resistance Front ( Jebheh Paydari)including Mehdi Kochakzadeh and MP,Rohollah Hosseinian and so many others are the enemies of Iranian people and our country Iran.  
Iranian people know these people very well ,but Who are behind these people and supporting them?
Judge Heidaryfar was released but tolled not to show himself in the public.
Will be continued.......

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According to an Iranian website (Baztab) ,Mahmoudreza Khavari general secretary of Iran's Bank Melli who fled Iran to Canada is currently live in US !!??

According to Baztab website Mahmoudreza Khavari's currently live in US and his wife and one of his daughter are going to join him in the future . During the past months Khavari applied for green cards from US and based on the report; his wife and one of his daughter and Khavari himself received green cards but his son Ardavan Khavari and his another daughter haven't received the green cards yet . The news says; because of publicity about Khavari and his business and $3,000,000 home property, the businesses lost their titles and buyers are hesitant to buy the properties.
Mahmoudreza Khavari was the general secretary of Bank Melli during Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's  Government and because of corruption and embezzlement of $3,000,000,000 billion Dollar ,he escaped Iran to Canada and the Islamic regime in Iran is requesting Canada to extradite him to Iran.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Canada: Italy will act as protectorate of our interest in Iran !

According to France Press:
10 days after cutting diplomatic ties with Iran,Canadian foreign affairs announced ,Italy will act as protectorate of its interest in Iran. On Monday John Baird Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister said : "  Italian Government accepted to give emergency consulate and other services to Canadian citizens in Iran and will support them."


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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Islamic Republic regime in Iran increased the award for those who kill Salman Rushdie, Its now $ 3,300,000 !

At a time when Muslim from many countries react with anger on the film about Prophet Mohammad, Iranian officials increased the award for killing Salman Rushdie the author of " The Satanic Verses" .
In an offensive mood , Sheikh Hassan Saneei representative of Ayatollah Khamenei in " Panzdahe Khordad Foundation"  announced he will increase the award for killing Salman Rushdie for another $500,000 ,the total award is now $3,300,000.
Mr. Saneei said: "The necessity for executing this action is clear more than before and for this reason ,i have increased the award for another $500,000 for the execution of Salman Rushdie and i would like to announce that,anyone who would carry out his execution will receive the full amount of $3,300,000 immediately."
"In the meantime we would like to announce that; those who would actively participate against the anti-Islamic conspiracy and particularly the holy presence of prophet Mohammad would receive benefit from this foundation ." added Mr. Sheikh Hassan Saneei.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

An Iranian Kurdish is sentenced to death because of his membership to a Kurdish political party !

According to Mokrian news agency ,Mr. Saman Nasim an Iranian Kurdish from the city of "Marivan" in Kurdistan province is sentenced to death by Mahabad Islamic court of revolution. He is charged as " Maharebeh"( fighting) by membership in an opposition group with Islamic state.
Nasim was arrested at the border of western Azarbayejan province by security forces and currently is held at central Mahabad prison.

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Iran didn't appoint any country as protectorate of its interest in Canada yet !

According to ILNA news agency Mr.Seyed Hossain Naghavi Hosseini spokesperson for the commission on  National Security and Foreign Affairs policy in the parliament said: " Iran and Canada are going to appoint a country as protectorate of their interest ,but Iran didn't appoint any country as protectorate of its interest in Canada yet to give services to Iranian living in Canada. He added: Up to now ,neither Canada nor Iran didn't appoint any country as protectorate of their interest."

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Kianoush's Cartoons- Iranian Cartoonist

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

RHINO SEASON Press Conference | Festival 2012

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Iran maintains a presence in Ottawa despite embassy closure

SEPTEMBER 12, 2012

Activity around the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa as the staff prepares to close it down.

Photograph by: Chris Mikula , The Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — Though Wednesday marks the deadline for Iranian diplomats expelled by Canada to leave the country, a controversial organization suspected of having strong ties to the governing regime in Tehran will remain in business despite accusations from some in the Iranian-Canadian community that the centre is a greater source of intimidation than the embassy.
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced last Friday that Iranian diplomats were no longer welcome in Canada, and that the federal government would be closing the Canadian embassy in Tehran. Although the catalyst for the move is unclear, cabinet ministers have cited a range of factors, including Iran’s support of terrorist organizations, the dangers faced by diplomatic staff in Tehran and the intelligence activities in Canada of purported Iranian diplomats.
All Iranian diplomats must leave Canada by end of day Wednesday, but even as diplomatic vehicles entered and exited the gated embassy on Metcalfe Street Tuesday, the Iranian Cultural Centre situated at 2 Robinson Street off Lees Avenue in Ottawa remained open,
Baird’s office confirmed the cultural centre was not affected by Friday’s decision. The centre has a documented history of hosting controversial events, including a conference at Carleton University in honour of theocrat Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. It was also headed by Hamid Mohammadi, a cultural counsellor at the embassy who made headlines over the summer for making inflammatory comments exhorting Iranian-Canadians to “be of service” to Tehran, to aspire to “occupy high-level key positions” and to “resist being melted into the dominant Canadian culture.”
When contacted by the Citizen, Mohammadi would not confirm if he was one of the diplomats being expelled from Canada.
“The Iranian cultural centre does not have diplomatic status, privileges or immunities, nor did it ever enjoy such status. As such, it does not fall under the purview of the Department,” wrote DFAIT media officer Jean-Bruno Villeneuve in an email.
Iranian-Canadians who have protested the cultural centre’s activities said the centre was the source of intimidation for many émigrés and that closing the centre was more important than closing the embassy. Two large moving trucks loading boxes and a diplomatic car were parked outside the cultural centre Tuesday, but workers on site would not confirm whether the centre was moving or closing.
“It was through the cultural centre that they were allowed to spread their propaganda and they were allowed to really conduct activities outside the embassy that could have affected the Iranian people, the normal residents,” said Golrokh Niazi, an Iranian-Canadian human rights activist and recent Carleton graduate.
Niazi had protested events co-organized by the cultural centre and the Iranian Culture Association of Carleton University during the 2011-2012 school year. She said some of her peers at Carleton felt “paranoid” about attending events such as the one celebrating Khomeini in June, because they feared their names and photos would be sent to the embassy if they expressed dissenting opinions. The Carleton Iranian student group president, Ehsan Mohammadi, is the son of cultural counsellor Hamid Mohammadi.
“It’s crazy to me they would cut all diplomatic ties, that they would act as if our so called enemies don’t exist, to cut down all the services, but for the cultural centre, that’s okay, they can function,” Niazi said. She does not support the decision to close the embassy, but said the centre should no longer be able to hold events that threaten the Iranian diaspora.
The cultural centre also organized an exhibition of Persian culture on Sept. 1, which Conservative Senator Don Meredith was criticized for attending.
Ali Tabatabaei a member of the Iranian Green Movement Ottawa and the opposition party National Front of Iran, was told by Carleton security not to hold protest signs outside the doors of the Carleton room where the cultural centre and student group held the Khomeini event in June.
Yet shutting down the embassy, Tabatabaei said, was counterintuitive because any activities could continue if the student group and cultural centre remained open. He said shuttering the embassy would only hurt bilateral dialogue while the safety concerns raised by the cultural centre events would not go away.
DFAIT media officer Villeneuve said the cultural centre must comply with all Canadian laws and regulations, including existing sanctions against Iran.
The embassy property on Metcalfe Street must be emptied by the end of Wednesday but the building is still considered to be owned by Iran.

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Tomorrow (Thursday ) Iranian Diplomat will return to Iran !

According to Fars News Agency Tomorrow (Thursday) Iranian diplomat will return to Iran and will be greeted by Iranian officials.
Kambiz Sheikh-Hasani charge d' affairs in speaking with CBC called Canad's action as hostile,irrational and uncivilized.
Spokesperson for the Islamic Republic's foreign Affairs said; the action of Canada was unilateral and the safety and protection of diplomatic location of the Islamic Republic remain the responsibility of Canada.

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Countries in Europe and North America particularly Canada may consider expelling family members of Islamic Republic officials living in their countries !

Does Islamic Republic official family members live in your country?
According to news released, family members of Hossein Shariatmadari ( known as brother Hossein) who is representative of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in "Keyhan"Newspaper are living in one of the European countries.This guy act as journalist,interrogator,torturer and propagandist of the Islamic Republic.Hossein Shariatmadari is good in incriminating ,defamation,accusation,forced confession video making and lies against the progressive Iranian .He is one of most hostile member of the Islamic regime against human rights defenders in Iran,independent journalists, green movement leaders,reformists and so on .He is also a suspect in killing of Zahra kazemi the Canadian -Iranian photojournalist murdered in Islamic regime prison in Iran. Countries in Europe and North America must consider to expel family members of these type of people from their territories.   

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Arak" City Islamic Council - Fights are going on in every level of the Islamic regime - In some level like between Government-Majles(Parliament ) and Judiciary its war of words and in city council its real war .......

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political Cartoon by : Nikahang kowsar

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Sunday, September 09, 2012

For Immediate Release

Iran: Stop Dissident’s Execution
Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani May Face Imminent Death

(Beirut, September 8, 2012) – Iranian authorities should immediately suspend any planned execution of Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani and rescind his death sentence, Human Rights Watch said today. Savadjani, convicted of helping the dissident Mojahedin-e Khalq group, may be at imminent risk of execution. He is in Tehran’s Evin prison in Ward 350, where many political prisoners are usually held.

“Iran is one of the world’s leading abusers of the death penalty and commonly applies the penalty to political dissidents like Savadjani,” said Eric Goldstein, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Savadjani’s life hangs in the balance even though the authorities never asserted that he used violence against the state.”

Unconfirmed reports suggest authorities may execute Savadjani, 50, as early as September 10, 2012. A revolutionary court in Tehran sentenced Savadjani to death for the crime of moharebeh, or “enmity against God” in 2010 for cooperating with a television station abroad that is affiliated with Mojahedin-e Khalq, which the Iranian authorities consider to be a terrorist organization. Iran’s Supreme Court confirmed Savadjani’s death sentence on April 21.

Several informed sources provided information on the case against Savadjani to Human Rights Watch that raises serious due process and fair trial concerns. Authorities initially arrested him in 2008 and prosecutors charged him with espionage for his alleged transmission of information, photos, and possibly financial assistance to Simay-e Azadi, a London-based television station run by Mojahedin-e Khalq. A revolutionary court in the central city of Rafsanjan convicted Savadjani of espionage and sentenced him to six years in prison.

In July 2011, well into Savadjani’s prison term, the judiciary transferred the file to Branch 26 of the revolutionary court in Tehran, headed by Judge Pirabbasi. The sources told Human Rights Watch that an appeals court in Tehran ordered Branch 26 to change the charges against Savadjani and instead try him under the crime of moharebeh, over objections by Savadjani’s lawyers that a new trial constituted “double jeopardy” under Iran’s criminal procedure code.
In 2010, the lower court convicted Savadjani of moharebeh and sentenced him to death.

Under articles 186 and 190-91 of Iran’s penal code, anyone found responsible for taking up arms against the state, or belonging to an organization taking up arms against the government, may be convicted of moharebeh and sentenced to death.
For more Human Rights Watch reporting on Iran, please visit:

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Islamic Regime in Iran building more jails for Iranian......

According to news reported by ILNA ( Iran Labor News Agency) ,there are more than 6700 prisoners in Golestan" prisons. There are two prisons in Golestan province; one is in Gorgan and the other in Gonbad and each prison have space only for one thousand prisoner,while there are 6700 prisoners in the province. families of prisoners are concerned about the prisoners situation and prisons condition.

Link to this news:

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Saturday, September 08, 2012

More news on diplomatic dispute between Canada and Iran !

FNA -This news agency belong to "Sepah" ( The revolutionary Guards ).
Fars News Agency wrote:
"Ali Larijani speaker of the parliament cancelled his trip to Canada ."
"The speaker of Majles (Parliament) in Iran in protest against Zionist and anti Iranian policy of Canadian regime,cancelled its trip to this country."

Fars News Agency wrote: Ali Larijani together with a delegate were supposed to attend in an inter-parliamentary meeting in Canada in October.
Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic also in a statement released said; it will respond to Canada's action and criticized Canada for failing to protect Iranian diplomats in the past from attacks on the embassy and said Canadian Government is responsible if anything happened to Iranian diplomats.
Link in Farsi:

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Mohammad Davari's mom holding her imprisoned son's picture and calls for his freedom !

Mohammad Davari is a teacher and journalist. He was arrested after presidential coup on 2009 in Iran. He is sentenced to five years imprisonment. Islamic regime arrested him when Mehdi karoubi the reformist presidential candidate of 2009 wrote a letter to  "Assembly of Experts" about torture in Kahrizak prison.He was arrested after that letter.He is currently in prison and has spent three years of his five years prison sentence.

Link to this news:

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This is "Mother Behkish" ,she wants to know why her six children were murdered by the Islamic Republic ?

This is " Mother Behkish", she wants to know why Islamic Republic killed six of her children? In the summer of 1987-88 after the end of Iran-Iraq war ,Islamic Republic killed thousands of political prisoners inside its prisons all over Iran in a hasty close door trials and buried them secretly in "Khavaran" cemetery.

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To Free political prisoners in Bahrain is good but to free political prisoners in Iran bad!!?????

Today the Islamic Republic Newspaper in its front page wrote: "Bahrain people chanted for the freedom of their political prisoners." !!!???
If that is true , the Iranian people are also chanting for the freedom of Iranian political prisoners from the Islamic Republic prisons for years now. There are hundreds of Iranian political prisoners in Islamic Republic prisons in all over Iran.Islamic Republic regime must show courage and take initiatives to release its own countries political prisoners first and then demand other countries to do the same.
Iran Watch Canada believes there should be no political prisoners in all over the world and critics must be free to express their opinions and take peaceful action or protest for their rights.
Picture shows the article on the main- left side of the newspaper.

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Friday, September 07, 2012

More on the issue of diplomatic tie between Canada and Iran....

Tabnak website :

Tabnak website which belong to Mohsen Rezaei the former head of Revolutionary Guards wrote:
Stopping services by Iranian embassy in Canada /picture
After Canada announced it is going to close its embassy in Tehran and setting time for employees of the Iranian embassy to leave Canada ,Islamic Republic embassy has stopped its services to Iranian living in Canada.
Islamic Republic embassy in Ottawa in an announcement on Friday which is displayed on its embassy's door wrote ; because of hostile decision by the Government of Canada,embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is closed and all consulate services to dear fellow citizen is stopped.

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More news from Islamic Republic's media on Iran-Canada diplomatic issues !

Fars News Agency:
Head of Commission on National Security speaking to Fars News Agency:
Alaeddin broujerdi ,head Commission on National Security : "The decision of Canada is made by its English governor General / Members of Canadian Embassy leave Iran immediately. "
speaking with Fars News Agency Mr. broujerdi Said: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should react immediately and decisively ."


Mehmanparast Foreign Affairs Spokesperson in speaking with Fars News Agency:
"Canada's action is reaction to its failed policy in NAM Summit."
"Soon we will inform Iranian people on our response to this radical and hasty decision ."

Fars News Agency in another article wrote: "Canadian Embassy in Tehran siad,the reason it is closing its embassy is because of Islamic Republic's support for Syria and hostility with Zionist regime."

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Iranian media on the closure of Canadian Embassy in Iran and the expelling of Islamic Republic diplomats from Ottawa !

Islamic regime's media:

Mehr News Agency:
coquettish dancing to Zionists/
The Canadian Embassy in Iran is closed/ Ottawa called Iranian diplomats as undesirable elements.
In cooperation with US hostile policies against Iran ,Canadian ministry of Foreign Affairs today- Friday released a statement about the closure of its embassy in Iran which is signed by Canadian Foreign Minister.
Mehr News Agency reporting from C.B.S wrote; John Baird in its statement said: Canada is closing its embassy and does not recognize Iranian diplomats in Canada and for this reason they must leave Canada.
In this statement ,the ministry of Foreign affairs believe that; Iran is a threat to international peace and  security.
It is in the statement that; the Iranian diplomats have five days to leave Canada.

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Canada closes embassy in Iran, expels Iranian diplomats Staff 
Canada has closed its embassy in Iran and expelled Iranian diplomats in Canada, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announced on Friday.
Baird said the Iranian regime's support of Syrian president Bashar Assad, Iran's refusal to comply with the UN's resolutions on its nuclear program and its regular threats to Israel make it a significant threat to global peace.
"It is among the world's worst violators of human rights; and it shelters and materially supports terrorist groups," said Baird in a statement released Friday.
"Moreover, the Iranian regime has shown blatant disregard for the Vienna Convention and its guarantee of protection for diplomatic personnel. Under the circumstances, Canada can no longer maintain a diplomatic presence in Iran. Our diplomats serve Canada as civilians, and their safety is our number one priority."
Baird said diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran have been suspended and all Canadian diplomatic staff have left Iran.
Iranian diplomats in Ottawa have been instructed to leave within five days.
On Friday, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada issued an advisory against all travel to Iran.
"Because of heightened regional tensions, Canadians travellers in Iran will be closely watched by Iranian authorities," reads a statement on the department's website. "Iranian irritation at the recent Embassy closure may heighten this scrutiny of Canadians."
Canadians were warned that using cameras in public places in Iran, travelling beyond well-established tourist areas, and casual interactions with Iranians could lead to an investigation and harassment.
"Canadian travellers may be arbitrarily questioned, arrested and detained for a long period," the statement reads.
Those seeking services of the Canadian consulate in Iran are being directed to the embassy in Turkey.
Baird is currently in Russia with Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation forum set for this weekend.
The summit will bring together leaders from 21 Asia-Pacific countries to discuss trade issues, and Harper was expected to hold one-on-one meetings with the presidents of China and Russia.
During a meeting with Russia's foreign affairs minister on Friday, Baird asked the country to reconsider its support of the Assad regime.
With files from The Canadian Press

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Support Saudi women to drive their way to freedom- What a governing system? This rulers should be ashamed of themselves , Driving a car is a basic human rights, What a country ?

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Monday, September 03, 2012

Of all the issues in Iran,The Issue of Iranian Political Prisoners is the primary concern of Iran Watch Canada !

Last Week -

Jila Baniyaqoub on her way to prison ! 
While Jila Baniyaqoub the International Award Winning journalist preparing herself to go to prison ,Isa Saharkheiz another well known journalist is on hunger strike inside the prison.Jila was sentenced to one year imprisonment and 30 years ban not working in her profession.
Isa Saharkheiz in protest to the violation of justice in his case file and right after returning to ward number 209 in Evin prison started the hunger strike.He is on hunger strike since Tuesday Aug.28,2012.In the past Isa Saharkheiz has written letter to UN reporter to Iran and also written letter about the " gradual death " of the political prisoner and UN official were demanding from Islamic Republic for his release is suffering different type of illness.

And in another news ,Mr. Ahmad Nour-mohammadi Abadchi a blogger from the city of Ahwaz is arrested and is transferred to the city of Isfahan.

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Love Crimes of Kabul 2011 Full Movie

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Abdolkarim Lahiji, Iranian lawyer-Human rights defender and vice president of FIDH : Mohammad Javad Larijani is not in a position to speak about the competency of Mr. Ahmed Shaheed the UN reporter on Iran !

On Thursday August 30 ,2012 Mohammad Javad Larijani speaking with Islamic Republic Television said ; The charges which brought against Islamic Republic by Ahmed Shaheed the UN reporter are "Lies" and said : " In a meeting with UN general secretary Ban Ki Moon, it was told that,Ahmed Shaheed is irrelevant person and not committed."  Following to that,Mr. Abdolkarim Lahiji, Iranian lawyer,long time human rights defender and vice president of FIDH ( ) speaking with Radio Farda on September 1,2012 said: "Mohammad Javad Larijani is not in a position to speak about the competency of UN reporter Mr. Ahmed Shaheed and instead the Islamic Republic must allow the UN REPORTER to go to Iran ,speak with the victims of human rights abuses and to hear the claims made by Ahmadinejad, judiciary power ,Mohammad Javad Larijani and others officials of the Islamic Republic and then based on documents and hearing both side prepare his reports." What Mohammad Javad Larijani is saying is for inter use. He doesn't have any education in international law and not any expertise to speak on International law , international regulation and UN. Decision that are made in UN which is based on international law.......

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24th anniversary - The killing of thousands of Iranian political prisoners by Islamic Republic regime !

Right after the war between Iran - Iraq ,when regime accepted the UN resolution for peace in 1987-88 , regime started murdering thousands of political prisoners from all over prisons in Iran and many of them were hastily buried at night time in a cemetery known as "Khavaran", which became a place of family members and friends gathering to commemorate the anniversary.One of the slogan used in this gathering is :
We don't forget ! We don't forgive !
Recently those who have suffered from this brutality of the Islamic regime in Iran, organized an international court against the leaders of the Islamic Republic to hear the voices of victims and red documents in the court.The second court hearing is scheduled in near future.
Read more »

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Statement by 12 Iranian political prisoners to foreign participants of NAM Summit !

12 Iranian political prisoners in a statement to the foreign participants of NAM Summit,spoke about the real pain Iranian people face today.In their statements they spoke about ;deprivation ,poverty ,social problems,welfare and safety net of the society.During the summit regime forces tried to remove beggars ,drug addicts , street kids and prostitute from the city center.According to their statement ,there are 2-5 million youth addicted to various illegal drugs and 500,000-800,000 streets kids working and sleeping along the streets and presence of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of street girls and women,women with phone line or girl and women in special houses selling their bodies for food and shelter. This is happening while Iran's annual income is $100,000,000,000 billion Dollars.The statement asked the participants to tackle these problems and not what was said in the summit.These statement was signed by 12 Iranian political prisoner from ward number 350 of Evin prison and they are:
Abdolfatah Soltani,Mohammad Seifzadeh,Reza Shahabi,Siamak Ghaderi, Said Matinpour,Fariborz Reisdana,Mohammad Davari,Reza Ansari-rad,Mostafa Nili ,Mehdi Khodaei,Said jalalifar and Freidoon Seidirad.

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Sunday, September 02, 2012

More than $ 600 Million Dollar expenses for NAM Summit in Iran, Did Iran & Iranian people benefited from it ??!!

While Islamic Republic's media tried to reduce the expenses of NAM Summit to ( 100 billion Tuman,$1 = 2200 Tuman ) in their articles , the fact shows another numbers. For example $ 600 Million Dollar was given to Mr. Saidlou, the executive organizer of the NAM and $60 Million Dollar was spent to buy special vehicle for the foreign VIP's attended NAM summit, and 40 Billion Tuman was given to a company for the food supply to the NAM ,and adding to this is, the five days holiday and lost revenue and paid Gas money to some Tehran residents to leave the capital city ,which summed to $3 Billion Dollars . So , People ask the regime ,what was the benefit of hosting  summit at the time when country is in economic difficulties??!!
The NAM Summit in Iran was a failure for the Islamic Republic. The Islamic Republic was hosting NAM Summit to get out of isolation in the world and to help bring Syrian situation under control of Bashar Al Asad, but it failed ,it failed because Mohammed Morsi in his speech sharply criticized Asad for killing its own people and  preventing the establishment of democracy in that country. This was a blow on Islamic regime in Iran as one of the strongest ally of Bashar Al Asad.Ban Ki Moon the UN General secretary also criticized regime on violation of human rights in Iran and freedom of Green Movement leaders and political prisoners.
Another crisis created during the Summit was that, the translator at the summit translated the words of Mohammed Morsi wrong ,when he criticized Syria. The translator changed Syria to Bahrain ,which angered the Bahrain officials ,as a result ,they have sent a protest letter to the Islamic Republic officials.
Now,there are news which indicate on the shortage of Government budget and national reserve and the security officials predict about future social revolt by the Iranian poor.

Link in Farsi on the expenses:

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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Militarization of Iran for Nam Summit or Fear from People's Uprising ?

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Maryam Salehi a human rights activist is arrested by Islamic regime security forces and no one knows her whereabouts !?

Maryam Salehi's family are asking human rights defenders and organizations to help fine her !

According to report ,Maryam Salehi a student of Tehran and resident of Arak and an active member supporting human rights in Iran and member of " Campaign for One Million Signature" was arrested at her family home in the city of Arak on Wednesday August 15 ,2012 by plain cloths security forces of the Islamic regime.Her mother Sedigheh Mahouri says that: At the time of the arrest ,the agents had no warrant of arrest and acted violently against the family members and took family property with them whern left with her daughter. Since the raid and the arrest ,there is no news about Maryam Salehi and her whereabouts.Maryam Salehi's family are asking human rights defenders and organization to help the family to fine their daughter and loved one.

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Censorship and the change in the words of Mohammed Morsi the Egyptian president and UN General Secretary Ban ki Moon in NAM Summit in Iran by translators of the Islamic Republic and news agencies !

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