Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ahmadinejad,president of coup d,eta ( 2009 Election in Iran) In New York !!???

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Mehrabad Airport before leaving Iran for New York to participate in UN General Assembly told reporters that; " I'm attending UN general assembly to bring the message of Iran's nation for reforming the management of the world." He added: "This year is our 8 presence in UN and ninth travel to New York.This year is my last attendance as president in UN. In UN i will present by summing up my past discussions."
Many MP,s and officials in Iran in recent weeks told reporters that ,this president can't manage even an earthquake and the financial crisis for controlling the rise of dollar and downfall of Iranian money,he can't manage the corruption in his government but yet he speak about managing the whole world, its ironic.
Vast majority of Iranian people believe he is not representing them and he is guilty of crime against Iranian people and violation of human rights in Iran.He became president by cheating the election and then killing many protesters in Iran aftermath of election protest which shock Iran and the whole world for more than a year. As a result of those protest, many Iranian lost their lives and many end up in long term imprisonment.It is unfortunate that UN will host and accommodate such a criminal in its assembly.He was the head of Government when all those crimes and killings and suppression happened before the eyes of millions of people of the world and NEDA the young girl died with her eyes open and glued to the TV screen ,she died  for the sake of Freedom and her basic human rights.

ITS up to the delegates and participants in UN General Assembly to accommodate him and be present at his speech.But the peaceful and Freedom loving Iranian people expect participant's in UN General Assembly who believe in human rights and freedom and peace to protest against his presence and leave when he is going to speak on the podium and by doing so you won't let him to tell you, how he would think you should manage or he would manage the world. Its all up to you to seat and listen to a criminal.    

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