Monday, September 24, 2012

Google, gmail and Yahoo are filtered in Iran !

Islamic regime in Iran ordered Google, gmail and Yahoo filtered in Iran.
In recent months regime also spoke about creating " National Internet" !!!???
Yet the representative of this regime in an interview with Pier Morgan of CNN tonight spoke that he believes in freedom of individuals.He spoke about freedom in other countries and kept quiet about Iran and Syria !!!????
And to our surprise Pier Morgan and CNN fails to ask him about fundamental question like freedom ,the very important question in Iran and Middle East and the imprisonment of Musavi and Karoubi the two presidential candidates and also about millions of Iranian protest which took place in the streets of Tehran against the presidential election cheating in 2009 which continued for more than a year. !!!?????
Instead, the questions were dead old repeated one.
Why No one put question about Mir Hossein Musavi the presidential candidate of 2009 and his wife ( Zahra Rahnavard) imprisonment ?

Why not asking a single question about the killing of innocent peace loving Iranians protesters by Ahmadinejad's Government ? Why not asking about political prisoners in Iran ? Simple question ,is there political prisoners in Iran or not?
The question asked by Pier Morgan and CNN was deliberate and were set for going no where ,because ,year after year Ahmadinejad was faced with same old questions and he learnt how to answer.
Unfortunately Pier Morgan went for fishing and got none!!!

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