Friday, September 07, 2012

Iranian media on the closure of Canadian Embassy in Iran and the expelling of Islamic Republic diplomats from Ottawa !

Islamic regime's media:

Mehr News Agency:
coquettish dancing to Zionists/
The Canadian Embassy in Iran is closed/ Ottawa called Iranian diplomats as undesirable elements.
In cooperation with US hostile policies against Iran ,Canadian ministry of Foreign Affairs today- Friday released a statement about the closure of its embassy in Iran which is signed by Canadian Foreign Minister.
Mehr News Agency reporting from C.B.S wrote; John Baird in its statement said: Canada is closing its embassy and does not recognize Iranian diplomats in Canada and for this reason they must leave Canada.
In this statement ,the ministry of Foreign affairs believe that; Iran is a threat to international peace and  security.
It is in the statement that; the Iranian diplomats have five days to leave Canada.

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