Saturday, September 01, 2012

Maryam Salehi a human rights activist is arrested by Islamic regime security forces and no one knows her whereabouts !?

Maryam Salehi's family are asking human rights defenders and organizations to help fine her !

According to report ,Maryam Salehi a student of Tehran and resident of Arak and an active member supporting human rights in Iran and member of " Campaign for One Million Signature" was arrested at her family home in the city of Arak on Wednesday August 15 ,2012 by plain cloths security forces of the Islamic regime.Her mother Sedigheh Mahouri says that: At the time of the arrest ,the agents had no warrant of arrest and acted violently against the family members and took family property with them whern left with her daughter. Since the raid and the arrest ,there is no news about Maryam Salehi and her whereabouts.Maryam Salehi's family are asking human rights defenders and organization to help the family to fine their daughter and loved one.

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