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Bahman Ahmadi- Amouei's letter to his wife Jila Baniyaqoub about the lives of 54 political prisoners in Rejaei-Shahr prison !

Short version of Bahman's letter.
Translated by IRAN WATCH CANADA . Please if you copy this ,be honest and show Iran Watch Canada as the translator. Almost all the materials in Iran Watch Canada is translated by Iran Watch Canada.

Bahman Ahmadi Amouei is a journalist who wrote critical articles on Ahmadinejad's economical policies for reformist newspapers and after presidential election coup in 2009 like many hundreds of journalists and bloggers arrested and detained.He wrote:
Hello dear Jila,
Its now two and a half months that i'm transferred from Evin prison to Rejaei Shahr prison in the city of Karaj....I'm sorry that i made our hard life harsher .Jila, Now that i'm writing this letter to you ,where are you? What do you think and what do you do? I have heard that;the judiciary officials asked you to hand yourself in and spend a year in prison!? Perhaps you are preparing your stuff to get ready. Now that i'm in Gohardasht -Karaj prison and many kilometers away from you ,you happened to be going to Evin prison ,where i longed for the last three years to get back. I wonder about all these game of time , you haven't been to Evin prison for a long time and now that i'm transferred to Rejaei shahr prison , you are going to be there.I don't know what to say......Here in political ward of Rejaei Shahr prison,there are political prisoners who have had no visitation for years.People who have been sentenced to death but after five or six years detention their sentence reduced to life imprisonment .Now in their fifteenth ,fourteenth ,twelveth and twentieth year of imprisonment hoping one day  their life imprisonment sentence won't take that long........

Mohammad Nazari was only 22 years old when arrested and now is in its 20th year of imprisonment, he looks like he is in his 60's . Omar , Ebrahim and Khaled are members of Democratic Party of Kurdistan and are in their 14th years of imprisonment.They haven't had visit by their families for years.....A few days ago when i red the news that,regime has released many prisoners ,what came to my mind was that, it would have been good if the name of one of these prisoners were in the list, but no, as if God has also forget them...
Karami Kheirabadi is also one of the political prisoner who have spent 16 years of his life under death sentence.Execution of prisoners with death sentence take place in every Sundays and Tuesdays. How many Sundays and Tuesdays he spent thinking he will be executed next? And when i asked him, how he could deal with this ,he smiles and says : "God is great" !??.................And then, with much of excitement, he told me one by one ,all his 16 years imprisonment experience ,with all the date and names of people he met ,as if it happened yesterday and at the end, he advised me ; in prison even a crocked nail can be useful,but many don't know this......
And after this, there are four members of PKK party,who have spent eight years or five years sentences. Young people who are in their mid twenties.Zaniyar and Loghman Moradi who are cousin and spent four years imprisonment under death sentence.Judge Salavati has denied them their family visitation rights .These prisoners earn their cost of living by weaving sash ,scurf ,doll and other handicraft inside the prison by selling to other prisoners. I want you to picture it out how the Rejaei-Shahr prison with 54 political prisoners lookes like: A 50 meters hall with three meters hall way which is covered with carpet. In it ,there are 33 rooms of 2.70 cm by 2.00m, two air conditioner ,one at the entrance and other at the end ,brings fresh air and a metal door which most of the time is locked , the only way to reach to the prison guard upstairs is a land line.By the way, the hall upstairs has 170 Al Qaeda prisoners.
Among us the Bahai's are the majority and sometime jokingly we tell them : At least in one place you are not minority anymore. The others are members of PKK ,Pejak,members, Democratic Party of Kurdistan members, Mojahedin Khalgh prisoners,Green movement prisoners, Patriotic personalities( The security officials calls them loyalist of great Persia) ,the monarchists and others who call themselves independent, and individualists ( According to the boys here ,they want to fight alone with Islamic Republic) .      
......Every day we are allowed to have two hours breathing in the fresh air ......

Take care of yourself ,
Happy Birthday,
Thanks for being there for me all the time,
Bahman Ahmadi-Amouei
Rejaei-Shahr prison - hall number 12

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