Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Islamic regime in Iran and the Non Algined Movement meeting in Tehran from Sunday Aug.26 to Saturday September 1,2012 !

Islamic regime in Iran has called for five days holiday through out the country because of None Aligned Movement meeting in Tehran . Thinking that more people of Tehran (where the meeting is going to take place) will take the advantage to go out of the capital for this five days Government imposed holiday. The meeting of Non Algined movement will take place in Tehran-Iran from Aug.26- 31,2012 .
However ,the Iranian activists calling people not to leave the city during this meeting and instead at night get on their rooftop and chant anti regime slogan and prepare for street protest. Among 141 member countries of the Non aligned Movement, 35 leaders planned to participate in Tehran. But Many countries including the head of UN planned not to attend in Tehran's Non Aligned meeting due to human rights violation and security issues!!??.
The budget for this meeting will cost the Iranian people more than hundreds of billion Tuman. This regime is ready to spend hundreds of billion dollar for Hezbullah, Syrian Army and other militias including the "Ghods" Terrorist group, but none for its people.  

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