Sunday, September 02, 2012

More than $ 600 Million Dollar expenses for NAM Summit in Iran, Did Iran & Iranian people benefited from it ??!!

While Islamic Republic's media tried to reduce the expenses of NAM Summit to ( 100 billion Tuman,$1 = 2200 Tuman ) in their articles , the fact shows another numbers. For example $ 600 Million Dollar was given to Mr. Saidlou, the executive organizer of the NAM and $60 Million Dollar was spent to buy special vehicle for the foreign VIP's attended NAM summit, and 40 Billion Tuman was given to a company for the food supply to the NAM ,and adding to this is, the five days holiday and lost revenue and paid Gas money to some Tehran residents to leave the capital city ,which summed to $3 Billion Dollars . So , People ask the regime ,what was the benefit of hosting  summit at the time when country is in economic difficulties??!!
The NAM Summit in Iran was a failure for the Islamic Republic. The Islamic Republic was hosting NAM Summit to get out of isolation in the world and to help bring Syrian situation under control of Bashar Al Asad, but it failed ,it failed because Mohammed Morsi in his speech sharply criticized Asad for killing its own people and  preventing the establishment of democracy in that country. This was a blow on Islamic regime in Iran as one of the strongest ally of Bashar Al Asad.Ban Ki Moon the UN General secretary also criticized regime on violation of human rights in Iran and freedom of Green Movement leaders and political prisoners.
Another crisis created during the Summit was that, the translator at the summit translated the words of Mohammed Morsi wrong ,when he criticized Syria. The translator changed Syria to Bahrain ,which angered the Bahrain officials ,as a result ,they have sent a protest letter to the Islamic Republic officials.
Now,there are news which indicate on the shortage of Government budget and national reserve and the security officials predict about future social revolt by the Iranian poor.

Link in Farsi on the expenses:

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