Thursday, September 27, 2012

Islamic Regime ordered for the closure of "Sharq" Newspaper because of Alleged Cartoon by Hadi Heydari ,the Iranian award winning cartoonist !

After publication of  " Blidfold " Cartoon by "Sharq" Newspaper ,Islamic regime ordered for the closure of this newspaper. Blindfold cartoon was drawn by Iranian award winning cartoonist Hadi Heydari and was published by Sharq on Wednesday September 26,2012.The next day, media close to the Government and revolutionary Guards charged against Sharq for insulting the ex-combatant ( of Iran -Iraq war).As a result of this intolerance amongest Government and regime officials the paper is shut down and Mehdi Rahmanian the editor in Chief of the paper was detained for few hours and then released by bail.Hadi Heydari is also summoned to the public prosecutors office.


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