Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday Dec. 30, 2005
News Update-
Gooya Newsonline reporting from " Advar " news:

Complete report from a poetry & pray ceremony for Ganji in his home !
"Advar" news : On Thursday evening a ceremony with the presence of many students and political activists was held in Akbar Ganji's ( the investigative journalist ) home. According to Advar news there were alot of people that many were unable to enter the house, therefore many followed the ceremony in the street. This ceremony was organized by " Daftar Tahkim Vahdat" ( a student organization), those present were: Dr. Malakian, Saeed Hajarian, Dr. Malaki, Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi, Basteh Negar, Dr. Kadivar, Engineer Mosavi Khoeiniha, Dr. Zaidabadi, Taghi Rahmani, Narges Mohammadi, Isa Saharkhiz, .............
At the begining of the ceremony the students praised Ganji's resistance , then one of the student chanted a song .
Dr. Zaidabadi spoke about his experience with Ganji while they both were in prison.
Dr. Kadivar said : I have spoken alot about Ganji before, and everyone must defend his life and his rights. He said : Ganji brought alot of pressure on Islamic Republic, and it is surprizing that the regime which bends to foreign pressure dose not want to bend to this particular case. He said we have a government that does not have enough political wit and only pays more attention to personal hatred than to national interest and because of the lack of wit, these people can not even manage a small city, the aviation of the country is as much dangerous that when a plane crashes they can not even evaluate the situation and to find the guilty officials.
He said: by having a lawyer and a journalist in prison shows that there are no freedom of expression in this country and this is a constitutional and human rights violation .The cause of the revolution was for freedom and human rights.............
At the end Ganji's wife ( Mrs. Shafiei) : Thanked each and everyone participated in the ceremony. She said : It is more than 120 days that Ganji is in solitary confinement ( cell number alef-2 in Evin prison) and the prisoner in this cell has no visitation and no news and I'm worry about his health and situation.She said: Mr. Ganji is standing on his openions and has chosen his way and will never go under confession and i ask god to give me and to my children the power to tolerate this absence and his situation.

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Thursday Dec. 29,2005
News update-
Gooya newsonline :
Is the navigating tower in Mehrabad Airport Guilty? Speaking with an expert on aviation !
By: F. M. Sokhan

During the last week, we had several airplane returned and landed in Mehrabad Airporton on emmergency because of technical problems: A fighter plane, an airbuss , a fuker 100 and......these are what have been announced because the public and journalists after the crash of C130 plane (which have killed 94 people and mostly journalists ) have become more concern .........
The deputy of the commision on security of the parliament: Certainly one of the reason that the C130 plane crashed was because the navigating tower in Mehrabad Airport did not guide the plane on the last one minuites and 50 seconds. Can we call this as the reason for crash?
The expert: The main reason for the plane crash was because the engine of the plane was not working.Thats why the pilot tried fast to get back and to land in Mehrabad airport. So if the MP's are going to do something to stop the plane crash , they must think of this reason as the main cause of the crash.
It is needed to say that; In recent weeks there was a call from the minority Mp's to impeach the defence minister for his failure , but the parliament leader Mr. Hadad Adel called it off. Mr. Hadad Adel himself is a conservative and is known as follower of The supreme leader Khameneie.
translated by the IRAN WATCH CANADA
Link to this news in Farsi + see the landing of a 707 plane by cliking on 707 :

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thursday Dec. 29, 2005
News in Brief-
Gooya Newsonline reporting from Rooz:
By : Farshad Ghorbanpur Sheikhani

Reza Alijani after the court session:
We will deliver our complaint to God and to people!
Mr. Reza Alijani the editor of monthly magazin " Irane Farda" who is a " Meli-Mazhabi" activist in an interview with "Rooz" said: Together with Mr. Saber Rahmani, Mr. Tairani, Mr. Mehdi Aminzadeh, Mr. Mohammad Rezaie, Mr. Michael Azimi and Mr. Aliasghar Sadeghi, have participated in a court and everyone have been charged with " Action against national security". While there is no solution to this, he then emphasized that ; we will deliver our complaint to God and to the people of Iran.
we have been charged in three different ways: " action against national security " by creation of an NGO organization namely : "Sepehre Andisheh Novin" ," action against national security "by leading and commanding the riots of Jun 2003, and " action against national security " by contacting the counter revolutionaries in abroads for creation of an all over front to overthrow the Islamic Republic.
Mr. Alijani said: We are not member of this NGO , they only discussed with us on different issues,beside this NGO was not registered yet. Since our court was held behind close door , we can't say anything.
After our release from prison we have written a letter to Mr. Khatami, Mr. Karubi , to the chair of commision on article 90, to minister of information and .....that what went on us while we were in prison things such as : beating and insulting, standing 54 hours on our feet, prevention from sleeping , artificial execution and threatening for transfering us to a cell to be sexually assaulted and fabricating document which will show that we are members of Mojahedin organization.
Alijani said that : The team that arrested us used all kinds of torture on us and even threatened us that our family will be arrested. This team is very powerful in the pyramid of power therefore for this reason we will deliver our complaint to God and to the people of Iran.

Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA

For more info about this case please search IRAN WATCH CANADA .
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wednesday Dec. 28,2005
News in brief-
Gooya Newsonline reporting from " ADVAR " news:

In the last two days 8 students have been suspended from continuing their education!

In continues suppression of student movement and the issuance of jail sentences and deprivation of activists from student movement , students like: Akbar Atri, Abdollah Momeni and Ahmad Faraji and many other students from " Daftare Tahkime Vahdat" have been summoned to the court and the diciplinary committee's that are present in the universities have intensified their clashes with students in different universities in a way that in the last two days 7 student from " Amirkabir, Esfahan & Lorestan universities were suspended from continuing their education.Mr. Abed Tavanche one of the active student from "Amirkabir" University and member of central council of this university was suspended for a semester. The other students who have also recieved a semester suspension is Mr. Abbas Hakimzadeh ( from Amirkabir University), Mr. Ahmad Mirezaei and Mr. Amin Ghaleie ( from Esfahan University) .Also three members of provisionary councile of the Islamic Association of Lorestan University were suspended for two semester from education , these students are : Arash Khandel, Mohammad Javad Drudkeshan and Siamak Nadali. Mr. Amir Reza Ardalan the student from Azad university in " Shahreza " was also expelled from university . He was charged for " Actions Against National Security" .

Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tuesday Dec. 27,2005
News update on Akbar Ganji -
Gooya newsonline reporting from " Advar News " :

Masumeh Shafiei ( Ganji's wife) : Ganji on his 112 days under " Evin Guantanamo " security!

In responding to Mr. Salarkia's ( the deputy of Tehran public prosecutor) comments, Mrs. Shafiei said" : It is not true that I, and our lawyer did not want to visit Ganji , the truth is otherwise.

According to the law, when a prisoner spent 1/5 of his total imprisonment , he is then allowed to be transfered in a more open jail . Now that Ganji has already 3 months left to the end of his total 6 years prison term, he must be allowed to a better prison condition, but instead the prison officials have kept him in a solitary confinement,the security cell number Alef-2 of the "Evin Guantanamo" under very harsh condition.Our last visit with Ganji was 37 days ago , when his weight was 51/ KG and his blood pressure was 7/5 .This is a gradual death for Ganji .They are afraid of him . But all those who are involved in this case must know that; At the end, one day which would not be far must participate and answer to the court which is going to be held by the people........

Translated by: IRAN WATCH CANADA
Link to this news in Farsi:

*It is needed to say that ; In recent weeks, Madam Louise Arbour The UN high commissioner for Human Rights by emphasizing on the demand of UN general secretary for the release of Ganji,in a statement to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the president of Iran has also demanded for Ganji's immediate release and to respect his rights based on the international standards.
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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Have a happy holiday & best wishes for the coming new year!

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Thursday Dec. 22, 2005
Roozonline reporting from Iran:
An interview with the wife of Mr. Abdolfatah Soltani.

Behind the close door ! By: Maryam Kashani

As Mr. Abdolfatah Soltani , the lawyer is entering in his 145 days imprisonment in solitary confinement, his wife had an interview with "Rooz" and spoke about herself and her families in suspension.
She said: Two days ago I met him, he wasn't well physically, but had no problem mentally, but he also doesn't know what is the situation? and till when this situation will continue? he is also living in suspension.
Together with Mr. Soltani's lawyers , we met Mr. Mortazavi for several time , but since he is not going to change anything , I am not going to meet him again. However, we are planning to meet Mr. Shahrudi the head of Iran's judiciary power and ask him to help to solve the situation.Mr. Soltani has many clients and their cases are left without him, he is also a breadwinner of his family.
About the change on prosecutor, she said:Its been awhile that the prosecutor has been changed and there havent been new investigation to the case , only they have extended his provisionary imprisonement for another two months and the court has approved the order.
He is been 5 months in prison now , we have four kids who are in different level of education,they haven't seen their father for 145 days now, and all the time they are expecting the order will change, but nothing is hapening , it seems that all of us are behind the close door.
At the end she hope that this situation will end and no family will experience this bitter memory.

Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA
Link to this news in Farsi:

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy holidays & best wishes to all of you!
Wednesday Dec. 21,2005
News in brief
Update on the case of Zahra Kazemi-
Gooya Newsonline reporting from ILNA :
Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah the lawyer for the family of Zahra Kazemi in speaking with ILNA's reporter said: we have protested to the appeal court that the public prosecutors office has no legitemacy to deal with this case , therefore, the case must be dealt in Tehran penal court and with the presence of 5 judges.
So , the lawyer for the family of Zahra Kazemi in a bill sent to the review board of the supreme court , protested to the decision made by the division number 34 of the Tehran appeal court.

Link to this news in Farsi:

Gooya Newsonline reporting from ISNA:
Mr. Abdollah Momeni the ex- president of the " Daftar Tahkim Vahdat" ( Taife Allameh) -An student organization - recieved 5 years prison sentence , 5 years suspension sentence and 5 years ban from any social activities.
He has been chrged for " actions against national security", "supporting Mr. Aghajari ", "insulting officials" and " profanity " .
Mr. Momeni in speaking with ISNA's reporter have said: I have 20 days and after consulting with my lawyer , we will protest to this decision.

In earlier news Mr. Momeni have told to the reporters that he is not planning to leave the country at this time.
Link to this news in Farsi:

Gooya Newsonline reporting from ILNA:
Mr. Amir Reza Ardalan , the student who have been in the term# 6 of the international relation course from "Azad Islami" university in "Shahreza", based on a decision made by the diciplinary committee of the university is expelled from the university and is banned to continue his education.
Mr. Ardalan in speaking with reporter said : The reason for this decision is because of my student activities.I have been charged with; " Actions against national interest " and also what i have written in my weblog. While it is only two weeks remaining to my exam , the " Herasat "office of the university preventing me from entering to university.

Link to this news in Farsi:

Translated by :IRAN WATCH CANADA

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saturday Dec. 17, 2005

The role of "Mostafa Pourmohammadi" the Minister of Interior in mass murdering of Iranian political prisoners in Iran during the year 1988, was approved by the office of the Ayatollah Montazeri .
According to the memoir written by Ayatollah Montazeri , Mostafa Pourmohammadi was the member of a three person delegate who have interrogated them and then executed thousands of political prisoners in the summer of 1988.
According to the opposition of the Islamic Republic the number of perisoners excuted were around 4481 person, but Ayatollah Montazeri put the number 2800-3800 .

In his memoir he stated:
while i was the deputy leader of the Islamic Republic , I protested to these executions: " It was the first of the month of " Moharam " , I asked Mr. Naieri (who was the judge in Evin prison), Mr. Eshraghi (who was public prosecutor), Mr. Raisi (who was the deputy public prosecutor) and Mr. Mostafa Pourmohammadi ( who was the representative of the ministry of information) to stop the execution of the political prisoners because it is the month of "Moharam"( A Shiiet holy month) , Mr. Naieri said: Upto now in Tehran we have executed 750 people , we have also separated 250 people who are still havent change their mind , we will finish them too......"

Link to this news in Farsi:

*From Human Rights Watch :
Ministers of Murder: Iran’s New Security Cabinet
In Iran, the newly appointed Minister of Interior, Mustafa Pour-Mohammadi (left), and Minister of Information, Gholamhussein Mohseni Ezhei, threaten to further intensify and expand repressive measures towards critics and dissidents.Pour-Mohammadi is implicated in grave human rights violations over the past two decades, possibly including crimes against humanity in connection with the massacre of thousands of political prisoners.

Iran: Top Ministers Implicated in Serious Abuses
(New York, December 15, 2005) – Iran’s new Minister of Interior is implicated in grave human rights violations over the past two decades, possibly including crimes against humanity in connection with the massacre of thousands of political prisoners, Human Rights Watch said in a briefing paper released today.
It’s completely unacceptable that men with such records would be serving in Iran’s government. They should be removed from their posts and investigated for these terrible crimes.
Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch

Ministers of Murder: Iran’s New Security CabinetBackground Briefing, December 15, 2005
More Information on Human Rights in IranCountry Page
Free Email Newsletter
Contribute to Human Rights WatchHuman Rights Watch also said that the new Minister of Information should be investigated for his possible involvement in a dissident’s killing. The briefing paper, Ministers of Murder: Iran’s New Security Cabinet, details credible allegations that Minister of Interior Mustafa Pour-Mohammadi and Minister of Information Gholamhussein Mohseni Ezhei were involved in extremely serious and systematic human rights violations over the past two decades. “It’s completely unacceptable that men with such records would be serving in Iran’s government,” said Joe Stork deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “They should be removed from their posts and investigated for these terrible crimes.” Iran’s cabinet is now dominated by former security and intelligence officials, Human Rights Watch said, raising fears that President Ahmadinejad’s government will readily resort to violence to suppress dissidents and punish critics. During Pour-Mohammadi’s tenure as top deputy of the Ministry of Information from 1987 to 1999, agents of the ministry systematically engaged in extrajudicial killings of opposition figures, political activists, and intellectuals. In 1988, the Iranian government executed thousands of political prisoners held inside Iranian jails. The deliberate and systematic manner in which these extrajudicial executions took place may constitute a crime against humanity under international law, Human Rights Watch said. Mustafa Pour-Mohammadi was a member of the three-person committee that ordered prisoners held in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison to their summary executions. From 1990 to 1999, Pour-Mohammadi was director of foreign intelligence operations in the Ministry of Information. During this period, dozens of opposition figures were assassinated abroad. In some of these cases the hand of the Iranian government has been well established, while in others there are credible allegations of government involvement. Pour-Mohammadi is at the center of strong allegations of direct involvement in orchestrating these assassinations. In 1998, agents of the Ministry of Information killed five prominent activist intellectuals in Tehran. An Iranian source with first-hand knowledge of the investigation told Human Rights Watch that Pour-Mohammadi was implicated by investigators in those killings and even that an arrest warrant was about to be issued for him. “But instead it was arranged that he leave his post in the Ministry of Information,” this source said. Gholamhussein Mohseni Ezhei, the new Minister of Information, served as prosecutor general of the Special Court for the Clergy and in this position spearheaded the prosecution of prominent reformist clerics. He has also been a key figure in suppressing press freedoms, resulting in the closure of more than 100 newspapers since 2000. Several journalists and activists have alleged that Mohseni Ezhei ordered the kidnap and killing of Pirouz Davani, a dissident and political activist, in 1998. Human Rights Watch called on President Ahmadinejad to relieve Pour-Mohammadi and Mohseni Ezhei of their duties immediately and to establish an independent mechanism to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into their alleged crimes. If President Ahmadinejad fails to remove Pour-Mohammadi and Mohseni Ezhei from his cabinet, the Parliament should call for a vote of no-confidence and initiate its own independent investigation, Human Rights Watch said. “It’s downright dangerous to have men like this in charge of key ministries,” said Stork. “The international community must make clear that it holds the government of President Ahmadinejad responsible for the safety of Iranian political activists and dissidents.”

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Saturday Dec. 17,2005
Iran - Emroozonline reporting from ISNA -
News on spotlight-
A journalist was given 3 years suspension sentence !

According to a report by "ISNA" reporter, Mr. Gholi Sheikhi the managing editor of the " Tose-eh " newspaper recieved a 3 years suspension sentence by the division number 76 of Tehran penal court on the accusation of " publication of lies" .
Prior to this , the " press court jury " , did not find "Tose-eh" newspaper guilty of the complain by 8 complainant but in another charges found the newspaper guilty on the charges of " propaganda against the system , publication of lies with the intesion to create fear among the public".

Link to this news in Farsi:

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Thursday Dec. 14,2005
News update on Zahra Kazemi's case.

Gooya newsonline reporting from ISNA :
ISNA - One of the lawyer of Zahra Kazemi's mother : To request for the appointment of a special inspector for investigating the case is legal .
One of the defense lawyer of Zahra Kazemi's mother said that; inorder to better investigate the death of Zahra Kazemi , it is necessary that a special inspector be appointed by the head of the judiciary power.
Mr. Mohammad Seifzadeh in speaking with ISNA reporter on the order issued by the appeal court said: About our request from the court on special inspector which the court has rejected , I must say that: The law has clearly granted authority to the head of judiciary power to appoint a special inspector for cases. And we demand that; the case be investigated by a special inspector rather than the public prosecutor . We requested that; the file not to be send again to Tehran public prosecutor's office.
Seifzadeh said: The appeal court found our request for a special inspector not legal , while on the contrary we believe our request is legitimate .

Link to this news in Farsi:

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wednesday Dec. 14, 2005
News on the spotlight-
Gooya news online reporting from Iran :

Mr. Mohammad Nabi Rudaki the deputy chair of the Commission on National Security:
We will speak with the real pilot of the plane. we havent received the recorded tape of the communication yet.
He said : The investigation upto now by this commission shows that; there are vague spots about shuffling the pilots of the C130 military plane of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was crashed.
according to the parliamentary reporter of "Mehr" newspaper the MP from Shiraz city in the parliament said: Out of 2 navigation of the plane , one was out of order which the martyr pilot Mr. "Babak Gohari"have had requested for its repair.
He said: For the repair of the plane, 6 hours were spent,and then the pilot got ready to fly the plane with 2 navigation but there was another pilots name instead of Mr. Naderi's in the list of flight.
Rudaki added : Our question from deputy of Military Air Force Operation is that; why when lieutenant Naderis name was in the list of flight, then why the plane took off by captain Gohari as its pilot ?
Mr. Rudaki said that : The defence committee of the parliament in contact with military commanders will follow lieutenant Naderi's replacement with captain Babak Gohari .
This Mp had a meeting on last Sunday with officials from the military and defence ministry , he said:The commander of the military Air Force reported that ; the C130 military plane had four engine , but after 8 miles of flight the plane lost one engine and because of this the pilot asked for emmergency landing.
They then asked why with 3 engine the plane was unable to land , or why the plane did not land on the plain of the highway and instead was guided to come back to the Mehrabd airport?
Mr. Rudaki said : The C130 plane had no black box and the communication between pilot and airport tower was recorded on a tape and in the tape the pilot said that one of the the plane engine is not working.
Translated by: IRAN WATCH CANADA
Link to this news in Farsi:

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The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is offering to assist the families of journalists who died last week in an airplane crash in Tehran, Iran, a disaster it called the worst-ever in which journalists and media staff lost their lives.
On 6 December 2005, 94 people, mostly journalists, died when a C-130 military plane crashed into an apartment building. The aging plane had developed engine trouble soon after taking off and lost control. The journalists were traveling to the southern city of Bandar Abbas to cover military exercises.
IFJ says it is pledging support from its International Safety Fund to help relatives of the journalists killed in the crash. IFJ joined other IFEX members, including the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA), the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontières, RSF) in mourning the deaths.
For more information on the safety fund, see:
Visit these links:
- IFJ:
- CPJ:
- RSF:
For updates on freedom of expression in Iran, visit:

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Thanks to your contineous support.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday Dec. 12,2005
Iran-Emrooz news online reporting from Iran:

On Sunday Dec. 11 ,2005 , the students gathered in protest in front of the Technical College of Tehran University. Several of these students were carrying placards which reads : " Independent Student Organizations , is what we all want" , "Freedom of Women" , " No to compulsary covering" , " Appointed president , resign! , resign! " , University Independence is our undeniable right ". There were also several English slogan.
According to ISNA reporter , the students were singing " Yare Dabestani" and marched upto the College of Law & Political Science and also chanting " Student! , Student! , Unite! Unite! "........
One of the student said ; because of the air pollution in the city of Tehran , we were unable to hold our annual rally on Dec. 7 ( Student day ) , so we are holding it today.
He said : The student movement have been always in forefront of the struggle for students rights and people rights and is not afraid of any forces .He said; the student group that are official in the university are not taking part in the rally today , however, the student day is the day of resistance.

Link to this news in Faresi:

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday Dec. 11,2005
News in brief-
Sharqonline reporting from Iran:
5 journalists association holding a memorial event for the victims of the plane crash!

68 Iranian Journalist lost their life in a single plane crash !

5 media syndicate organization in a communique announced that ; tomorrow they will have a memorial day for the journalists who have lost their life in a "flight of death ".
The communique read as follow :
Journalists, Photo-journalists and reporters of the media are having a memorial day for the death of their colleagues in the recent plane crash . "The Association of Syndicate Journalists of Iran" , "The Association in defense of Freedom of Press", "The Association of Young Journalists of Iran" , "The Association of Syndicate Photographers of Iran Press" and "The House of Iran Photographers" are expressing their condolence to their colleagues all over the country and also expressing their sympathy with the family of the victimes of this tragic event. The event will take place on Monday Dec. 12:00 from 3-5 pm @ "Hoseinieh Ershad" .

Link to this news in Farsi:

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Sunday Dec.11,2005
News On Spotlight reporting from "Entekhab News Agency" from Iran :

Two other site have been filtered!
"Entekhab" : In continuation of restriction and filtering in internet network, two other site have been filtered . according to report by " Entekhab " Agency , two political electronic newsonline; the ( and the ( have been filtered.
It is needed to say that , before "Entekhab" have reported that the site of "Roydad " have been filtere and also indicated that the filtering of internet are on the rise.

Link to this news in Farsi:

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Dec. 9,2005
Gooya News Online reporting from " ILNA " :

" Farid Modaresi " have been condemned to 8 months suspension sentences !
Division number 26 of Tehran court of revolution condemned Mr. Farid Modaresi the central council member of the "Daftar Takim Vahdat" to 8 months suspension sentences.
According to ILNA Mr. Modaresi have been charged of " Actions against national security " by calling for protest in the execution sentence for Mr. Seyed Hashem Aghajeri.
Mr. Modaresi have been detained in 2002 because of this file.

Link to this news in Farsi:

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Friday Dec. 8 / 05
Rooz online reporter Mr. Shahram Rafizadeh reporting from Iran:
Picture of the wife of "Hasan Haidari" , the voice recorder of " Seda va Sima" television.

After 24 hours from the crash of C130 military plane: The authorities are not responsive, They are only denying !
While the authorities for the last two days stoped speaking on the crash of the plane ,
"Hamshahri "newspaper published the last conversation of one of its own reporter "Mr. Mohammad Karbalaie Ahmad" with his wife : " They suposed to leave at 7:00am . Like always , he got ready and left home, it was close to 8:00 that he called me and said: The flight will be delayed . then he wished me good health and ended the conversation. I was anxious. At 9 :00 am I called him and he said: Apparently the plane has technical problems and the flight will be delayed. At 10:00am again he called . They were still on the ground. Mohammad said: Aparently it has technical problem and the pilot doesent want to fly this plane. I dont know if we are going to fly or not ? I told him to take care of himself ! I dident hear from him any more till I noticed about the crash of the plane through Television."
After publication of this news and others about the technical problems of the plane, "Mr. Mohammad Hasan Nami " the deputy of the "army joint staff " denied the technical problems of the plane , he said: If they say the plane had technical problems and flew is absolutely impossible , because one day before all parts of the plane is going to be checked . He said that this plane has no black box .......................

Translated by the IRAN WATCH CANADA
Link to this news in Farsi :

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Thursday Dec. 8/ 05
Iran - Emrooz online reporting from "Hamshahri" newspaper :
The reporter: Ms. Azadeh Mokhtari

One of the victim of the crash befor flight of C130 military plane, in speaking with his wife:
We want to return but they won't let us!

Mr. Hassan Haidari the sound recorder for the " Seda va Sima " in speaking with his wife : " The plane is out of order , the pilot doesn't want to fly with this plane, they are looking to change the pilot, we want to return but they dont let us " !

The brother of one of the victims in this crash : " We have complaint , if there is law it should hear our cries, we have complaint from , airforce, military and the authorities in " Seda va Sima " who knew that their employees are in danger but still forced them to go to "Chahbahar" to cover the news from a military manoeuver.
Link to this news in Farsi:

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Thursday Dec. 8,2005
Iran-Emrooz online reporting from IRNA:
Shamsolvaezin : Because of the martyrdom of 80 journalists , we expected the government will announce for national mourning !
The government must create a truth finding committee!
Mr. Mahmoud Shamsolvaezin , the spokesperson for the central council of the "Association in Defense of Press Freedom" emphasized on : Because of the martyrdom of 80 dove bringing message to people , we expected the government will announce it as national mourning!
He also said : The government must quickly creat a truth finding committee with a mission to discover the reason behind the crash of the C130 military plane. He said that : The government must explain its reason for flying a plane which had technical problems.
Link to this news in Farsi:

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Thursday Dec. 8,2005
IRAN WATCH CANADA reports from Iran:
News updates on Iranian plane crash-

Association of Syndicate Journalists of Iran , called for a gathering of its members in the association building on Saturday Dec. 10 /2005 @ 12:00 ( Iranian time is 8.5 hours ahead ) . The association stated:
Civil-syndicate gathering in the building of the Association of Syndicate Journalists for honoring the victimes and demand the following :
1- to follow safety standards for news assignments
2-To follow the case till result are found - particularly , they are talking about the plane technical problems.
3- To follow the international law in dealing with the survivers of the plane crash and to pay the damageson this principle.
4- Officialy to appologize the victimes family and the survivers.
Bloggers & journalists believe that they must get together, because they believe that this is a syndicate matter. People who have lost their lives were belong to a special syndicate. By gathering , we can share & relieve the family of our colleagues.........
We can also protest to the authorities on why despite of knowing the plane's technical problems, they let it fly? we as well do protest to the news agency for their lack of safety measures for their employees.
we also protest to the way the authorities handel the situation and no one do appologizes.

Link to the news in Farsi:

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Thursday Dec.8 ,2005


Looking into the news onlines what i find is once again the emotion of Iranian people is being tested. The emotion is high in Iran, after a single plane crash which killed the entire passengers , mostly journalist. almost all the blog that i looked were mourning for the journalists who were mostly young. the Association of Syndicate Journalists of Iran stated that 84 journalist lost their life. There are talks among people that the regime planed this accident inorder to stop students to protest on student day( Dec. 7 = shanzdah Azar), a day that 52 years ago students in a rally against the regime of the shah lost three of their colleagues and since then commemorated with rallies. everyone is asking about the black box, where is the black box? who is handeling it ? Today people in Tehran will carry the coffins of the victimes. They say even the first pilot noticed that the plane is not safe and did not accept to fly the plane and then they asked another pilot to do fly the plane . This brought more suspicion . Behind the curtain Ahmadinejads government started building its defense .


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Wednesday Dec. 7,2005
Iran- Emrooz Online reporting from Iran:
News update on the crash of C130 military airplane in Tehran-Iran:

The picture is from Haditoon- Journalists in the fire!
The journalists and bloggers in Iran are mourning !

"The pilot didn't want to fly the plane" , " Where is the black box of the plane ? " , Who is going to respond?

* The C130 military plane was scheduled to fly at 7:00am yesterday, but because of technical problems after six hours delay the plane started its flight .
* " Mr. Mohammad Karbalaie Ahmad " the photo-journalist for "Hamshahri" newspaper moments befor the flight called his brother and told him ; "the plane has technical problems and the pilot isn't willing to fly this plane".
*" Mr. Alireza Baradaran " the photo-journalist for " Fars News Agency" befor the flight told to his colleagues that : " Our plane has technical problems , and the pilot is not willing to ride on this plane, for this reason and with the order from authorities we are waiting the pilot from other shift to come to fly this plane, they say that he is more brave "
* Where is the black box of the plane? why in the news broadcasted inside Iran there are no talks about the black box? which responsible authorities ( are trying to clear the evidents ) is keeping the blck box ?
According to the news in this accident 116 people were killed and 50 people are wounded .


Link to this news in Farsi:

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tuesday Dec. 6,2005
Gooya News Online reporting from "Advar "news :

Ganji protested to the presence of the agents during a visit by his wife in Evin prison!

Ganji on his 93 days of solitary confinement . In a letter Masumeh Shafiei the wife of Ganji told to the reporter about her latest visit with her husband ( On Monday Dec. 5) :
On noon hour of the other day, Monday Dec. 5 , 2005, they informed us that for visiting Mr. Ganji , come to the Evin prison at 4:00 pm. Together with children we were ready to go, then again they called us at 3:15 pm and told us that the visitation has been cancelled. So we called Ganjis mom not come and the children were also sad and returned to their room. At 4:15 pm ( one hour later ) again they called us and told us to be in Evin prison at 4:45 pm , so Ganjis mom couldn't make it ( Since she lives in Tehran's suburb ( Shahr Ray ) . So together with children we went to Evin prison , after searching procedure they guided us to a room which had approximately 8 m area and was very cold and we noticed that this room is close to where ganji is being kept, but in order no body to see him they brought him with an Ambulance. ...........the children were crying when they saw their father, at this time on different pretext ( answering the phone, taking spoon and fork,closing the file and... ) the agents were entering to the room. after 5 minuites they entered the room and told that they need to be in the room and to hear what we say, Mr. Ganji then became angry and told them that he doesn't like this kind of visitation, we were very nervous and while crying we left for home.
Link to this news in Farsi:

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Tuesday Dec. 6,2005

Iran-Emrooz online reporting from "ISNA" :

An airplane crashed in Tehran !
All of the passenger of the plane are dead ! Most of the passenger were journalists !
Today at lunch time a C130 military airplane with tens of passenger after taking off from Tehran Mehrabad Airport, for the reason of technical problem tried to return to the airport , but later crashed with a ten story building and all its 74-90 passengers plus number of the people living in the building were killed. The airplane passenger were mostly journalists, photo-journalists and .... , they were on their way for a military maneuver in the region of Chahbahar close to Persian Gulf for news coverage.
Most of the victims of this accident were journalists!
According to the " Fars News Agency" in this accident the following journalists and ... were killed:
Mr. Alireza Baradaran, Photo-journalist
Mr. Sadegh Nili, Fars reporter
Mr. Hasan Gharib, photo- journalist
Mr. Alireza Omrani , ISNA reporter
Mr. Mehdi Amir Afzali , IRNA reporter
Mr. Sepahdar Sajedi, IRNA reporter
Mr. Mahmoud Ilbaigi ,Mr. Mahmoud Toran Poshti, Mr. Yahya Mahdavi, Mr. Daryush Shahini and Mr. Ebrahim Baghaie , all from "Central News Unit".
Mr. Alireza Afshar , Mr. Hassan Haidari, Mr. Seyed Mohammad Shirazi, Mr. Morteza Abdian, Mr. Mehdi ahmadi and Mr. Hasan Haidari from "Sima News Channel" .
Mr. Naser Khairkhah in charge of "Good Morning Iran" together with five other member of the production team of " Sima channel # 1" .

The Association of Syndicate Journalists of Iran : 84 journalists have been killed in this plane crash!
translated by IRAN WATCH CANADA
IRAN WATCH CANADA expresses its condolence to the family of the victims.
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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Monday Dec. 5, 2005
Gooya news online reporting from Iran :

170 Iranian students have written an open letter to women activists about the murder of Zahra Kazemi !

The letter states :

Freedom lovers! human rights activists! Iranian women journalists!

honourable madams :

Shireen Ebadi, Mehrangiz Kar,Elaheh Hiks, Nasrin Basiri, Zahra erfani, Zinat Hashemi, Pouran Farokhzad, Naireh Touhidi,Fereshteh Sari, Goli Emami, Shahla Lahiji, jaleh Vafa , Zohreh Khayam, Minu Jalali, Viktoria Azad, Shahla Sherkat, Shadi Sadr, Fereshteh Ghazi, Fatemeh Haghighatju, Elaheh Kolaie, Parvin Ardalan, Simin Behbahani, Farah Karimi, Dorna Kozehgar, Roya toluie, Fahimeh Farsaie,Shahran Tabari, Goli Lajvardi, Mahmonir Rahimi, Shahrnush Parsipoor, Sahin Navaie, Mihan rusta, Nushabeh Amiri, Manijeh Arjmand, Maliheh Mohammadi, Maryam Sotvat, Nahid Keshavarz, Farzaneh Azimi, Simin Daneshvar, Zohreh Tonkaboni, Shohreh Badiei

Close to two years ago Ziba Kazemi the brave Iranian photo-journalist while doing her job was arrested and was murdered in Evin prison.
Based on ups and downs of the judiciary and the international reaction, there was hope that the blood of this photo-journalist won't be trampled , unfortunately by announcing the acqittance of the person who in fact doesn't seems to be the real accused of the case, the judiciary power is trying to hold the event in silence and to let this case like other murdering and crime cases commited by the regime be forgotten. ..... The regime is trying to show that she did not have had any role in murdering of Ziba Kazemi....... the regime is trying to infuse that Zahra Kazemi died normally in prison.
Friends and esteemed advocates!
Now, it is your task that as a journalists , social and human rights activists, not to keep silence towards these cruelty and crime and continues historical impudence by the Islamic Republic!
We want to remind you that these could have been your destiny , so, once again, we call you to know your task as a human being and as a journalist and activist and we want you by using your pen and pace not to let this case to be forgotten or closed .
Ziba Kazemi did not do any crime and was without any charges except showing the cry of imprisoned and oppressed which this act by itself in Iran is a biggest cime. She could also close her eyes to the violation of human rights of her country men and women , but she travelled long journey and came to Iran and gave her life for the rights of others. It is now your turn as a journalists, social and human rights & women rights activists to express your protest against this crime and this shameful verdict and with your protest not to let this case be forgotten , this is an open crime to the rights of an Iranian woman.
We demand that the person or persons participated in this crime ( murderers of Zahra Kazemi ) be brought to justice and we believe that this demand is not for revenge or severe punishment but all our effort and Ziba Kazemi's and all human rights advocates is for having a more humane social relationship and to abolish execution.
Iranian students for peace and friendship
Translated by the IRAN WATCH CANADA
Link to this news in Farsi:

Link to Ifex:
Link to Pen Canada:
Link to RSF :

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Friday, December 02, 2005

IRAN WATCH CANADA : World Association of Lwyer must stop Islamic Republic of Iran continues attack and imprisoning lawyers!

Friday Dec. 2, 2005
Gooya news reporting from "ISNA" ( Iran Students News Agency) :
"Mohammad Ali Dadkhah" have been summoned to the division # 7 of the public prosecutors office for government employees.
According to the reporter of ISNA, Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah the lawyer have been summoned to the division # 7 of the public prosecutors office for government employees and within three days he must attend in this division.
Recently "Mohammad Ali Dadkhah" the lawyer and founding member of the "Association of Human Rights Defenders" proposed to Islamic regime that if Shireen Ebadi joins the negotiating team for nuclear problems, Iran will be able to get out of these mess. He also suggested that; the Association of Human Rights defenders is able to prepare a bill of indictment against "Sadam Hosein" for his 8 years of war against Iran .................

Link to this news in Farsi :

IWC- Mr. Dadkhah is a human rights defender and lawyer for the family of Zahra Kazemi the Canadian- Iranian photo journalist , he is a critic to the Islamic Republic judiciary policy and a colleague of Shireen Ebadi . After sentencing two prominent lawyers like Lawyer Dr. Naser Zarafshan and Lawyer Abdolfatah Soltani to imprisonment ,the regime now widening its attack on others like Mr. Dadkhah and....... This must be stoped now ..............
IRAN WATCH CANADA condemns all this kind of attacks on lawyers and believes there is political motive behind all of this.

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Friday Dec. 2 , 2005
Iran Emooz online reporting from "Radio Farda":
Mr. Amir Mossadegh Katuzian from Radio Farda had an interview with Dr. Zarafshan.News update-

Dr. Naser Zarafshan , the imprisoned lawyer for the family of " chain murderings victimes" , member of the Association of Iran's lawyer and board member of the Association of Human Rights Defenders", in an interview with Radio Farda have said :

During these last few days that i was out of the prison, 7- 8 days ago, they invaded my cell and took all my writings,translations , notes and everyother things.
Mr. Zarafshan, who was out of prison for sickleave , concurrent with 7th anniversary of the mudering of Mohammad Mokhtari and Mohammad Jafar Puyandeh two of the Chain murderings victimes, on thursday night returned to prison . Mr. Zarafshan added that : Law didn't deprive prisoners from reading, writing and translating . Mr. Zarafshan has already spent four years out of his five years prison sentence .......... Mr. Zarafshan said that; I never imagin that i will be released earliear , in this case i am standing for the truth , like my brother and friend Akbar Ganji who is also standing for the truth. We decided to stay until the end of our prison sentence.

Link to this news in Farsi:

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