Friday, December 30, 2005

Thursday Dec. 29,2005
News update-
Gooya newsonline :
Is the navigating tower in Mehrabad Airport Guilty? Speaking with an expert on aviation !
By: F. M. Sokhan

During the last week, we had several airplane returned and landed in Mehrabad Airporton on emmergency because of technical problems: A fighter plane, an airbuss , a fuker 100 and......these are what have been announced because the public and journalists after the crash of C130 plane (which have killed 94 people and mostly journalists ) have become more concern .........
The deputy of the commision on security of the parliament: Certainly one of the reason that the C130 plane crashed was because the navigating tower in Mehrabad Airport did not guide the plane on the last one minuites and 50 seconds. Can we call this as the reason for crash?
The expert: The main reason for the plane crash was because the engine of the plane was not working.Thats why the pilot tried fast to get back and to land in Mehrabad airport. So if the MP's are going to do something to stop the plane crash , they must think of this reason as the main cause of the crash.
It is needed to say that; In recent weeks there was a call from the minority Mp's to impeach the defence minister for his failure , but the parliament leader Mr. Hadad Adel called it off. Mr. Hadad Adel himself is a conservative and is known as follower of The supreme leader Khameneie.
translated by the IRAN WATCH CANADA
Link to this news in Farsi + see the landing of a 707 plane by cliking on 707 :

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