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Wednesday Dec. 14, 2005
News on the spotlight-
Gooya news online reporting from Iran :

Mr. Mohammad Nabi Rudaki the deputy chair of the Commission on National Security:
We will speak with the real pilot of the plane. we havent received the recorded tape of the communication yet.
He said : The investigation upto now by this commission shows that; there are vague spots about shuffling the pilots of the C130 military plane of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was crashed.
according to the parliamentary reporter of "Mehr" newspaper the MP from Shiraz city in the parliament said: Out of 2 navigation of the plane , one was out of order which the martyr pilot Mr. "Babak Gohari"have had requested for its repair.
He said: For the repair of the plane, 6 hours were spent,and then the pilot got ready to fly the plane with 2 navigation but there was another pilots name instead of Mr. Naderi's in the list of flight.
Rudaki added : Our question from deputy of Military Air Force Operation is that; why when lieutenant Naderis name was in the list of flight, then why the plane took off by captain Gohari as its pilot ?
Mr. Rudaki said that : The defence committee of the parliament in contact with military commanders will follow lieutenant Naderi's replacement with captain Babak Gohari .
This Mp had a meeting on last Sunday with officials from the military and defence ministry , he said:The commander of the military Air Force reported that ; the C130 military plane had four engine , but after 8 miles of flight the plane lost one engine and because of this the pilot asked for emmergency landing.
They then asked why with 3 engine the plane was unable to land , or why the plane did not land on the plain of the highway and instead was guided to come back to the Mehrabd airport?
Mr. Rudaki said : The C130 plane had no black box and the communication between pilot and airport tower was recorded on a tape and in the tape the pilot said that one of the the plane engine is not working.
Translated by: IRAN WATCH CANADA
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