Thursday, December 08, 2005

Friday Dec. 8 / 05
Rooz online reporter Mr. Shahram Rafizadeh reporting from Iran:
Picture of the wife of "Hasan Haidari" , the voice recorder of " Seda va Sima" television.

After 24 hours from the crash of C130 military plane: The authorities are not responsive, They are only denying !
While the authorities for the last two days stoped speaking on the crash of the plane ,
"Hamshahri "newspaper published the last conversation of one of its own reporter "Mr. Mohammad Karbalaie Ahmad" with his wife : " They suposed to leave at 7:00am . Like always , he got ready and left home, it was close to 8:00 that he called me and said: The flight will be delayed . then he wished me good health and ended the conversation. I was anxious. At 9 :00 am I called him and he said: Apparently the plane has technical problems and the flight will be delayed. At 10:00am again he called . They were still on the ground. Mohammad said: Aparently it has technical problem and the pilot doesent want to fly this plane. I dont know if we are going to fly or not ? I told him to take care of himself ! I dident hear from him any more till I noticed about the crash of the plane through Television."
After publication of this news and others about the technical problems of the plane, "Mr. Mohammad Hasan Nami " the deputy of the "army joint staff " denied the technical problems of the plane , he said: If they say the plane had technical problems and flew is absolutely impossible , because one day before all parts of the plane is going to be checked . He said that this plane has no black box .......................

Translated by the IRAN WATCH CANADA
Link to this news in Farsi :

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