Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wednesday Dec. 7,2005
Iran- Emrooz Online reporting from Iran:
News update on the crash of C130 military airplane in Tehran-Iran:

The picture is from Haditoon- Journalists in the fire!
The journalists and bloggers in Iran are mourning !

"The pilot didn't want to fly the plane" , " Where is the black box of the plane ? " , Who is going to respond?

* The C130 military plane was scheduled to fly at 7:00am yesterday, but because of technical problems after six hours delay the plane started its flight .
* " Mr. Mohammad Karbalaie Ahmad " the photo-journalist for "Hamshahri" newspaper moments befor the flight called his brother and told him ; "the plane has technical problems and the pilot isn't willing to fly this plane".
*" Mr. Alireza Baradaran " the photo-journalist for " Fars News Agency" befor the flight told to his colleagues that : " Our plane has technical problems , and the pilot is not willing to ride on this plane, for this reason and with the order from authorities we are waiting the pilot from other shift to come to fly this plane, they say that he is more brave "
* Where is the black box of the plane? why in the news broadcasted inside Iran there are no talks about the black box? which responsible authorities ( are trying to clear the evidents ) is keeping the blck box ?
According to the news in this accident 116 people were killed and 50 people are wounded .


Link to this news in Farsi:

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