Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday Dec. 12,2005
Iran-Emrooz news online reporting from Iran:

On Sunday Dec. 11 ,2005 , the students gathered in protest in front of the Technical College of Tehran University. Several of these students were carrying placards which reads : " Independent Student Organizations , is what we all want" , "Freedom of Women" , " No to compulsary covering" , " Appointed president , resign! , resign! " , University Independence is our undeniable right ". There were also several English slogan.
According to ISNA reporter , the students were singing " Yare Dabestani" and marched upto the College of Law & Political Science and also chanting " Student! , Student! , Unite! Unite! "........
One of the student said ; because of the air pollution in the city of Tehran , we were unable to hold our annual rally on Dec. 7 ( Student day ) , so we are holding it today.
He said : The student movement have been always in forefront of the struggle for students rights and people rights and is not afraid of any forces .He said; the student group that are official in the university are not taking part in the rally today , however, the student day is the day of resistance.

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