Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thursday Dec. 29, 2005
News in Brief-
Gooya Newsonline reporting from Rooz:
By : Farshad Ghorbanpur Sheikhani

Reza Alijani after the court session:
We will deliver our complaint to God and to people!
Mr. Reza Alijani the editor of monthly magazin " Irane Farda" who is a " Meli-Mazhabi" activist in an interview with "Rooz" said: Together with Mr. Saber Rahmani, Mr. Tairani, Mr. Mehdi Aminzadeh, Mr. Mohammad Rezaie, Mr. Michael Azimi and Mr. Aliasghar Sadeghi, have participated in a court and everyone have been charged with " Action against national security". While there is no solution to this, he then emphasized that ; we will deliver our complaint to God and to the people of Iran.
we have been charged in three different ways: " action against national security " by creation of an NGO organization namely : "Sepehre Andisheh Novin" ," action against national security "by leading and commanding the riots of Jun 2003, and " action against national security " by contacting the counter revolutionaries in abroads for creation of an all over front to overthrow the Islamic Republic.
Mr. Alijani said: We are not member of this NGO , they only discussed with us on different issues,beside this NGO was not registered yet. Since our court was held behind close door , we can't say anything.
After our release from prison we have written a letter to Mr. Khatami, Mr. Karubi , to the chair of commision on article 90, to minister of information and .....that what went on us while we were in prison things such as : beating and insulting, standing 54 hours on our feet, prevention from sleeping , artificial execution and threatening for transfering us to a cell to be sexually assaulted and fabricating document which will show that we are members of Mojahedin organization.
Alijani said that : The team that arrested us used all kinds of torture on us and even threatened us that our family will be arrested. This team is very powerful in the pyramid of power therefore for this reason we will deliver our complaint to God and to the people of Iran.

Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA

For more info about this case please search IRAN WATCH CANADA .
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