Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Thursday Dec. 14,2005
News update on Zahra Kazemi's case.

Gooya newsonline reporting from ISNA :
ISNA - One of the lawyer of Zahra Kazemi's mother : To request for the appointment of a special inspector for investigating the case is legal .
One of the defense lawyer of Zahra Kazemi's mother said that; inorder to better investigate the death of Zahra Kazemi , it is necessary that a special inspector be appointed by the head of the judiciary power.
Mr. Mohammad Seifzadeh in speaking with ISNA reporter on the order issued by the appeal court said: About our request from the court on special inspector which the court has rejected , I must say that: The law has clearly granted authority to the head of judiciary power to appoint a special inspector for cases. And we demand that; the case be investigated by a special inspector rather than the public prosecutor . We requested that; the file not to be send again to Tehran public prosecutor's office.
Seifzadeh said: The appeal court found our request for a special inspector not legal , while on the contrary we believe our request is legitimate .

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