Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday Dec. 30, 2005
News Update-
Gooya Newsonline reporting from " Advar " news:

Complete report from a poetry & pray ceremony for Ganji in his home !
"Advar" news : On Thursday evening a ceremony with the presence of many students and political activists was held in Akbar Ganji's ( the investigative journalist ) home. According to Advar news there were alot of people that many were unable to enter the house, therefore many followed the ceremony in the street. This ceremony was organized by " Daftar Tahkim Vahdat" ( a student organization), those present were: Dr. Malakian, Saeed Hajarian, Dr. Malaki, Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi, Basteh Negar, Dr. Kadivar, Engineer Mosavi Khoeiniha, Dr. Zaidabadi, Taghi Rahmani, Narges Mohammadi, Isa Saharkhiz, .............
At the begining of the ceremony the students praised Ganji's resistance , then one of the student chanted a song .
Dr. Zaidabadi spoke about his experience with Ganji while they both were in prison.
Dr. Kadivar said : I have spoken alot about Ganji before, and everyone must defend his life and his rights. He said : Ganji brought alot of pressure on Islamic Republic, and it is surprizing that the regime which bends to foreign pressure dose not want to bend to this particular case. He said we have a government that does not have enough political wit and only pays more attention to personal hatred than to national interest and because of the lack of wit, these people can not even manage a small city, the aviation of the country is as much dangerous that when a plane crashes they can not even evaluate the situation and to find the guilty officials.
He said: by having a lawyer and a journalist in prison shows that there are no freedom of expression in this country and this is a constitutional and human rights violation .The cause of the revolution was for freedom and human rights.............
At the end Ganji's wife ( Mrs. Shafiei) : Thanked each and everyone participated in the ceremony. She said : It is more than 120 days that Ganji is in solitary confinement ( cell number alef-2 in Evin prison) and the prisoner in this cell has no visitation and no news and I'm worry about his health and situation.She said: Mr. Ganji is standing on his openions and has chosen his way and will never go under confession and i ask god to give me and to my children the power to tolerate this absence and his situation.

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