Monday, January 29, 2018

" White Wednesday's " the way it is called as the Iranian women taking off their head cover and stand beside the streets in the Iranian city's ......This is becoming more and more the action against hijab by Iranian women in recent months .....

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Foreign travellers removed their head cover and chanted in the International airport ........

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Tonight Jan. 29 ,2018 The oppressed People of Bandarabbas, Khoramabad and Kerman joined the protest tonight against the repressive regime of Islamic Republic in Iran........

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Islamic Republic A State Of Security Police ........This video clip is showing Police are everywhere around " Majles" Parliament ,where the people who have lost their savings supposed to stage protest , but with the presence of all these security forces ,will they continue to protest ?.........

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Solidarity with Iranian Women Against Compulsory Hijab ....Here A young Iranian Woman removed her Head Cover And Displayed On A Stick At Revolution Square In Tehran ......These Type Of Protest Have Been Going On Elsewhere In Iran and its Part Of White Wednesdays .....These Brave Iranian women know they will be arrested and imprisoned but they do it anyway against Compulsory Hijab In Iran.....

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Today Jan. 14, 2018 People of Bakhtiyari mourn for their young martyr Mohsin Adeli in recent uprising in Iran .......

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jan.11, 2018 .....People in the city of Dezful mourn in the burial ceremony of one of their uprising martyr ...

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Today Jan.9,2018 in front of Evin prison.......Political Prisoners Must Be Released...........Imprisoned Students Must Be Freed ....

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UN special envoy must get involve into the investigation of the three Iranian who have died inside Islamic Republic of Iran prison and save the lives of 3700 other Iranian who have been arrested and detained in recent uprising in Iran.. ... Jan. 9, 2018... In front of Evin prison ....Clashes between the family members of the political prisoners with Prison Guards ..... In recent uprising in Iran against Islamic regime according to Government news , 3700 protesters are arrested and so far 3 of them have died inside the prison and 31 protesters are killed .... This statistics may be not the real ...but what is important now is that , the lives of all these 3700 political prisoners are at risk and independent investigators must be called in by UN to stop further killing of the peaceful Iranian protesters by the Islamic regime in Iran....

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Monday, January 08, 2018

Sina Ghanbari A Young Iranian Protester Commit Suicide In Evin Prison !!??....

Iran Watch Canada:

When regime announce that a political prisoner hanged himself , this is suspicious and must be investigated .
Any prisoner including political prisoner dying in prison are to be investigated by independent investigators.
We know Zahra Kazemi also a Canadian -Iranian political prisoner who died suspiciously in Evin prison.
The lives of all political prisoners including those arrested in recent uprising are in great danger .
According to Asnaf news...

Sina Ghanbari a young Iranian protester committed suicide in Evin prison reported news ....

Mahmoud Sadeghi MP from Tehran in todays meeting said, i have also heard the report that Sina Ghanbari a young protester who was arrested and detained in Evin prison has committed suicide and we are discussing and following the report.

We have to follow the report from public prosecutor and judiciary power , said MP Sadeghi .


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Sunday, January 07, 2018

Jan.7,2018, - The city of Ahwaz .......Students chants ..." Death to Khamene " ........Iran Watch Canada Don't believe on the Word of " Death " to any one ........Iran Watch Canada promote human rights and do not believe on death sentencing ....

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Saturday, January 06, 2018

Jan. 6, 2018 ..Iranian students outside Evin prison singing in solidarity with their imprisoned colleagues . Their colleagues are arrested in recent protests and their lives are in great danger .....

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Gonabadi Dervishes gathered behind the wall of Evin prison, for the 5th days for the freedom of Dervishes. They demand and have said ,they would stage their sit in protest until their colleague is / are released .

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Friday, January 05, 2018

The city of Masjed Soleyman ..mourn during the burial of the two recent protest martyrs .....Today ......

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please sign this petition below prepared by Canadian Journalists For Free Expression in solidarity with Iranian people and defend their rights for freedom of expression . Thank you

Morteza Abdolalian , board member of the Canadian Journalists For Free Expression :

 please sign this petition below prepared by Canadian Journalists For Free Expression in solidarity with Iranian people and defend their rights for freedom of expression . Thank you

Pro-democracy demonstrations in Iran began in the final weeks of 2017. The protests are rooted in growing outrage over questions of democratic representation, wealth and power inequality, economic stagnation, the rights of women and Iran’s foreign policy.
Canada can be the right messenger to encourage the government of President Hassan Rouhani to end the unfolding crackdown on social media, press freedom and dissent. Canada must use its voice to promote a dialogue which centers the democratic rights of the Iranian people.
While Canada chose to end diplomatic relations with Iran in 2012, this dialogue can be achieved through our contacts in the Italian Embassy in Tehran and through mutual friends in the United Nations.
As Canada initiates an urgent diplomatic effort,  it is important for the Prime Minister of Canada to issue a personal statement condemning the lethal crackdown on dissent, expressing support for the right to free expression for the Iranian people and calling on like-minded world leaders to do what they can to bring a peaceful and just end to this unrest.





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Despite Of The Closure Of Internet, Telegram and Instagram program in Iran by Regime, video clips are coming from Iran indicating about the continuation of protest .....Last Night - Tehran , Valeye -asr at Jomhouri Intersection ....People are chanting : Death to Khamenei ........

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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Masjed Soleyman City - Jan, 2, 2018 ......People Cutting Khamenei's Banner in the Street ...

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Today Jan. 2, 2018 In the city of Khorpramabad - Lorestan ........Shame On You Seyed Ali ( Khamenei) .....Leave Alone the Country ....

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For Immediate Release

Iran: Investigate Killings of Protesters
Halt Use of Excessive Force Against Demonstrators

(Beirut, January 2, 2018) – Iranian authorities should refrain from using 
excessive force, investigate the deaths during the current protests across 
the country, and remove arbitrary restrictions on internet access, Human 
Rights Watch said today.

So far, the official news channels of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting 
(IRIB) have confirmed the deaths of at least 21 people including two security 
officers during the protests and clashes with security forces over the past five days. 
The protests began on December 29, 2017, in the city of Mashhad and have spread
 to more than a dozen cities in Iran.

“The rising death toll bodes ill for Iranians who are daring to take their grievances 
to the streets,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights 
Watch. “Rather than issue barely veiled threats against protesters, the authorities 
should investigate these deaths, ensure the rights of all detainees, and guarantee 
that people can protest freely and peacefully.”

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Monday, January 01, 2018

Three young peaceful protesters are among the dead killed by Sepah and Basij militia in the city of Toyserkan .....

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Protest all over Iran ....Here protesters in the city of Arak chants: Political prisoners must be Released !

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Revolution Square in Tehran , Today Jan. 1, 2018 ....Protesters Chant : Death to Dictator .....

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Jan. 1, 2018 Karger Street in Tehran .......Basiji Militia and their assault on peaceful protesters ...

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About The Protest In Iran ....In its 5th days now ....

I want to be as much as rational as i can be at this very emotional time.

This uprising is the result of a very stubborn , undemocratic, corrupt, cruel - clerical regime that won't pay any attention what so over to its people. To have an ear to listen to them and hear what they want.

This regime has no respect at all to Iranian women and men's rights , particularly the women's rights.

this protest is the protest of improvised Iranian people including workers , teachers , graduate students who have no jobs , human rights activists , minorities in Iran and ......

These people have nothing more to lose but bringing change to their lives and to their societies .

One Iranian leader of the Union of Free workers Azim Jafarzadeh said : This protest is our protest .

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What's Going On in Iran......

By : Mori A.

For the last 40 years this regime did not solve the economic and political problems facing the Iranian people. In the early years after the revolution they were blaming the war as a reason for delaying the economic development and then the Mojahedin Organization's uprising against the Islamic Republic which followed the suppression of all political organization and parties one by one , ended with the killing and murdering of thousands of the political prisoners in 1987-88 .
political prisoners mass killing 1987-88

Time and time this regime has promised to the people that their living condition will become better and they have never spoke or did say anything about political development in Iran, meaning the openness , letting the people to express their opinions freely , or  letting the political parties to exercise their rights and join the election . Most opposition political parties are banned in Iran and most of their leaders have left the country due to persecution. The only two factions that are allowed to exercise political freedom are the religious conservatives and religious reformists both from within the political system . When the first reformist won the election with the help of Iranian hopeful and president Khatami inaugurated  its Government , people supported him because they were hoping, he will bring change to their situation and bring openness and take steps on economic policies to change their living conditions. During the first four terms of Khatami's presidency , there were some changes toward more openness / different from the previous Governments , more reformists media were published and some political development for creation of NGO's . but at the same time the hardliners / conservatives opposed Khatami's policies and with the help of Sepah and Basij started their shadow Government by putting pressure on reformists including the media and writers and political critics . As a result of weak reformist Government students started an uprising .
It was during his presidency when student uprising happened which shake Islamic republic for 6 days ...a bloody uprising.
Student Uprising known as " eighteen Tir " 

they were able to start murdering one by one the writers and political critics which was later known as " Chain Murdering " . An intelligent agent Said Emami with its forces murdered several writers including Mohammad Mokhtari , Jafar Pouyandeh , Ali Akbar Saidi Sirjani , Pirouz Davani , Majid Sharif and more than 80 others . Most of them were killed by knives , under torture and other ways ......
Some of the chain murdering victims, writers and politicians

While political openness was happening , at the same time these killings were also going on during Khatami .... and judge Mortazavi was also closing all reformists media for once and all ......So the Government of Khatami was also failed despite of his effort for openness . And president Khatami in his second term was unable to do much and called himself and his Government as " Tadarokatchi " of the system meaning " procurement manager " .

Then the Government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the conservative run the Government for 8 years . In his second term election he cheated the election which brought millions of people into the streets ....which is known as green movement ...many young people were killed during protest including Neda Agha Sultan .
Green movement 2009 - Where is my vote ? This picture shows Mir-Hossein Musavi 
One of the candidate who lost to Ahmadinejad as a result of fraudulent election and Mir - Hossein is under house arrest

Then came the Government of Hassan Rohani as moderate Government with the help of millions of Iranian voted for him against conservative candidate . He promised again to help solve the economic situation of millions of Iranian but he did not speak anything about political development , the only thing he promised was to defend the citizens rights . After the election people saw he did not fulfill his promises and people became more disappointed and poverty increased , corruption reached to a high level among the officials and injustices continued . The pick point was when he released his annual budget ....people saw most of the budget went to the religious cultural centres and to the Sepah and Basiji's forces which are the repressive forces and the government spends millions of dollars to help Hizbollah , in Yemen , in Palestines , in syria and so on........

this was the reasons that the Iranian people were waiting for yet another opportunity to go into the street to chant for their demands , but this time its the workers , the students , the retirees , the teachers , the middle class and the minorities ( like the representative of Zoroastrian from Yazd city who won the election but his ballots were rejected because he was not moslem ) and ......

The recent earthquake in Kermanshah was also a lesson to the people to know the Government and the whole system better .......Because they were so slow in helping people instead it was the people who helped first to the earthquake victims and Government failed...
Recent Kermanshah Earthquake victims - we don't need condolence , we need help

The Government says we don't have money ...while the help the syrian to build their cities and ........

These are the reason Iranian people are into the streets and protesting by knowing they will be killed ..but with no fear continue their protest ......

End /

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Dec. 31, 2017 The Northern city of Lahijan .....the riot police forces escape when the people follow them .......Iranian continue their protest in their 5th days ..........

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The Northern city of Rasht , Mass protest confront with Basiji Militia's ........Today , Jan 1, 2018

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