Thursday, December 30, 2004

Oppression continues ..Regime's deaf ear to world protest & condemnation

Student Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners:

A week has passed since the hunger strike of " Behrouz Javid Tehrani ".
In protest to his transfer from the number one cell in Evin prison to a worker cell and for not categorizing prisoners , " Behrouz Javid Tehrani" went to hunger strike since December 19 , 2004 . He continued his hunger strike and it entered in it's seven days." Javid Tehrani " was arrested during a sit-in by the families of the political prisoners on 17 August 2004 , in front of UN office in Tehran, and yet after 4 months imprisonment his situation is in limbo.
It is needed to say that : Bina Darab Zand , Farzad Hamidi and Hassan Gheisari also have the same situation and are still in prison.
" Behrouz Javid Tehrani " also has been arrested during the university campus demonstration on 1999 and spent more than 3 years in a prison in " Rejaie Shahr " of Karaj . This is one of the horrific dungeon of the regime .

Free political prisoner !
Student Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners

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Monday, December 27, 2004

Islamic Republic present : Dialogue among civilization and stonning

Demonstration against Stonning in Iran in front of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Berlin on Tuesday December 28 / 2004.
"End to this barbaric act of stonning ! "

In Iran a lady by the name of " Vajiheh Esmailvand " for commiting adultry has been condemned to death through stonning. The sentence will be carried at the end of the December

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Clear violation of human rights by Islamic Republic in Iran

Students Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners : "Heshmatolah Tabarzadi " has been sentenced to 16 years imprisonment. " Engineer H. Tabarzadi" general secretary of the" Iran's Democratic Front " Has been sentenced to 16 years imprisonment by the branch #26 of the Tehran's Islamic Revolutionary Court. This sentence has been given to his lawyer " Mr. Behmanesh" and was issued on last week. Engineer Tabarzadi is accused of : Action against security of the country through setting protest and confrontation throughout the country, propaganda against the state, creation of Iran's Democratic Front and insult to leader.
This sentence was delivered in a close court circuit , without presence of defence lawyer or jury and in absentia.His lawyer has been also summoned to the court. This is a clear violation of human rights.

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Look at the picture............?!

25th anniversary imprisonment of " Abbas Amir-Entezam"
" Abbas Amir - Entezam " was the spokperson for the provisional government of prime minister engineer Mehdi Bazargan and he was undersecretary to prime minister . Right after the invasion of American Embassy by the student follower of Khomeini they reported that based on document they found in the embassy Amir-Entezam has secret relation with America. and was arrested, since then he was in prison , he is the longest served prisoner in Islamic regime , for 25 years , he is not in prison now but he is not totally free. Link search for picture to see.


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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Further support needed for " Freshteh Ghazi "

Gooya new in Persian,
Sunday 25th of December, 2004
Call to support " Freshteh Ghazi".
Journalists , Human Rights Advocates and Free Expression : We support "Freshteh Ghazi" The independent journalist !
We the Iranian journalists , human rights advocates and freedom of expression: condemn threat, arrest and torture of " Freshteh Ghazi "; the independent journalist who have been arrested in recent months together with tens of journalists and weblog writers. We announce that; further recall on "Freshteh Ghazi" to the court, while she is under treatment from the tortures of previous detention , it makes us worry, for the possibility of her renewed detention and torture.
While condemning these actions of the Islamic Republic's judiciary system, we demand for the halt on recall and threats towards "Freshteh Ghazi" and her family.
As well, We would like to bring to the attention of all organizations , world associations defending human rights and freedom of expression, the continues violation of basic rights of freedom of expression and demand for the continues investigation and observation of world organizations in this regard and we support " Freshteh Ghazi " for resistance toward " file makers against independent journalists".


Those journalists , human rights and freedom of expression advocates, who would like to signe their name on this support petition , please contact with these emails :
Dorna Kozehgar :
Free Expression :

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Islamic regime in Iran keeps on deaf ear to Justice for Zahra Kazemi.

Gooya News in Persian:
The judiciary file of , Zahra Kazemi's death in review , Iran

Because of the protest by the family and lawyer , The review court of Tehran province, has ordered for the examination of the death of Zahra Kazemi.
According to the report by our judiciary reporter , Tehrans criminal court, after examining Zara Kazemi's death and trial of the only accused in the file ( R. A. ) by virtue of reasons and documents in the file, defence arguments of the accused and his defence lawyer , didn't find the accused of guilty charges and based on the lack of proving reasons , by virtue of article # 37 of the constitution, has ordered for his aquittance .The court also ordered for the payment of the blood money from the treasury , in which the family of the murdered victime and their defence lawyers , has protested to the preliminary court decission and the file has been send to the Tehran provincial review court for examination.

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Monday, December 20, 2004

With " Alireza Jabari " On the occasion of International Human Rights Day

Khosro Shemiranie -

With " Alireza Jabari " On the occasion of International Human Rights Day :
The " Association of Iranian Writers " is banned of activities under no circumstances.

On December 19, 2004 " Alireza Jabari " Translator and member of the Association of Writers, participated in an internet conference , which was organized by the " Iranian human rights activists in Europe and North America " on the occasion of International Human Rights day ( December 10 ) .
In this conference , He spoke about the on going pressures that have been imposed on the Association of Writers in Iran.He described in detail of : physical and mental tortures that have been brought upon him during his imprisonment, obstacles on official activities of the Association of Writers, Pressure that have been brought on journalists , weblog writers and ......... as an evidence to violation of human rights in Iran .
In response to the question of what kind of tortures he has experienced , Alireza Jabari said : After arrest and transfer to the detention, he has been insulted and beaten up by punchs and kicks, On the early days of imprisonment I had blindfold on my eyes and sometimes I was interrogated for several hours,Heart medication which was vital for me was not given to me, they were pulling out and showing the hair from my head and mustach, I was kept in a cell a little bigger than 1meter by less than 2 meters and sometimes i was not allowed to go to washroom.....
This 60 years old writer, about 3 months ago after close to 2 years imprisonment was released and in a response to a question that how can the human rights advocates outside the country help to improve the human rights situation in Iran Said:
The best way , would be to bring reliable information , to follow up , and without magnifying or de-magnifying the grave human rights situation in Iran . Contact with international human rights organizations and bringing precise informations and correct news to them is also important. This session which was delayed for more than 35 min. because of technical problems by the internet service provider , started on sunday at 21:35 Iranian time and finished after 1hour and 45 min.
" Ms. Shiva Nazar-Ahari " director of the " Students Committee in defense of political prisoners " was the other guest to this conference , because of technical problems was unable to express her views on problems.


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protest to this barbaric action .

A judiciary official, confirmed stonning to death of a young woman .

report on the possibility for stonning to death of a woman accused of adultry have been covered the Iranian news media abroad, But today one of the judiciary official confirmed the news.
This official, who spoke on anonimity to a reuiter repoter said : The superior court has aproved the execution of Hajieh Esmail-vand 22 years of age and the kind of performing this sentence is either by hanging or by stonning , which will be chosen. Hajieh Esmail-vand 4 years ago have been accused of adultry and was in prison.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

The ordeal of " Internet sites " journalists.

"Ruidad" newspaper in persian. December 12/2004
The letter of " Ali Mazrui " to president, The detail about investigations and effort to take confession from " Hanif Mazrui ".
I am writting this letter because of the letters that was published in the name of detained journalists known as " Internet Sites " , by judicial assembly . I did not intend to publicly write this letter however due to the noise made by those who had a hand on this project, by publishing these letters of regret they wanted to coverup their illegal,immoral and oppressive acts,made me to write the letter.I hope Tehran judiciary will allow my letter to be pulished as they did force some newspapers to publish those letters and won't use it's censor , so that " the truth seekers and friends of justice " behind the noise can find the reality of what exactly went, on imprisoned internet sites journalists.and if someday in this country a true judiciary system begin its work, will bring justice to what i have reported. Although those detained journalists are free on bail and are awaiting for their trial and sentences! and naturally whatever they say and write must be carefully analyzed and believed.But there is a tomarrow which will bring the truth, and I do not know why those who continousely speak on the discourse of justice are quiet and became just an observer to all these obvious injustice happening on citizens without protection ! The end .
Rajab-Ali Mazrui
December 11/2004

Honourable Mohammad Khatami
The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Hello and re-assuring the greeting,

In continuation to the letters dated November 25/2004 and September 4/2004, Once again I am taking your time , to report to your honour about the freedom of Hanif and other detained people connected to internet sites , So that you will know what went on to these people? and what the investigators were looking for? and what they have achieved? and ...
At around 6:30pm on Tuesday November 9/2004 someone from public prosecutor's office contacted our house and said that tomarrow at 9:00am with a property ownership document for the freedom of Hanif , come to the public prosecutors office in district # 9 of the airport.The next day Wednesday Nov. 10 / 2004, I attended to the location.At first the athorities in prosecutors office said that they do not know anything about the matter, But they asked me and Ghoreishi's family to wait,and at last after one and a half hour they have said you can write the request for bail application, at this time Mr. Derayati joined us too.Each one of us filled the applications and the supervisor of prosecutors office agreed with the writing.the process for the bail took until next day , and they told us that these three people ( Hanif Mazrui, Mehdi Derayati and Massoud Ghoreishi )will be released today, When I asked where should we go to fetch them , they said you don't need to go anywhere , they will come themselves. One of the interesting part of this process was that, there was no name document of detainese in the office , only due to our request and the agreement of office supervisor they followed the matter.
Around 8:00pm while exhusted of waiting for several hours and disappointed of the release, Hanif called and informed us about his freedom, and told us that, from the police station in Nilofar Circle ( The place where he has been arrested ) is calling and will come with a Taxi. After arrival he explained that they were disappointed for the release too , but after 7:00pm they told us to take our belonging and go with them and they told us to ride in their car and around an hour they drove us in the city of Tehran with a blindfold.It was around 8:00pm they told me to take off the blindfold and get off , I was in front of the police station in Nilofar Circle.While saying goodbye to "Derayati" and "Ghoreishi" and because I knew that they do not have any money with them for Taxi, I gave each of them 5000 Tuman ( Iranian money ) and then I got off the car. And right away i called you and came with a Taxi. And later I understood that these two people were droped , the same way but in front of the " Edare Amaken" in Motahari St. , And since the family of "Ghoreishi" up to 2:00pm were waiting there for their children , they brought them to their house. Unfortunately the style of those who were following the files for the release of these people were also the same.
This is what Hanif told us in summary about his ordeal:
Right after entering the prison , while having blindfold and standing opposit to the wall, his investigation was started. The first question was: Write about all your immorality. About this question Hanif asked , What am I charged with?and the interrogator said; just answere the question and we will deal with that later. When Hanif answered that he has no immorality , the interrogator started beating him and again repeats with the questions and at last because of the dead end to this way of questioning , the interrogator starts on the subject that; based on the confession of "Derayati" , you were the technical manager of " Ruidad " sites and you should explain about this.Hanif denied this subject and said about his work in "YAS NO" newspaper and the responsibility of its site , He added that: sometimes when the site got into the problem, they gave me the news by calling me and I by speaking to "Mr. Derayati " solved the problem. After three hours the interrogation came to an end, But half an hour later again the interrogation by confronting Hanif with Derayati continues, which took half an hour.After this interrogation they brought Hanif to his cell, and at night "Mr. Mehdipour" the successor to the public prosecutor of # 9 region of Tehran , calls him in for arreignment and accuses him based on the confession of Derayati for " action against national security through the site of Ruidad" and gives him the detention order , which Hanif without any protests signes it.After this five more times he has been interrogated about immorality, adultry and....the interrogator went as far questioning him about the most private part of his family life, On the next days during interrogation he had no blindfold and he was no longer asked to face the wall instead he faced the interrogator but the questions were no longer about immorality but about political problems( peoples, newspapers, Jebheh Mosharekat and Organization of the Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution ) and they ask him to write about individuals. They also ask him to write whatever he knows about me( his father ) too .That what do I do at home , What do I say, What do I read, whom do I meet, and the activities outside the house in the Association of Syndicate Journalists, newspapers, Jebheh contact with Mr. Khatami, Mousavi Khoeiniha.....and at the end when they do not find anything from the answers to hang on that , again they go back to Hanif's activities and writings in newspapers and at last they find an article from him in "YAS NO" which becomes his charges and Mr. Mehdipour After 47 days and this time in public prosecutors office , brought 8 persons that have convicted of actions against national security of the holly Islamic Republic System through participation in managing the sites, and publication of false daily notes in newspapers to bring public unrest , to arraigne Hanif. and asks him to get ready to the next week for the court and to give the defense argument, after this arraignment , he gives ride to all the 8 accused with the blindfold and one person throw a tear gas among them inside the car and closes the door as a result all of them starts caughing and made noises, which later on the door opens and they get relieved from that terrible ordeal.And people saw the scene and started to protest, Then they asks them to prepare themselves for the court, and they were in their cells. Hanif gave his defense argument which was rejected by the interrogator, and was told that some parts of the argument must be removed, and those revealing points be added .And finally the ordeal comes to freedom with bail. Out of 66 days that Hanif was in prison , He spent 59 days in a solitary confinement 2*5/1 meter and except during the interrogation , In 24 hours only 3 times for only 3 minutes they took him out of his cell for washrooms, during the interrogation many times he had been beaten and was intensely under pressure.
Based on what he has learnt the interrogator was a person with the name of " Keshavarz" ( nearly short, around 50-60 years of age with grey beard and relatively chubby ). The food and hygiene situation of the prison was in midium and aside from the internet sites related people other persons were also kept in that location, the management of the prison was with police forces.of course , as I said in my previous letter, the authorities in the ministry of justice never were willing to disclose the location of this prison, and based on the testimonies , it is a prison out of jurisdiction of the prisons management organization, and therefore it is illegal, and of course based on the testimonies that Hanif has , he distinguished the exact location of the prison.
What they have done on Hanif ,They more or less did on other related detained people . the 13 people that they have released so far , ( on bail ) , they did not have a big case for them in the court, but for the 8 of them they are making a moral case, so that in this way, they bring the case together.And of course god should help them. What they have done in this illegal and brutal actions , Except the " policy of fear " and " bothering actions " there can't be any other name for this and I do not know that these people who talk day and night on the discourse of justice and their believes in religion is so loud , how can they response to their brutal and inhuman actions on the judgement day ? At present in the world they do not see themselves responsive to any person and any place . surely I will write a letter to the leader and in that letter i would explain about this incident under his government . At the end i am attaching a written document that they asked Hanif in a television interview to say in order to be released but he did not give in and they forget to get back this written document. God bless all of us.

All Titles are by IRAN WATCH CANADA.

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Not Kilo's but Tone's of injustices in the Islamic Republic of Iran!

"Dr. Yusef Molaie" Lawyer for Mr. Abbas Amir-Entezam:
Compatriot, The herroic resistance of Abbas Amir-Entezam has come to its 25th Years.

On November 1980, The walls of American Embassy came under control of anti -liberal students and Iranian experienced 444 days history of world diplomacy . and Abbas Amir-Entezam was arrested by the newly Islamic regime with the help of students. who claimed that he was connected to US. Amir-Entezam after spending 550 days in detention , his trial without lawyer, and without having hands on any documents started. He was charged with:1- Participation in conspiracy to disolve the Assembly of Experts and confrontation with " Velayat Faghih" meaning the spiritual leader. 2- trying to divide moslem brothers like revolutionary Palestinian and Libian . 3- Helped the officials of former regime to escape and having relation with counter-revolutionaries and giving information to them. Amir-Entezam later has said on the 3rd visitation of Mr. Galindopole the UN repoter for UN commission on human rights to Iran I charged Islamic Republic for violation of human rights and rejected to be forgiven by the regime while believed it is the regime that should ask for forgivness.He has been out and in again for medical reasons or violation of regimes code of silence.He spent a total of 17 years in prison and 8 years in and out under house arrest .

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Fereshteh Ghazi and Iranian women's rights

Mohammad Seifzadeh, became the lawyer for Fereshteh Ghazi !
Fereshteh Ghazi by signing an affidavit handed her file to Mohammad Seif .Her husband told to the reporter of the women's site that: The reason of doing this is because her court hearing is not done yet and during the time that she was in prison unfortunately she couldn't appoint a lawyer, Therefore our first important job was to get a lawyer for her which is furtunately been done.He added that : Out of 40 days that Ghazi spent in the jail , 23 days of it went with hunger strik and because of this her physical situation is bad and at present she is under doctors observation, But she is not released from the hospital yet.Freshteh Ghazi after spending 40 days in prison was released on last Tuesday.Apparently she has been accused with six count of charges.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

EU to Iran : Release all weblog writers and NGOs activists !

European Union to Iran : All weblog writers and NGO's activists must be released !
European Union in a letter to Iran's ministry of foreign affairs, expressed its concern about the trend of human rights in Iran.From next week the economic and political dialogue between Iran and EU will begin in paris.


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Look at the picture with a rope in her neck..............

The picture says it all.....
" Atefeh" A 16 years old girl have been executed.
The Islamic court in the city of Neka from the province of Mazandran ordered the death penalty by hanging on August 15 / 2004 . She was accused of " corruption on earth " as their Islamic laws calls it . Due to the poverty and without mother ( she was killed in an accident while Atefeh was a small girl ) and growing in a disfunctional family she was abused and had relation with other men , She was mentally unstable. Judge Rezaie ordered the hanging and he himself acted as executioner.During the execution an old man who was watching the scene collapsed and died later. according to her father 3 days after burial her body has been removed from the grave .

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Afsaneh Norouzi cries for international support.

" Shargh " newspaper in persian:
Open trial of " Afsaneh Norouzi" in Kish( An island in the Persian Gulf ).
The defense lawyer of Afsaneh Norouzi reported of an open court session of his client that will take place on December 21/2004 in second branch of justice in Kish.
Afsaneh is the woman, who in self defense for rape killed a semi official ( Behzad ).
She has so far spent 8 years in prison. She needs international support for aquittance.

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Friday, December 10, 2004

Their frustration in prison , The Islamic regimes ignorance and our continuous support.

Communique by " National Union of Students and Graduates of Iran " About the transfer of " Manuchehr Mohammadi" to an undisclosed location.
Second communique of the " NUSGI " : Three days has passed , It's 72 hours that the national hero and student activist , Manuchehr Mohammadi has been kidnaped by the regime from " Evin " prison and there are no news from his situation and the sky cries to this ignorance , indifference and the earth asks question from self that; where are these international organizations, human rights and human rights watch and .... and the time is amazed , that again the hero is alone.
From the public relation of the "National Union of Students and Graduates of Iran" .

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Shirin Ebadi : Free human rights issue classes in Iran.

"Shirin Ebadi", called for a press conference of the " Association of Human Rights Defenders " , On the occasion of the anniversary of universal declaration of human rights.
The president of the "Association of the Human rights defenders" reported about the "free human rights issue classes" in the future by the association.
"Shirin Ebadi" : Iran has adopted The UN charter for political and civil rights on 1975, and the charter speaks on social , cultural and economical rights without any prejudice among human , but in our internal laws there are prejudice on the bases of sex and religion. One of the typical situation is the unequality among men and women, for example the situation of a woman as a witness and man as a witness and polygamy,.......As well, Freedom of expression as one of the foundation of Human rights in Iran has been severly damaged,........Democracy in Iran Is not being followed, The arrest of several blog writters, and also the people can't vote to the one they wanted, These shows the lack of freedom.It is been two years since the association's activity and this NGO has been recieved support from all over the world, but yet the authority does not want to register and issue permission for the association.................

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Human rights watch.. on Iran

November 10, 2004
Iran: Web Writers Purge Underway, Human rights watch
Arrests Designed to Silence NGO Activists
(New York, November 9, 2004) – The Iranian government is moving to silence Internet and Web-log communications, the last remaining outlet for freedom of expression in the country, Human Rights Watch said today.

Many of Iran’s most high-profile civil society activists rely on the internet to get their message out. Human Rights Watch said that the Iranian authorities are arresting these activists and bloggers in order to cripple the country’s growing network of independent nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

“The internet has been a gateway for outreach and information sharing with the Iranian public,” said Joe Stork, Washington director of Human Right Watch’s Middle East and North Africa Division. “With so many NGO activists arrested or under surveillance, the remaining members of civil society fear for their safety.”

Human Rights Watch said that the arrests, which began on September 7, point to a disturbing development in which the government is attacking mid-level activists in the NGO community for the first time. In case of the Internet-related arrests, the authorities are detaining contributing journalists and technicians rather than higher-profile political leaders under whose names these web sites operate.

“We’re talking about rank and file activists working on social and cultural issues,” said Stork. “Their basic freedoms are being sacrificed as conservative leaders try to purge critics from society.”

Human Rights Watch said that to date none of the detainees have been charged with any crime. Judicial authorities have given differing reasons for these arrests. On October 12, 2004, Jamal Karimi Rad, the judiciary’s spokesman, said that the detainees were accused of “propaganda against the regime, endangering national security, inciting public unrest, and insulting sacred belief.” The head of the judiciary, Ayatollah Shahrudi, in an interview with state-run television on October 27, 2004 stated that “these people will be tried in connection with moral crimes.”

Nemat Ahmadi, defense counsel for some of the detainees, has been repeatedly barred from meeting his clients and has stated that they are being kept in solitary confinement.

“The only criminal behavior here appears to be that of Iran’s judiciary officials,” Stork said. “They seem to be ready to defy the country’s own laws as well as its international human rights obligations in solidifying their hold on power.”

Human Rights Watch called on the Iranian authorities to end their harassment and intimidation of peaceful critics, and free the arrested activists immediately and unconditionally.

Internet writers and civil society activists who have been arrested over the past two months include:

• Mahbubeh Abasgholizadeh, the editor of Farzaneh, women’s rights and NGO activist, arrested at her home on November 2,

• Fereshteh Ghazi of the daily Etemad and on-line journalist, arrested in her office on October 28,

• Reza Mir Ebrahimi, former editor of foreign affairs of daily Etemad, arrested on October 27,

• Javad Gholam Tamayomi of the daily Mardomsalari, arrested on October 18,

• Omid Memarian, NGO activist and on-line journalist, arrested in his office on October 10,

• Hanif Mazroi, former journalist, arrested on September 8,

• Amir Mojiri, on-line journalist, arrested on September 8, and

• Shahram Rafihzadeh, cultural editor of daily Etemad, arrested on September 7, 2004.

In addition, a number of prominent civil society activists, including Azam Taleghani, Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, Imad-din Baghi, and Mohammad Maleki have been banned from leaving the country.

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Journalists associations called for press conference..

"Association of the Syndicate Journalists " and " Association in Defense of Press Freedom " called for a Press conference.
"Shamsolvaezin" : for review over the situation of detained internet activists, truth finding committee will be established.
" Isa Saharkhiz" : The idea to establish truth finding committee has been brought by this association during the death of Zahra Kazemi , But today after one month delay , the necessity to establish this committee has been reviewed in the association.
The " Association of the Syndicate Journalists " called a press conference , For the review over the situation of the arrest and release of the internet activists and the publication of thier "letters of regret".
" ILNA " reported that; during the conference all the internet activists who have been detained were present only " Hanif Mazrui" was absent.
" Mashaollah Shamsolvaezin" : As quickly as possible for clearing up the different dimension of the detention situation , safegurd , release , and method of their confession , the truth finding committee must be established.
The letters these activists have written, was as a result of pressure on them and therefore is not in anyway acceptable by legal institutions. And those who have given the order for such a confession (under pressure) must be brought to the court and the intentions for these kind of action must be reviewed.
* As you probably know by now , The intrnet activists have been released, however prior to their release they wrote damaging letter to their personalities. A "regreting letter " ...... One after another but all the letters were almost similar .....
* Both associations called for a gathering on 5th of December , but it was cancelled . From "Mr. Mortazavi" the Tehran prosecutors office an order was issued not to hold the gathering.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A new students news site.

A new students news site.
" News Centre of the Iranian Students " is a newly established news site of the students.
As the group have said : " The site is going to be managed by a group of students from universities in Iran " and it's goal is " To monitor the news and the activities of the students ".
The address of the site is :

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Harassment of citizens continues......

" ISNA " Iranian Students News Agency in Mashhad city-
"Jamshid Khatami" a student in the city of Mashhad, has been summoned to the court.
"Jamshid Khatami" The managing director of the " Jameh Islami publication" of the " University of Azad Islami " in Mashhad , In this regard, has said to the "ISNA" reporter that: One of the candidate of the 7th Islamic legislative councile election in Mashhad , has brought an allegation against me to the court , that I have written false report about him in " Jameh Islami Publication". He added : On Wednesday December 1st / 2004 I have been to the court and heared the allegation and at present I have been released by puting land property as a bail.

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Arbiterary Arrests continues.............

" Khosro Shemiranie " from Shahrvand weekly

"Shiva Nazar-Ahari" : They didn't want anyone know about my arrest.
Shiva Nazar-Ahari The head of the " Students Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners" Who was arrested on December 6th , After more than 12 hours detention , On Monday night was released.In a telephon conversation with khosro Shemiranie the Shahrvand reporter , she spok about her arrest and release from detention.At around 7am when I left the house to attend the December 5th student's event , I took a Taxi and was sitting inside when a car appeared in front of the Taxi and prevented the Taxi to move, Then the agents asked me to get off from the Taxi and to go with them. After resisting to their demands and requesting for the bench warrant from the court , They threatened me to ride with them.Shiva is a student's of developement From " Sadra " university , she said: Then I was brought to the Investigation unit of Ministry of Information in " Vali Asr " intersection.They kept me in detention without asking any question or answer until past 7pm and then released me. This advocate of human rights, in response to a question about the reason of her arrest , answered : They have told me it is in your benefit to be in detention.I told them : " I know better what is good for me " . They didn't want anyone know about my arrest but accidentally one of the aquaintenance witnessed the event and sent the news.

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Monday, December 06, 2004

Freedom not prison ........

"Gooya News":

Student's Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners: "Shiva Nazar Ahari" Has been arrested right in front of the gate of her house.
" Shiva Nazar Ahari" head of the "SCDPP" This morning has been arrested in front of the gate of her house. It is important to note that ; A while ago together with the family of political prisoners she staged a protest in front of the UN office in Tehran and was arrested and later was released on bail.At present there are no information about the location she is been kept.

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

The life of Political prisoners is in great danger !

ALERT from the" society in Defense of Human Rights in Iran":
The life of political prisoners is in great danger !
"Naser Zarafshan" , Lawyer and advocate of human rights, after 2 years imprisonment , pressure and severly sick for kidney problem is in bed in prison's clinic.Befor him "Hassan Yusefi Eshkevari " writer and journalist for freedom ,who is sick for blood sugar many many times have been in bed inside and outside the prison. "Akbar Ganji" The brave and investigative journalist is sick for sever bronchitis. Akbar and Manuchehr Mohammadi after 5 years imprisonment recently recieved permission outside the prison to look for cure.Reza Alijani , Taghi Rahmani and Hoda Saber who were imprisoned for more than a year in different undisclosed prisons , after paying heavy bail still are in prison and their family do not know their whereabout. The situation of Abbas Abdi, Hossain Ghazian, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, Mehrdad Lohrasbi and tens of other unknown political prisoners are having more or less the same situation as others.One of the interrogator of Akbar Ganji have told him that: We can't kill you but you will remain in prison as much that you will be decomposed ( As it was said ). They have also asked Reza Alijani , Taghi Rahmani and Hoda Saber not to speak in universities once being released from prison.Abbas Amir -Entezam who spent 20 years in prison.In recent days Emadodin Baghi, Dr. Mohammad Malaki , Mohammad Ali Dadkhah , Mohammad Seif-zadeh , Isa Sahar-khiz and Azam Taleghani have been banned to leave the country . ................. We also request from you the national and international organizations defending human rights to ask the secretary general of UN , the UN commissioner on human rights , Parliament and commision on European Union to put more pressure on Islamic Republic of Iran to follow the international human rights norms.

signed by: Abdolkarim Lahiji the president of the Society in Defense of Human Rights in Iran , Vice president of the World Federation of Societies on Human Rights ( FIDH) .4 Decamber , 2004

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Friday, December 03, 2004

See what your support does! Thank you...

" Shargh Online"":
Memarian and Rafizadeh has been released .
Omid Memarian and Shahram Rafizadeh , the detaineese from the file known as " Internet Sites" , after paying 50 million Rials has been released. Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh was also released from prison awhile ago . Only Fereshteh Ghazi an accused from Internet Sites is still in prison.

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

IRAN WATCH CANADA : Free Akbar Ganji and Naser Zarafshan Now!

"MIhan " The Magazin that publishes in Paris :
Six years has passed since the " Chain Murdering " in Iran.
The lawyer of the victimes family " Naser Zarafshan " and the International award winning investigative journalist" Akbar Ganji" who has tried hard to investigate about the officials behind this crimes, are both in prison.
See the picture.

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Your support is essential ..........

" ETEMAD" : Shahram Rafizadeh has been released.
" Sharam Rafizadeh " Who was in detention since September 7/2004, Yesterday evening has been released from "Evin" prison. He is released on Bail, and is accused of cooperating with " Internet Sites".

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Let it be another part of the history of Islamic republic regime in Iran.

" Shargh online":
" Mohammad Seifzadeh" , The lawyer of journalists and several political personalities has been banned to leave the country. This came to his attention , when he was in the airport to leave the country.
Seifzadeh is co-founder of " Association of Human Rights Defenders".
list of all who has been banned are reported in IRAN WATCH CANADA.To name few: Emadodin Baghi, Isa Saharkhiz, Azam Taleghani...........

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Thanks to your support. Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh has been released.

" IRNA " Islamic Republic News Agency:

"Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh" has been released.
" M. Abbasgholizadeh" The manager of " Cetre for workshop on NGO's " This Tuesday evening with a bail of 300 milions Rial ( 1 Canadian Dollar is equal to 6000 Rial ) has been released.
She has been active on women issues and NGO's . She was returned from a social justice conference in london and was arrested at her work.She was accused of propaganda against Islam.
Her lawyer " Shadi Sadr " told that since her clients file is in preliminary stage she cant say that much about the file.

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