Sunday, December 05, 2004

The life of Political prisoners is in great danger !

ALERT from the" society in Defense of Human Rights in Iran":
The life of political prisoners is in great danger !
"Naser Zarafshan" , Lawyer and advocate of human rights, after 2 years imprisonment , pressure and severly sick for kidney problem is in bed in prison's clinic.Befor him "Hassan Yusefi Eshkevari " writer and journalist for freedom ,who is sick for blood sugar many many times have been in bed inside and outside the prison. "Akbar Ganji" The brave and investigative journalist is sick for sever bronchitis. Akbar and Manuchehr Mohammadi after 5 years imprisonment recently recieved permission outside the prison to look for cure.Reza Alijani , Taghi Rahmani and Hoda Saber who were imprisoned for more than a year in different undisclosed prisons , after paying heavy bail still are in prison and their family do not know their whereabout. The situation of Abbas Abdi, Hossain Ghazian, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, Mehrdad Lohrasbi and tens of other unknown political prisoners are having more or less the same situation as others.One of the interrogator of Akbar Ganji have told him that: We can't kill you but you will remain in prison as much that you will be decomposed ( As it was said ). They have also asked Reza Alijani , Taghi Rahmani and Hoda Saber not to speak in universities once being released from prison.Abbas Amir -Entezam who spent 20 years in prison.In recent days Emadodin Baghi, Dr. Mohammad Malaki , Mohammad Ali Dadkhah , Mohammad Seif-zadeh , Isa Sahar-khiz and Azam Taleghani have been banned to leave the country . ................. We also request from you the national and international organizations defending human rights to ask the secretary general of UN , the UN commissioner on human rights , Parliament and commision on European Union to put more pressure on Islamic Republic of Iran to follow the international human rights norms.

signed by: Abdolkarim Lahiji the president of the Society in Defense of Human Rights in Iran , Vice president of the World Federation of Societies on Human Rights ( FIDH) .4 Decamber , 2004

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