Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Arbiterary Arrests continues.............

" Khosro Shemiranie " from Shahrvand weekly

"Shiva Nazar-Ahari" : They didn't want anyone know about my arrest.
Shiva Nazar-Ahari The head of the " Students Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners" Who was arrested on December 6th , After more than 12 hours detention , On Monday night was released.In a telephon conversation with khosro Shemiranie the Shahrvand reporter , she spok about her arrest and release from detention.At around 7am when I left the house to attend the December 5th student's event , I took a Taxi and was sitting inside when a car appeared in front of the Taxi and prevented the Taxi to move, Then the agents asked me to get off from the Taxi and to go with them. After resisting to their demands and requesting for the bench warrant from the court , They threatened me to ride with them.Shiva is a student's of developement From " Sadra " university , she said: Then I was brought to the Investigation unit of Ministry of Information in " Vali Asr " intersection.They kept me in detention without asking any question or answer until past 7pm and then released me. This advocate of human rights, in response to a question about the reason of her arrest , answered : They have told me it is in your benefit to be in detention.I told them : " I know better what is good for me " . They didn't want anyone know about my arrest but accidentally one of the aquaintenance witnessed the event and sent the news.

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