Friday, February 28, 2014

Ali Janati, Minister of Islamic Guidance : Websites such as Khodnevis, Gooya News , Akhbare Rooz, Radio Farda , Iran Emrooz , Radio Zamaneh and Kayhane of London should become free from filtering......

Ali Janati: Using the website that are outside of Iran with keeping in mind the judiciary opinion .
Ali Janati: Everywhere in the world people with opinion say whatever they wanted to say about their government and the system and nothing happens, we are the only one afraid of the critical views of our opposition and we think if they say their opinion something might happen.
Ali Janati is the minister of guidance in the cabinet of president Rohani and recently he have said: All social networking should become free from filtering ,today in an un-precedent press conference he told: Since thousands of Iranian visit Khodnevis website, what is the meaning of  keeping this website under filtering. They should publish their materials and we should answer them back.
Ali Janati In response to a reporter who have said: Can it be possible?
Ali Janati: Why not , and we can respond them well - Ali Janati: is it not that , in the past all website were free ?
Janati also freed other websites from filtering , they are:
Gooya News, Akhbare Rooz, Iran Emrooz, Radio Farda , Kayhan of London , radio Zamaneh and Khalij Fars.

One Minister orders removing filtering from some website and another officials threatens them to filtering , this situation can't be tolerated , because a lot of people and journalists will be subject of close watch by Ministry of information and will be subject to criminal activities. Sometimes a paper even with official business permit starts printing and later with an article angry mobs calls for its closure and regime orders for its closure.
Iranian People are tired with this kind of games.....

News from ...Link:

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

My name is Sarang Ettehadi. I am 35 years of age. I reside in prison.

Before I set out to write these words, I pondered on a befitting title. Several titles such as a screed, a petition, a complaint, or a plea came to mind, but none would serve to capture the purpose I seek.

I subsequently decided to leave this letter untitled. Then I wondered to whom I should address these words: the judge, the prosecutor, my friends, or even myself.
My conclusion was to not limit the audience to any particular person. This letter should speak to anyone who chooses to read it. I firmly believe that such letters will find their own readership, and, through the interaction of the letter and its readers, new understanding will emerge. Therefore, if you are in possession of this letter, rest assured that these few words, laden with a myriad dreams, are meant exactly for you, the reader.
I am an adherent of the Bahá'í faith and live with my wife, Nasim. I do not know how much longer I get to live in the comfort of my own home. A few weeks ago, a judge handed me a five-year prison sentence. My wife also has received her sentence: one year in prison. I was convicted, more or less, of the same “crime” for which many prisoners are, even as I write these words, serving time in Iranian prisons:
Acting against national security,” “participation in an illegal organization,” “propaganda against the regime”
Even though I have never committed any such crime, my purpose for writing these words is not to attest that I have never acted against the regime or national security. I am not out to prove my innocence in the court of public opinion. This is intended to be an open letter and not the transcript of a hearing, which, in my case, occurred in absentia. This is a letter by a citizen with a hefty sentence; one who must spend five precious years of his life in a place outside of his home; a place called prison.
I am among the many thousands of Bahá'ís, who, with the dream of building a glorious future for Iran, chose to call Iran our home, did not leave my homeland, and persevered, through the power of love and hope, despite adversity. Even though, in my home, being a Bahá'í is equivalent to accepting a wave of discrimination, injustice, prison, execution, deprivation from education, unemployment, confiscation of property, and even desecration of the graves of loved ones, my love for this sacred land does not fade in the face of these deep wounds. In the eyes of an esteemed judge, I am among the many thousands of Bahá'ís whose participation in a devotional prayer meeting is tantamount to “activity in an illegal organization” and whose consorting with non-Bahá'í friends is equivalent to “promoting the Bahá'í religion” and “propaganda against the regime.”
I know full well that such disconsolate description of injustice is not limited to the Bahá'ís in Iran and applies to many other dissidents who have chosen to stay in their homeland and persevere with the dream of brighter days on the horizon. None of them belong behind bars or in solitary confinement. Perhaps this open letter is representative of their collective voices; the voices of those who, in their own homeland, are denied their most basic right of freedom and equality. 
I am convicted of propaganda against the regime and membership in the Bahá'í faith. If the appellate court, whose date is fast approaching, confirms my sentence, I will have to report to prison to serve for five years. Five years behind bars means one thousand eight hundred and twenty five sunrises and sunsets. In the next few days my fate will be known as to how many sunrises and sunsets I must be deprived from witnessing. Perhaps if this letter reaches those who can fathom the meaning of these words, justice might be served in the appellate court. 
I firmly believe that no innocent man should ever have to endure prison. The bitter chronicle of events that I have experienced, aside from religion, language, or ethnicity, must never afflict any other human being. I love freedom and have chosen to remain in my homeland. I may write these words from the depths of darkness, but my heart is illumined with the warmth of tomorrow’s sun. I believe that if we take that first step and demand our share of justice today, our prisons of tomorrow may be emptied of those innocent souls, of any creed or ethnicity, and no one would have to bear saying farewell to the warmth of his own home or the embrace of his loved ones to serve an unjust sentence. But if we sit in silence and begin to count the new “guests” that get added daily to the ranks of innocent prisoners behind bars, perhaps today’s reader of this letter will be the author of the next such open letter; a letter with a disconsolate opening; an opening that pains my heart and goes, more or less, like the following:
My name is Sarang Ettehadi. I am 35 years of age. I reside in prison.

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A young man last wishes to see his mom before going to the execution gallow was denied by the executioner and his fight with.......


Disturbing news and video are coming from Iran .....
A young man who was about to be publicly executed fought with his executioner . The reason for fight was that, he requested from the executioner to let him for the last time to see her mom which was denied by the executioner.

Since this was a public hanging via crane and an executioner was operating the crane......Many people witnessed the situation and sympathized with the young man , a camera also recorded the event. This was a very disturbing and painful event yet the Iranian saw the savagery of the Islamic laws and Islamic regime in Iran. The young man was shouting and begging the executioner to let him see his mom. In the video we can hear him loudly begging to see his mom and we also can hear the background noise people are showing their sympathy with the young man. Yesterday three Iranian were publicly hanged in the city of Karaj.  Regime continues the public execution to keep fear in the Iranian atmosphere .......The thoughts behind this policy is just to create fear and keep the situation and not lose the ground for yet another green movement for coming.
Link to this news :

This is a very disturbing video - please do not see this - I left it here for case file against the Islamic regime judiciary headed by Mohammad Sadegh Larijani.

People's comments:
any crime he did they must give him he's last wish before execution which was seeing his mother he was clearly shutting  ' let me see my mother for last time,  mum  forgive me " them with  you islamic republic of iran

any crime he did they must give him he's last wish before execution which was seeing his mother he was clearly shutting  ' let me see my mother for last time,  mum  forgive me " them with  you islamic republic of iran
Messy botched job.  Gratuitous suffering of this man for the masses.  Poor guy choked instead of having his neck snapped.  Disgusting!
 At the end of the video a young Iranian telling: Whatever his crime was, he had a last wish and that was to see his mom and the executioners must have fulfilled his request. And then he ask the reporter ,are you from IRNA news agency? , response is yes ,
Young Man: do you know what was his crime ?
 IRNA reporter: No,.............????????

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mohammad Nourizad Iranian writer and film critic: Agents of the Ministry of Information beat me up and.....

Mohammad Nourizad was a follower of Seyed Ali  Khamenei for many years ,but after  2009 presidential coup, he became critical to the policies of Khamenei and as a result, he was arrested and detained for many times.
On Monday agents of the Ministry of Information beat Mr. Nourizad in front of the Ministry's building and he was transferred to Evin prison for a short period of time
In his Facebook ,Mohammad Nourizad wrote:

"My Face touched on the Highway ground , An agent known as " Sar Be Zir" put his knees at the back of my head, the gravel cut /bruised above my eyebrow and blood was gushing out , my nose had similar fate , although my struggle was useless but i tried to prevent the gravel from entering in my skin. " Sar Be Zir's " knee was making it difficult for me, my eye glasses remained under my face and it could break any time and cut my face, the driver shouted , did you want this ,Psycho ? While my mouth was touching the ground ,i replied :I'll be here tomorrow ......."

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Faezeh Hashemi: The Situation of Media During Constitutional Revolution was Better Than Today, The Situation of Women was Better Before the Revolution !

ISNA news agency on Monday reported:
In a Meeting about the Media Freedom and the future of reform ,Faezeh Hashemi said:
If a country has more media freedom that country is more developed.

Faezeh Hashemi president of the "Defenders of Media Freedom " said ;" On the media situation we have gone backward and during the constitutional revolution the media situation was better than today. During constitutional revolution media need not media license , hundred years ago the media situation was better. Newspapers must function in the frame work of law. Unfortunately today not only the license but they take severe punishment towards a newspaper.
During Nov. /2013 To end of Feb./2013 Newspaper such as Bahar , Neshat , Shahrvand Emrooz, Ya Lesaratol Hosein and Asman were shut down because of articles or content and their managing editors like in the case of Asman was summoned and detained for three days.
Ms. Faezeh Hashemi said: Without any trial and conviction The managing editor of Asman was sent to Evin prison . Ms. Faezeh believe that the government of President Rohani will be able to control these kinds of events.
Ms. Hashemi said: In an interview with " Shargholosat " Newspaper ,i said: The women situation was better before the revolution and the women before the revolution had representative in the Upper Senate Assembly and even we had minister in the Government cabinet..........

Link in Farsi:

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Group of Independent Writers, Film makers, Poets , Social and Political Activists and Human Rights Advocates in a Statement demanded for the Freedom of All Political Prisoners including Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, Ahmad Zeidabadi and Ali Rashidi from the Prison !

The signatories of this statement call regime to release all political prisoners from prison.
At 1:00 pm last Tuesday the security and intelligence agents of the regime attended at the house of Heshmatollah Tabarzadi who was on leave of prison due to long time imprisonment and illness and arrested and transferred him to prison,while he was on leave for a year for illness and medical treatment.
Doctor Ali Rashidi member of the national leadership council of the National Front after arriving at public prosecutors office arrested and detained .
Doctor Ahmad Zeidabadi journalist and a political activist also after coming from prison for a leave of absence is arrested and detained again.

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Cultural Deputy of Sepah Pasdaran's Comment on Mahmoud Dolatabadi's Book : This Novel is the Most Counter Revolutionary Novel After the Revolution !!???

The Deputy on Socio-Cultural of Sepah Pasdaran Warned on the Permission given for the publication of Mahmoud Dolatabadi's new Novel known as " Zavale Colonel" ( The Downfall of Colonel).
Hamid Reza Moghadamfar the deputy on Socio-Cultural of Sepah Pasdaran in speaking with Tehran Press commented on the Novel of  Mahmoud Dolatabadi the renowned Iranian writer titled " Zavale Colonel" ( The Downfall of Colonel ), He said: This Novel is the Most Counter Revolutionary Novel Since the Revolution.!!???

He added :" I do not know completely what is going to happen but some of these events are making the Iranian revolutionary society to worry."
Mr. Moghadamfar believes Mr. Dolatabadi has deep relationship with outside Iran and why he should be called as the best Iranian writer.
Last Sunday Aseman Newspaper reported that, after five years ban on publication Dolatabadi's novel Zavale Colonel will be published in March this year. According to Aseman the first publication will be up to 50,000 copies.
This novel is about an officer in the late Shah's army. The novel review's the life of the officer and his family during the period of the 1978-79 revolution. The story of the novel is all about one night but it looks at a century of Iranian peoples struggle to achieve a developed and modern society. This novel has already won the famous swiss international award in 2013. Colonel has five children who belong to different political organizations with different destinies. This novel has been translated to English and received best translation book in America.
Mr. Moghadamfar the socio-cultural deputy of Sepah said: I hope this news is not true and if it is true, that means a great deviation in policy has occurred .


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Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Ravina Shamdasani
Location:        Geneva
Subject:        1)        Iran

1)        Iran

We are deeply concerned about the reported spike in executions in Iran since the beginning of this year. In just over seven weeks, at least 80 people have been executed. Some reliable sources indicate the figure could be as high as 95.

The majority of these executions were for drug-related offences, which do not meet the threshold in international law of “most serious crimes” for which the death penalty may be applied. A number of individuals were also executed in secret and at least seven people have been executed in public this year.

We are especially concerned about the reported execution in secret of Mr Hadi Rashedi and Mr Hashem Sha’bani Amouri, both members of the Ahwaz Arab community. Their executions were reportedly carried out last month (January) following proceedings that did not meet international fair trial and due process standards, as laid out in article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The two men were reportedly sentenced to death on ill-defined charges of “enmity against God” (Moharebeh), corruption on earth (Mofsid fil-arz) and acts against national security. They were allegedly denied access to a lawyer and their families for the first nine months of their detention, and reportedly subject to torture to force confessions. Various UN Special Rapporteurs and United Nations human rights mechanisms had previously expressed serious concerns about their sentences and appealed to the Government not to proceed with the executions.

An escalation in executions, including of political prisoners and individuals belonging to ethnic minority groups, was notable in the second half of 2013. At least 500 people are known to have been executed in 2013, including 57 in public. According to some sources, the figure may be as high as 625.

We regret that the new Government has not changed its approach to the death penalty and continues to impose capital punishment for a wide range of offences. We urge the Government to immediately halt executions and to institute a moratorium.

On a related note, the Secretary-General and the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran are due to present their reports to the 25th session of the Human Rights Council in the coming weeks.
For more information or media requests, please contact Rupert Colville (+41 22 917 9767 / or Ravina Shamdasani (+41 22 917 9169 / or Cécile Pouilly (+41 22 917 9310 / )

UN Human Rights, follow us on social media:
Check the Universal Human Rights Index:

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Un-precedent Attack by Islamic fundamentalists against Popular Iranian Artists.....An Insult to Iranian conscience ......Will Iranian People keep silence ?

Hosein Shariatmadari : Ahmad Shamlou was a Nazi Spy and Sadegh Hedayat was a Filthy man !!??
IRAN WATCH CANADA: Shamlou was a popular Iranian poet and Sadegh Hedayat  a Well known Iranian writer ,both will remain in the hearth of Iranian people and Iranians are proud of them.

In recent months un-precedented united attack by Iranian Islamic fundamentalists against popular artists,writers,poets,film makers has increased . The fundamentalists have their agenda and does according to their plan, what makes them angry and to retaliate against people and Iran is because day after day these reactionary forces in Iran is being pushed away and lose ground in the Iranian society . Iranian people know very well these reactionary /fundamentalist Iranian - Clergies, MP's , Friday prayer imams , their names and profiles ...among them, Resaei (MP) , Vaez Tabasi, Janati, Hosein Shariatmadari (Keyhan Newspaper), Kochak Zadeh (MP), Rohollah hoseinian (MP),Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi,  and many many more..... These are just a few enemies of Democracy,reform and Freedom in Iran ......

Here are their picture according to the names:
2-Vaez Tabasi-
3-Ahmad Janati
4-Hosein Shariatmadari
5- Kochazadeh
6-Rohollah Hoseinian
7-Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi

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As Many As 60 Civil rights activists in the city of Ahar are arrested !

According to a report on Thursday many civil rights activist in the city of Ahar are arrested . These activists were celebrating the International Day of Mother Tongue / Mother language . During the arrest police beat and wounded many of these activists. On thursday these activists were gathered in the house of Akbar Abolzadeh's father in the city of Ahar.Among those arrested are Abbas Lesani, Akbar Abolzadeh and many more names . Background: On Feb.21 each year people around the world celebrate the International Day of Mother Tongue/Mother Language which was introduced by UNESCO on Nov.17,1999.

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Mr. Shahin Dadkhah a Diplomate and member of the Negotiating Team of President Hassan Rohani is detained in Evin Prison by " Sepah Intelligence" !?

According to a report, on Wednesday Feb 19 at noon time Doctor Shahin Dadkhah a member of the nuclear energy negotiating team of president Hassan Rohani is arrested and detained in a solitary confinement ward of 2-A in Evin prison by " Sepah Intelligence".
There are no news on the reason for his arrest but it is said that his English articles abroad may be the possible reason for his arrest .

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Independent "Asman" Newspaper is shut down by Islamic Judiciary and it's Managing Editor end up in Evin Prison!

Asman newspaper is an independent morning newspaper of Tehran.On last Tuesday Asman published an interview with Mr. Hermidas Bavand and in that interviws Mr. Bavand talked about a memory from 35 years ago and that memory was about a statement signed by 12 scholars about the word "Ghesas" ( meaning avenge/revenge or vendetta /eye for eye sharia law )as a inhuman bill and Mr. Najafgholi
 Habibi with an order by Khomeini expelled all of them from their work and Mr. Bavand said : This was all i told .  
Mr. Bavand added: "I didn't know because of these words Asman newspaper will become the target by radical clerics and fundamentalists media such as "Tasnim" and "Fars news" to write about it and put pressure on judiciary to shut down Asman newspaper and i'm very sorry ,i just talked about a memory."
The judiciary not only ordered for the closure of the newspaper but also arrested and detained Mr. Abbas Bozorgmehr the managing editor of Asman newspaper to Evin prison.
Link to this news in Farsi:

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Public Prosecutor of " Bandar Imam - (Imam Port) " has summoned eight Petrochemical Workers !

Mr. Ebrahim Pirayesh the president of the " Workers House " of Imam Port in speaking with ILNA news agency said:
Eight workers have been summoned by public prosecutor and court of revolution on a complaint by the management of Razi petrochemical industry .The complaint are that; these workers are causing disturbance in production line and few other charges . The names of these workers are :
Gholamhosein Heydari Mousa, Hendi Jani, Maziyar Rahimzadeh, Alireza Bahadori, Adel Rashedi,Ali Sajedinia, Faribourz Kiani and Nasim Jonki
These workers are part time workers and their summon is based on their protest for their demands on increase in their salaries which was agreed earlier in an agreement by the management.
These workers have been threatened for lay off and among them Nasim Jonki is fired.
Background -
In the past month the management of " Fajr Petrochemical", " Chaderamlo Mine in the city of Yazd"and " Polyekril in the city of Isfahan" took same steps against workers who protest for their rights and against managements.

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Mohammad Ali Jafari The Commander of " Sepah Pasdaran" of the Islamic regime in Iran : "No one should cross the red line" !

Today  Wednesday Feb.19,2014 Mohammad Ali Jafari the commander of Sepah Pasdaran speaking with Basiji students from all over Iran gathered inside US Embassy said:
" No one should cross the red line. The "street quarrel" of 2009 ( Iran Watch Canada:The street protest of millions of Iranian after presidential election coup)aimed at our revolution. We will keep silence for now on 5+1 negotiation with west ,because we are in a very sensitive situation and this negotiation must continue and the main goal is to remove the economic pressure over the country and to pass from this period. "


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Rohani Is serving more the master than the masses....

News from Iran......
News coming from Iran shows of more public and private hanging /Execution in Iran.Regime's policy did not change on public hanging.
One news indicate of 20 execution in one day and another news says of many execution in different city's in Iran.
Two people are hanged in the city of Zanjan on drug charges.
Four people are hanged inside the Kerman city prison on drug charges.
Four people are hanged in the city of Ghazvin: One was public hanging in Mother Square and three were hanged in Choubin prison all on drug charges.

Tuesday - Eight people are hanged in Ghazal-Hesar prison on drug charges.
Monday- Two people are hanged in the city of Noushahr -for murder charges ( Based on "Islamic Ghesas law- Revenge/ Eye for eye/ death for death" .

Two young people are hanged in the city of Karaj for violence against women in the area.  
Saturday - Four people are hanged in public in the city of Shiraz and Karaj (Golshahr) on sexual charges.
Link to these news in Farsi:

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Alireza Sabouri Miyandehi ,The Young Iranian who was shot by Regime Sniper during 2009 Green Movement protest is buried in Berlin....

Report by Akhtar Ghasemi-
Alireza Sabouri was shot on the head by regime sniper during silent rally in 2009 green movement uprising. Alireza was 21 years old when shot by Basiji sniper.

He later came to US and applied for refugee status and lived two years in Boston but died because of that gun shot wound . He left Iran because of persecution . Regime did not allow his body to be transferred and buried in Iran ,therefore his relatives in Berlin helped to transfer the body to Berlin and buried there.


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Monday, February 17, 2014

Mansour Osanlou speaking in a panel in Washington University On United Labor Power with other Iranian Organizations acting for their rights and against the Regime !

Mansour Osanlou Iranian Transit /Bus Workers Union leader who is currently living in exile:

The Islamic regime after 30 plus years of revolution was unable to deliver the silent demands of Iranian people which was echoed in slogans during revolution of 1978-79 and those demands were;Bread , Shelter and Freedom. The other slogan was;Independence,Freedom and social justice.
After all these years these silent demands are unfortunately still on the table . And yet the statistics on execution has increased , the freedom of political prisoners did not happen, and some of those political prisoners released was because their prison terms were almost coming to end, and at the time when i was in prison together with other prisoners like Heshmatolah Tabarzadi, Reza Shahabi and many others,we came together without asking on which group or party they belong or without asking what were their faith or belief ,but came together on common goals to work and support the silent demands of people in green movement. Most of the people participated in green movement including student, women or middle class were from wage earning families, plus a 10-15% of people who were owner of a small business. This shows a national solidarity or unity exist in the society. It is not long since the green movement and therefore this movement and it's demands still exist. Even before green movement there were workers movement like the opening of bus drivers unions office in 2005,these did not happen over night ,it took 20 years , workers from different part of Iran were coming together to know more about labor union and labor rights. In every movement the social fabric of the society is important , for example on the issues of labor rights ,my own mother was collecting signature from the women living around majidieh square, all of these shows that in our society a desire exist to achieve their rights,these rights at the time of revolution were in slogan like independence , freedom and social justice. In recent time when president Rohani was visiting city's in the provinces ,some slogan like; political prisoners must be freed or No to execution were heard , at present one of the most important of these demands is the demands by workers from all over Iran, even you look at the ILNA news agency ,you can see news about workers protest ,strike or gathering for their unpaid wages and demands, workers of : Folad Zagros, petrochemical workers from different part of "Pars Jonoubi " or " Traktor Sazi " and "Iran Khodro " ,the workers in Iran khodro went on strike not receiving their food and called for increase in wages and decrease in production speed , 10,000 workers participated in this protest which is still going on , workers of " Neyshekar Haft Tapeh " and Karoon are also continuously in strike or protest for their five months unpaid wages and insurance and other rights, Workers of " Traktor Sazi " in the city of Tabriz went on protest in front of Governor office and the Friday prayer imam of that city got involved and asked the authorities to pay the workers unpaid salaries,... the teachers union has become more active in recent years ...therefore Iranian people wherever they live are calling for their demands as part of national demands and their activities are becoming more organized. Another demand is " NO to Forced Hijab " which has become increasingly popular and strong and women or girls are fighting back by rejecting the veil or loose cover all dress.... since the main forces in Iran are wage earners, they are the strong forces in the future movements in Iran...
My friends like Tabarzadi and Reza Shahabi told me to go and tell these stories to all over the world and ask for the solidarity between the people inside Iran and the opposition outside Iran. For example working in solidarity in the coming March 8 the International women day events and making this a social movement .....
Thank you.....
See the video here:


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Mansour Koushan ,Iranian writer ,journalist and one of founder of the " Freedom of Expression House " has Died Sunday in Norway !

Mansour Koushan was 65 years old.

He was a writer ,journalist , play rights and a strong supporter and advocate of Freedom of Expression in Iran. After the chain murdering of Iranian writers in Iran by Ministry of Information and its agents and after actively participating in the famous statement of "134 writers" known as " We Are The Writers" , and because of the Ministry of Information agents attempts to silence the Iranian journalists ,writers and politicians  ,Koushan left Iran and resided in Norway where he received international award for his effort on Freedom of Expression and against censorship in Iran.
In the past years i was in touch via email with Mansour Koushan working on the issue of Freedom of Expression in Iran and the " Freedom of  Expression House".
A few years ago when my young son Daniel died in a tragic accident ,Mansour Koushan wrote me a very warm message and sadly i have to write this painful message on his death.
Mr. Koushan died in Norway Yesterday in a long battle against Stomach cancer.
IRAN WATCH CANADA expresses its deep sympathy and condolence to his family and his memories will stay with all of us Iranian ......

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine Celebration in Iran....

Valentine is celebrated in Iran.....This picture shows one of the store with Valentine shoppers & Goodies....
Valentine in Iran is called as " Rooze Oshagh" ( The day of Lovers). Happy Valentine....

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"The Regime Must be The One to Exuviate "

That is what the Association of Iranian Writers told in response to Mr. Salehi the cultural deputy of the Ministry of Guidance . According to ISNA news agency ,The cultural deputy of the Ministry of Guidance told to ISNA reporter that;for the Association of Iranian Writers to begin their activities again,it must exuviate. Mr. Salehi is asking the Association and its members to exuviate which means not to fight against censorship. Ministry of Guidance must let the Association to hold its annual AGM .

Since the establishment of the Islamic regime in Iran ,the Association of Iranian Writers was under constant attack. In 1981 the office of the Association was attacked by Islamic fundamentalist mobs and whatever was inside the office were either taken away or destroyed . At the end of 1981 when the members gradually came together to continue their cultural activities and their fight against censorship ,again they came under pressure and threat by regime . The one that began these policy was Kayhan newspaper by writing stories or scenario making and blackmailing against the Association and its members and preparing the situation for security & intelligent forces to persecute the members ,and then the "Seda va Sima ( regimes TV & Radio ) started broadcasting the " Hoviyat" program against the Association and its members. Then came the pressure on those 134 writers who have put their signature under the statement " We are writers" , and then when the ministry of Information planned to send the bus of the writers to the cliff and kill all the writers inside the bus and after all of these the regime decided to assassinate the Iranian writers one by one ........
Therefore,because of all these inhuman activities by the regime , it must be the regime and the ministry of Guidance which needed to exuviate and not the Association of Iranian Writers.
Link to this news in Farsi:


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Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani became the president of "The Association of Media Freedom " !

Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani is the daughter of Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and in the past she had published and worked in media industry. She is also a controversial person among the family member of the regime and participated in green movement. The spokesperson for the Association of Media Freedom Mr. Abbas Safaeifar  speaking with ISNA reporter said: During the session of the Association council Ms. Faezeh Hashemi was nominated as president , Ms. Badrosadat Mofidi as vice president and Mr. Abbas Safaeifar as the spokesperson of this association.
In the past Mohsen Kadivar was the president and Mashaollah Shamsolvaezin as the spokesperson.
This association was founded in 1998 and received its permit from the Ministry of interior . This association was closed with an order by the judiciary power and most of its members were either arrested and detained or left Iran before,during and after the event known as Green movement .
Link in Farsi:

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Blatant Discrimination in Football: Gross Gender-based Measures against Female Players in Iran

۶Rang )Iranian Transgender and Lesbians Network(,7 February 2014 – Following what Islamic Republic officials call sex/gender determination tests, seven football players in Iran have been barred from taking part in upcoming games. In an interview with ISNA, Ahmad Hashemian, the Chair of Iran’s Football Federation medical team, stated: “Their case is not the same as those involving illegal drugs that is limited in duration. They have been banned because of gender ambiguity,” he further explained, “as an Islamic country we are more adamant in these matters than other countries or FIFA. In an earlier interview with ILNA he emphasised: “If these individuals are able to solve their problems through [sex reassignment] surgery and proper medical procedures, they are then able to take part in football and futsal games.”
Based on this policy all women in national leagues whose routine tests indicate a level of androgen similar to that considered normal for a man, must face additional medical examinations and submission of specific forms signed by the league’s designated doctor prior to entering into a contractual agreement. Although internationally these tests are aimed to maintain fairness among all female players, in the case of Iran the tests are used as a means of gender discrimination and forced sex assignment.
Reliable sources inform the Iranian Transgender and Lesbians Network (6Rang) that during last August and based on the same policy, none of which details have been made public, the authorities told one of the female members of the national rugby team whose voice and body resembles that of a man, that she is not allowed to take part in the games.
Based on published reports, officials repeatedly refer to women players whose appearance is not typically feminine as bisexed, and subject them to harassment and ban from participation in the games. 6Rang considers these practices to be a clear case of discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression, both of which are recognized as among the prohibited grounds of discrimination by the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the Human Rights Committee.
It is important to note a decision by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) in 2011, androgen tests are only permissible in cases involving women who have undergone levels similar to those in men, in order to determine whether it will place other female athletes at a disadvantage. If test findings point to this, then the athlete in question faces a temporary ban but may return to the games once androgen tests point to an acceptable level. The cause of this temporary ban may be treated as confidential information and the athlete is free to publicise other information as possible explanation for the ban.
Mandatory sex/gender determination tests and policies that make it impossible for women to participate in games merely because of exhibiting gender non-conformity violate women’s right to private life. This right is protected by international human rights standards including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR, Article 17) to which Iran is a party. Requiring women to undergo unnecessary medical treatments including harmful sex change surgeries also violates their right to the highest attainable standard of health, which is protected under international human rights law, including the UN Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR, Article 12). The Committee, in charge of implementation of the CESCR states: “The right to health contains both freedoms and entitlements. The freedoms include the right to control one’s health and body, including sexual and reproductive freedom, and the right to be free from interference, such as the right to be free from torture, non-consensual medical treatment and experimentation. By contrast, the entitlements include the right to a system of health protection which provides equality of opportunity for people to enjoy the highest attainable level of health.”
The Yogyakarta Principles on the current status of human rights law in relation to gender identity and sexual orientation, echo the same by clarifying: “No person may be forced to undergo any form of medical or psychological treatment, procedure, testing, or be confined to a medical facility, based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Notwithstanding any classifications to the contrary, a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity are not, in and of themselves, medical conditions and are not to be treated, cured or suppressed.”
Field research carried out by 6Rang indicates that individuals whose style, behaviour, physical characteristics, interest or pursuits fall outside the parameters of what is considered as typically male or female, are frequently subjected to harassment and abuse not only by their families or society, but also by police, educators, medical establishments and sports facilities. The same body of research indicates that transgender citizens are covertly and overly pressured and forced to undergo sex change operations in order to fit into socially and legally defined male or female identity and sustain a binary legal and social order that segregates most social spaces by gender and enforces discrimination against women
6Rang calls on the Iranian government to provide explicit legal protection against discrimination on grounds of gender identity and gender expression in all areas of social and cultural life including sport. It further demands that the government abolish any medical requirement, including medical diagnosis and sex change surgery, in relation to female athletes and ensure that public policies regulating their participation in sport opportunities do not perpetuate stereotypical notions of masculinity and femininity.


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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Gholamreza Khalili an Iranian Lawyer is arrested !

More than a century struggle and cry of Iranian for independent " Edalat-khaneh" ( House of Justice ) ,since the constitutional revolution in Iran , still an urgent and serious demand. 
According to news coming from Iran on Thursday agents of the Ministry of Information in the city of Tabriz arrested Mr. gholamreza Khalili (an Iranian lawyer) . A source close to Mr. Khalili's family told : The arrest is part of a pressure on Mohammad Ali Khalili who is also a lawyer and brother of Gholamreza who live in exile. There are no news on Gholamreza Khalili's whereabout.
Link to this news:

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Bahai's Living in continues Fear for their life in Iran Under Islamic Apartheid !

According to news from Radio Farda ,Diane Alai representative of world Bahai's speaking in UN confirmed the attack at night with knife to a Bahai family in the city of Birjand. On last Monday a person who's face was covered entered to a house by the wall and wounded three members of a Bahai family by knife. In this attack Ghodratollah Mody , Tooba Modi and Azam Modi were wounded and the assailant left the house without steeling anything from the house. It was told that,Ghodratollah and Tooba were living alone in Birjand and their daughter who had lived in Tehran had joined them that that morning. At present the three members of the Bahai family are currently in ICU section of the hospital.  Alaei speaking at UN demanded Islamic regime to investigate about this attack and punish the assailant. Alaei believ that there is no will by Islamic regime to carry justice on this and other cases of Bahai's .
Link in Farsi:

Three Baha’is stabbed in Iran, apparently a religious hate crime

GENEVA — In an apparent hate crime, three Baha’is were stabbed in their home in Birjand, Iran, by an unidentified intruder on Monday 3 February, the Baha’i International Community has learned.
The three – a husband and wife and their daughter – survived but are currently in intensive care at a nearby hospital.
According to reports from Iran, the attacker – who was masked – entered the home of Ghodratollah Mavadi and his wife, Touba Sabzehjou, at about 8 p.m.
He immediately assaulted Mr. Mavadi, Mrs. Sabzehjou, and their daughter, Azam Mavadi, with a knife or sharp instrument, seriously injuring all three of them.
Mr. Mavadi was injured in his abdomen and side; Mrs. Sabzehjou was wounded in the neck. Both lost consciousness from the loss of blood.
Ms. Mavadi, although also seriously hurt, was able to call the police and all three were taken to the hospital, where they are being closely monitored.
Diane Ala’i, the Baha’i International Community’s representative to the United Nations in Geneva, said the attacker’s only goal appears to have been to kill three innocent Baha’is in their home.
“As such, there can be no doubt that this crime was religiously motivated. Mr. Mavadi was well-known as a leader in the Baha’i community in Birjand.
“Our immediate concern is for the recovery of the Mavadi family. But we are also concerned that authorities in Iran begin immediately to investigate this crime and bring the perpetrator to justice.
“The sad fact is that there have been more than 50 physical assaults on Iranian Baha’is since 2005 – and none of the attackers has been prosecuted or otherwise brought to justice. And at least nine Baha’is have been murdered under suspicious circumstances in the same period, and the murderers have likewise enjoyed impunity.
“Most recently, for example, a Baha’i in Bandar Abbas was killed – and police have yet to charge anyone with the crime. Mr. Ataollah Rezvani, who was also a leader in the Baha’i community in his locality, was murdered in his own car by a gunshot to the head on 24 August 2013.
“If the new government of President Hassan Rouhani is sincere about his assertion that, under his presidency, all Iranian citizens will enjoy equal rights, then this new case should be taken extremely seriously, starting with an immediate search for the man who attacked the Mavadi family.
“What is heartening is that once again non-Bahá’í Iranians are registering their deep concern and support for the Baha’is of Iran, as evidenced by several online reports asking that Bahá’ís be treated with justice,” said Ms. Ala’i.


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Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Excerpts from an interview....
Mohammad Reza Pourshajari is a writer and blogger who writes his article with alias name of " Siamak Mehr". He wrote an article titled " Report to Iran's Land " which criticized the regime and Islam. In 2010 the agents of the ministry of information in an assault on his home in the city of Karaj arrested and detained him. He went under intense torture for more than seven months and then in a kangaroo court / Islamic style he was sentenced to four years imprisonment on charges of : Insulting the leader and violation of national security.

Mitra Pourshajari is the daughter of this political prisoner and in an interview with Khodnevis website , she believes her father is being discriminated by human rights organization and media for not reporting about him. On her fathers arrest she said:
It was at 11-12 am of September 13 ,2010 i called my dad and he said he did not sleep last night and he is tired and wants to rest and he pulled out the phone plug to rest , when he didn't call me , i started to get worry and i called my aunt and ...but they said not to worry and when two days passed with no news , my family called police and reported him missing , they broke the lock and entered inside the house , the whole house was in shamble and there was no news from my father. Two days later together with police i entered in the house , everywhere was in shamble and nothing was stollen ,only his computer ,books , his writings and albums were missing . They have assaulted the house in a way that,no neighbor noticed their intrusion . We have reported him missing to the police and started to search for my dad in all prisons and hospitals....
One week later someone called and said my dad is in Sepah's prison in Rejaei Shahr -Karaj city. Then  ministry of information asked me to go to their office and told me to keep quite and not write anything about my father and told me to visit their office twice a week. They asked me to tell to my father for pardon from the leader and....
Link in Farsi:
Interview in Farsi-

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Heavy Snow Fall in Northern Iran , No Water,No Electricity and Shortage of Bread ......

According to news report from Iran, un-precedent heavy snow fall in the northern part of Iran ,the Mazanderan province- close to Caspian Sea , brought the daily life activities of the people of this region to a halt.

As a result of this snow fall the electricity and the water is cut off and no bread to eat. Sometimes there are long line in one bakery of the city to buy bread. Report shows the snow fall reached to 1.50cm high and no one saw this much snow in the last 50 years. " Sepah" and the army are mobilized to help.

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