Friday, February 21, 2014

Un-precedent Attack by Islamic fundamentalists against Popular Iranian Artists.....An Insult to Iranian conscience ......Will Iranian People keep silence ?

Hosein Shariatmadari : Ahmad Shamlou was a Nazi Spy and Sadegh Hedayat was a Filthy man !!??
IRAN WATCH CANADA: Shamlou was a popular Iranian poet and Sadegh Hedayat  a Well known Iranian writer ,both will remain in the hearth of Iranian people and Iranians are proud of them.

In recent months un-precedented united attack by Iranian Islamic fundamentalists against popular artists,writers,poets,film makers has increased . The fundamentalists have their agenda and does according to their plan, what makes them angry and to retaliate against people and Iran is because day after day these reactionary forces in Iran is being pushed away and lose ground in the Iranian society . Iranian people know very well these reactionary /fundamentalist Iranian - Clergies, MP's , Friday prayer imams , their names and profiles ...among them, Resaei (MP) , Vaez Tabasi, Janati, Hosein Shariatmadari (Keyhan Newspaper), Kochak Zadeh (MP), Rohollah hoseinian (MP),Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi,  and many many more..... These are just a few enemies of Democracy,reform and Freedom in Iran ......

Here are their picture according to the names:
2-Vaez Tabasi-
3-Ahmad Janati
4-Hosein Shariatmadari
5- Kochazadeh
6-Rohollah Hoseinian
7-Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi

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