Friday, February 21, 2014

Independent "Asman" Newspaper is shut down by Islamic Judiciary and it's Managing Editor end up in Evin Prison!

Asman newspaper is an independent morning newspaper of Tehran.On last Tuesday Asman published an interview with Mr. Hermidas Bavand and in that interviws Mr. Bavand talked about a memory from 35 years ago and that memory was about a statement signed by 12 scholars about the word "Ghesas" ( meaning avenge/revenge or vendetta /eye for eye sharia law )as a inhuman bill and Mr. Najafgholi
 Habibi with an order by Khomeini expelled all of them from their work and Mr. Bavand said : This was all i told .  
Mr. Bavand added: "I didn't know because of these words Asman newspaper will become the target by radical clerics and fundamentalists media such as "Tasnim" and "Fars news" to write about it and put pressure on judiciary to shut down Asman newspaper and i'm very sorry ,i just talked about a memory."
The judiciary not only ordered for the closure of the newspaper but also arrested and detained Mr. Abbas Bozorgmehr the managing editor of Asman newspaper to Evin prison.
Link to this news in Farsi:

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